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9 Top Deck Tips to Prepare You for the Future of Learning

9 Top Deck Tips to Prepare You for the Future of Learning

Modern Business is becoming more global, fast paced, complex and fluid. Modern staff are increasingly connected, curious, tech-savvy and self directed. Are today’s L&D teams prepared for what that means for learning in the future? Here’s 9 tips inspired by Top Deck L&D teams.

Embracing Change: The L&D Leader’s Perspective

Dave Buglass, Head of Capability and Learning at Tesco Bank ‘The most significant question for an HR professional to ask a business leader is, “How can I help you deliver what’s really important to the business?”’

The 3 Needs of Corporate Learning, Part 3: L&D Team Needs

In the lead up to the launch of the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report on 5th November, we’ll be exploring three areas of need for corporate learning that have emerged from the data we’ve analysed this year. They are the needs of the business, its learners and its L&D leaders.

10 Hidden Secrets of Top Performing L&D Teams

Accelerated change, moving technologies, globally diverse audiences, increasing demand. We’ve been talking about these and other pressures that senior L&D leaders face for decades. The trouble is that the pressures are not going away. Today’s L&D leaders must align learning to needs, move quickly to improve performance, and add value. They are increasingly looking to technology to help. 

Beta Data: Live Trends from the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark

Beta Data: Live Trends from the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark

The 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark closed this summer after 600 L&D leaders from 55 countries used the review process to reflect on their current strategies and improve the performance of their L&D teams. The full findings were released on 5th November during a webinar in conjunction with the Learning and Skills Group – download the report here. 

Bringing Learning to the Boardroom

Many L&D leaders today struggle to engage the C-level in their organisations, meaning that it can be difficult to get learning on the boardroom agenda. Here are crowdsourced ideas from L&D leaders on how to use evidence more effectively to bring the subject of learning into the boardroom.

What is Influencing the Future of L&D?

You are wrong if you are expecting me to start crystal-ball gazing to identify the future shape of corporate learning and development. At Towards Maturity, we’re in the privileged position of being able to share some early insights into real evidence of how L&D leaders see the future unfolding.

The Learner Voice: Part 2

The Learner Voice: Part 2

The Learner Voice series aims to help L&D leaders challenge their assumptions about workplace learning and to identify new opportunities to connect with and engage their staff.

Infographic: The DNA of a Top Deck L&D Team

The 2014 Towards Maturity Benchmark takes a fresh look at the learning leaders – the Top Deck (those in the top 10% of the Towards Maturity Index). Across the board, these organisations are more than twice as likely to achieve the benefits they seek from a modernised learning strategy and report 35% fewer barriers than their peers.

More Than Blended Learning

Thursday, January 15th 2015 saw the launch of More Than Blended Learning, a portfolio of resources and services aimed at learning professionals looking to design world-class learning interventions.

Two Great Seminars You Missed at LT15

If you want to work smart and refine your strategy this year, these great seminars will help you find the right ideas, goals and tactics to bring you success in 2015. If you missed them, check out the slides below.

L&D Benchmarks: Discover the Actions that Get Results

At the start of 2015 our thoughts turn to preparing for the year ahead. L&D leaders around the globe are clearly concerned about they add value; how can they support rapid change in business and respond faster to it, ensuring that their teams are equipped for excellence?

12 Top Deck Tips for Christmas

Find out what our Top Deck – the top 10% of L&D organisations who are delivering the biggest results from this year’s annual benchmark report Modernising Learning:Delivering Results – do better than anyone else to achieve success.

Senior L&D Leaders React to the 2014 Benchmark Findings

On 30th October, LEO and Towards Maturity collaborated in an exclusive pre-launch event to release the report’s results a week early to senior L&D leaders. The responses collected in this event were included in the final report, contributing more valuable insights into the industry and providing practical and actionable tips.

“The Learning Challenge” by Nigel Paine

In his recent book1 Nigel Paine looks at The Learning Challenge. We invited him to comment on the Towards Maturity 2014-15 Benchmark Report. In this guest blog, he explores 5 areas of synergy with the findings of the Towards Maturity 2014 Benchmark Report:

E-learning awards 2012 – the winners

Nearly 500 people gathered to celebrate e-learning excellence at Thursday evening’s glittering E-Learning Awards Gala Evening in London where a record 43 bronze, silver and gold awards handed out.

Collaborate to succeed in L&D

According to research, learning technologies are being embraced by organisations like never before. Fantastic! In the bid to do ‘more for less’ this makes perfect economic sense.

The eLearning Awards 2011

The e-learning Awards winners were announced on the 10th of November.
Towards Maturity (good practice partner for the e-learning awards) would like to congratulate all the e-learning award winners.

Learning Technologies in 2010 – the definitive top 10 list

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to feel compelled to generate their list of ‘Top Ten Predictions’ for 2010 – or perhaps their Top Five or Top Seven! We didn’t want to feel left out so rather than compile another ‘Top Ten’ list we thought it might be fun to develop the ‘Definitive Top Ten’ list based on the thoughts and ramblings of many of those respected in the industry who are members of our ‘Community of Excellence’, sprinkled with some of our own insight.

Institute of IT Training – new award announced

The Institute of IT Training are inviting organisations to enter their prestigious awards and  have included 2 new awards that will be of interest to organisations and individuals who would like recognition for their innovation in learning and development

A judge’s perspective on how to win awards

I have been judging awards now for nearly 10 years and it is an incredible privilege as it provides a fantastic insight into the diversity of learning innovation and activity taking place n the workplace today.

Announcing the e-learning award winners 08

We congratulate all those who won prestigious awards at the ceremony for the e-learning awards 2008. The quality of the entries this year were exceptional and we look forward to sharing their stories on Towards Maturity for others to be inspired over the next 12 months.

e-learning excellence celebrated

 A journey towards e-learning maturity within any organisation is not always easy and all successes deserve celebration. On the 8th of November it was great to honour those whose journeys were shortlisted n the 2007 e-learning awards, those who received special mentions for excellence and the outright winners.

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