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Evolving L&D at the MOD

Towards Maturity and the CIPD have recently launched a new report L&D Evolving Roles: Enhancing Skills that considers the future direction of L&D and the skills that they need to get there.

Towards Maturity Learner Voice Part 1

Towards Maturity Learner Voice Part 1

The Learner Voice is a new Towards Maturity series designed to help L&D managers challenge their assumptions about workplace learning and to identify new opportunities to connect with and engage their staff. In part 1 we look at how 2,000 learners in the private sector are learning what they need to do their jobs!

Accessible, inclusive mobile learning for all

The mobile opportunity. In the modern workplace, mobile devices provide a tangible option for completing every kind of business task. And we know the power of the mobile for supporting learning and performance.

Mobile learning for the NHS- lessons for all

In the 2011 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study we are for the first time including an investigation on the challenges and benefits of mobile learning in supporting workplace performance.  We would love to know your views and invite you to participate!

Liverpool’s taxi drivers learn on the move

This great little video , posted by Tribal on YouTube recently is a wonderful example of how creative use of technology, together with the personal touch ( in this case, encouragement and support by one of the 22,000 Union learn reps) can deliver learning right at the point of need.

Free Guide – Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is gaining momentum as devices become more ubiquitous. This free guide is the latest in a series published by Kineo and UfI and explores the opportunities available for learning on the move.

Positive Podcasting

There’s been a surge of interest recently in podcasting among learning and development professionals. Behind the hype, though, hard information seems hard to find. Donald H Taylor,one of the Towards Maturity Virtual Advisorty Members, outlines some ways to get started and make your mark with podcasting on TrainingZone.

Free guide to podcasting

Kineo and Ufi, have produced a free guide for those new to podcasting that explores the potential of podcasting. It covers:

BT – mobile learning for field engineers

This case study looks at how BT addressed the challenges of providing and monitoring learning for 30,000 field engineers. It looks at the challenges that were addressed in meeting the needs of a dispersed audience and outlines the practicalities of using the mobile phone to provide and assess learning. BT were shortlisted in the e-learning awards 2006 for this implementation

Whitbread EL-Box Boxing Clever

Following the introduction of the National Certificate for Licences, this innovative programme, using the el-box tablet PC developed by Creative Learning Media for Brewers Fayre pubs in the Whitbread Group, reflects a high level of audience sensitivity with 86% out of 9,600 staff now preferring this method of learning.

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