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Learning Technologies in 2010 – the definitive top 10 list

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to feel compelled to generate their list of ‘Top Ten Predictions’ for 2010 – or perhaps their Top Five or Top Seven! We didn’t want to feel left out so rather than compile another ‘Top Ten’ list we thought it might be fun to develop the ‘Definitive Top Ten’ list based on the thoughts and ramblings of many of those respected in the industry who are members of our ‘Community of Excellence’, sprinkled with some of our own insight.

ACS’s use of 3D virtual environments in corporate learning

Much has been written about the potential of virtual worlds in business learning but there are few examples of good practice that highlight how it can make a difference and where it fits in with other learning interventions such as role play, online virtual classroom, online content. It is clearly not just a platform for serious games.

Conference round up BILD Event – Virtual Environments

It seems that wherever you turn right now the ‘hot topic’ in the field of Learning Technologies is the use of Virtual Worlds (or Environments) and Serious Games and the latest BILD (The British Institute for Learning & Development) Connect Event held on Wednesday 13th Mat 2009 at the Museum of Army Flying, was no exception!

Introducing Virtual Worlds

Have you experienced a second life? Increasingly people have, and for learning purposes. Mystified by what it means. Thanks to Saffron Interactive you can read a short paper by Clive Shepherd which demystifies virtual worlds and their role in learning. 

Serious virtual worlds and immersive learning

In Driving Business Benefits (the Towards Maturity research published earlier this year) we saw that just under 20% of the research participants were using some form of games or complex simulations in their e-learning offering and just under 10% used virtual worlds.

Games in the Military

With the military struggling with recruitment they turned their attentions to their current training methods, searching for ways in which it can be changed, even transformed. This article investigates the issue and how they approached a solution – drawing on research from from Caspian Learning looking at the application on games in learning in the military.

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