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Leadership Excellence in Disaster Response

Leadership Excellence in Disaster Response

Leadership in response to humanitarian disasters is one of the most significant factors in helping rescue and recovery amongst traumatised communities, often in situations of considerable individual danger.

5 Ways to Improve Your Onboarding Using Blended Learning

It’s as true for learning as anywhere else: first impressions count. If you’re recruiting new team members, you want to ensure that the support you offer them sets the right tone from the very beginning. You want them to feel that they have made a great decision to join you – and their onboarding process plays a huge part in that. Yet all too often, it fails to make the necessary impact.3

Award winning e-learning at Citroen

Autonomy Multimedia won the Gold Award for the Best use of Rapid e-learning at the 2009 e-learning awards for their elegant business solution to a challenge at Citroen.

More than Instructional Design – course review

I have to admit that I have not been on a face to face workshop now in over 8 years – most of my learning in the field of e-learning has come from research, case studies, conferences and the good fortune to personally know some amazing experts.

Recession beating tips

With job cuts perhaps on the way and a drive to cut costs here are eight ways trainers can preserve the one and deliver the other. 

To Buy or Build Survey

The Towards Maturity research http://www.towardsmaturity.org/article/2007/02/06/towards-maturity-technology-boosts-workplace-skill/ published in February 2007 included interviews with more than 200 organisations across all sectors as well as 1,000 individuals

What to look out for in 2008

This year’s edition of Online educa Berlin , the 13th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training, once more broke records in all areas: 2126 experts from 95 countries gathered at the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin from November 28th to 30th, to provide a rich perspective on the latest trends in learning technologies across all sectors of education.

Hints and tips on Rapid e-learning

The Towards Maturity research highlighted the growth in rapid e-learning development as learning professionals are looking to become more responsive to employer needs.

Free Guide – Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is gaining momentum as devices become more ubiquitous. This free guide is the latest in a series published by Kineo and UfI and explores the opportunities available for learning on the move.

BT – mobile learning for field engineers

This case study looks at how BT addressed the challenges of providing and monitoring learning for 30,000 field engineers. It looks at the challenges that were addressed in meeting the needs of a dispersed audience and outlines the practicalities of using the mobile phone to provide and assess learning. BT were shortlisted in the e-learning awards 2006 for this implementation

RBS: Impact of new technologies on staff training, learning and development – Interview with Jim McLaughlin

This interview investigates how Jim McLaughlin (Head of Learning for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group) is using technologies and how they are impacting both training and development, staff and learners within the group.  He outlines how they are exploring new technologies such as blogs, virtual classrooms, Ipods etc to address different needs via an approach of trial and experimentation.

Cable & Wireless

Cable & Wireless Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies operating in 33 countries.

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