Strategic Intelligence

Create a learning strategy fit for the future

Work with our experts and receive tailored analysis to help you interpret your Health Check results. Establish a foundation for success by mapping a structured action plan together with Towards Maturity.

How it works


Your team completes the Towards Maturity Health Check
  • Having discussed your goals and objectives for the organisation together with our experts, participants take one hour to complete or update their online Learning Health Check.
  • 92% of organisations say that just completing the Towards Maturity Learning Health Check provides them with ideas for improving their learning strategy


Our team of experts review your strategy
  • Our team of experts review your Health Check results providing a detailed analysis of your results compared with top learning companies and industry peers, including sector comparisons where available
  • They consider your strengths and weaknesses highlighted by the analysis of specific KPI’s, your TM Index and scores for 19 activity areas that impact performance


We help you create a road map to accelerate your transformation
  • With your goals and objectives in mind our experts dig deeper into the data
  • Through a face to face workshop with you and your team they will craft a bespoke action plan
  • Using models of good practice and supporting resources, they work together with you to create a transformation plan and help you deliver against business objectives
  • To help you with your on-going implementation strategy you will be provided with 12 months premium access to the Towards Maturity Health Check dashboard, which helps measure against your deliverables

L&D leaders use strategic intelligence

Compare your organisation

Whatever your starting point, our Learning Health Check analyses where you are now and where you want to be.

We benchmark your learner and strategic intelligence with top performers around the globe to identify a road map with the best next steps that work for you.

The key benefits of using Towards Maturity Strategic Intelligence:

  • You will gain independent evidence that will underpin your L&D business case
  • You will generate actionable insights underpinned by the Towards Maturity Learning Health Check
  • You will establish an independent baseline to track year-on-year performance improvement
  • You will be able to easily implement a proven framework for success

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