Since 2003, the Towards Maturity Benchmark has explored how learning innovation can impact the performance of both individuals and organisations.

The study explores 2 types of formal benchmarks:

  • Key Performance Indicators: 12 common output indicators for L&D that explore business impact, individual impact and learning efficiency
  • Effective Practice Indicators: 24 indices of effective practice that influence performance

Key Performance Indicators

Your Personalised Benchmark Report provides you with feedback against the following KPI’s

Business Impact Indicators

  • Improved ability to change procedures or products
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in time to rollout of new IT applications
  • Increase in organisational productivity from learning interventions

Staff Impact Indicators

  • Improvement in measure of staff satisfaction/engagement
  • Reduction in time to competency
  • Increase in qualifications gained by staff
  • Reduction in staff turnover

Efficiency Indicators

  • Cost saved
  • Increase in volume of training
  • Reduction in delivery time
  • Reduction in study time


How are the KPI’s Calculated?

Benchmark figures are used throughout the Towards Maturity Personalised Report provides measures for comparison and for compiling a business case for new investment.

  • Conservative values are used – Responses for efficiency benefits were scaled from 0-9%, 10-19%, 20-29% etc. The lowest boundary value was used to determine average and Benchmark improvement values. A maximum of 50% improvement was set. Responses for business and staff indicators were provided as absolute percentage values.
  • Benchmarks include both measured and estimated values – those simply estimating their answer invariably erred on the cautious side. For example, the average delivery time reduction was 24% by those who measured it and 20% by those who estimated it. This pattern was repeated across all our measures and therefore estimates are included in our overall benchmark figure.
  • Large data set- Towards Maturity Efficiency Benchmark figures are derived from a minimum of 792 organisations that provided quantitative data. Business Impact Benchmarks are averaged from a minimum of 381 organisations. Staff Impact Benchmarks are averaged from a minimum of 316 responses.
  • Validated each year – Year-on-year variation is removed by using 3-year rolling averages for Benchmark Key Performance Indicators.
  • Relevant for all: our “top learning organisations” are drawn from all sectors, shapes and sizes of organisations. Although 54% are multinationals, 38% are from organisations with under 1,000 staff and 28% have less than 3 years’ experience of using learning technologies. Our Top Deck is equally evenly distributed. These are not the companies with the largest budgets for L&D!


Other Indicators included in the Personalised Benchmark Report

Learning & Development Indicators:

  • Technology Take-up Indicators
  • Intangible Benefits
  • Risk Indicators

Effective Practice Indicators

  • Towards Maturity Index (TMI)™
  • Alignment and Engagement Indices
  • Effective Practice Work Streams
  • Implementing 70:20:10
  • Equipped for change: L&D Skills

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