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The Pensions Regulator

Terry Clayworth, Manager, Regulated Community Learning,looks at how The Pensions Regulator decided to use e-learning to help them address the challenge of reaching 100,000 trustees in a wide range of large and small businesses.He outlines practical lessons on

Liverpool’s taxi drivers learn on the move

This great little video , posted by Tribal on YouTube recently is a wonderful example of how creative use of technology, together with the personal touch ( in this case, encouragement and support by one of the 22,000 Union learn reps) can deliver learning right at the point of need.

e-learning at Sadeh Lok

This video clip, posted on YouTube shows how Sadeh Lok, a housing association in Huddersfield has started to embrace e-learning to address business skills issues.

elearn2work – meeting small business needs(Audio full length Podcast)

The eLearn2work project in South Yorkshire is an action research project to understand how e-learning can help small businesses improve their productivity.  This interview with Michael Thornton of Knowlegebase UK ( a lead partner in the project) is suitable for any education practioner looking to engage small businesses and work more effectively together.

University on the Shop Floor

In common with many manufacturing sectors, the ceramic industry is undergoing significant restructuring to adapt to the challenges of modern global competition.

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