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Challenge your thinking with articles exploring how to drive learning innovation forward.

Here you’ll find unique content that aims to inspire and challenge L&D leaders to drive learning innovation for business results.

Driving the new learning organisation

Driving the new learning organisation

In this article Laura Overton walks you through the state of play today and the principals behind the concept of the ‘New Learning Organisation’ – first introduced by Senge in 1990.

How to make your L&D strategy more responsive and relevant

How to make your L&D strategy more responsive and relevant

In our 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report, Unlocking Potential, we unpacked five key outcomes that learning and business leaders are looking to deliver: improving efficiency, fine-tuning processes, boosting performance, cultivating agility and influencing culture. Our...

5 ways to boost performance through learning

5 ways to boost performance through learning

This year’s Learning Benchmark Report, Unlocking Potential, presents our research around five key outcomes: improving efficiency, fine-tuning processes, boosting performance, cultivating agility and influencing culture, that both learning leaders and business leaders are looking to deliver

Why measuring learning impact is more important than ever

Why measuring learning impact is more important than ever

Learning professionals should be playing a vital role in helping people and organisations thrive in times of change. However, to do this, they must be agile. This article, by LEO’s Imogen Casebourne and Gareth Jones, and Watershed’s Andrew Downes, explains the importance of measuring the impact of learning on business.

What not to miss at the 2017 CIPD L&D Show

What not to miss at the 2017 CIPD L&D Show

Is learning at the core of your organisation? We give our recommended picks of the show to help you create a schedule that will make the most of this two-day event. The Learning and Development Show is a great place to get informed on the latest developments and...

Unlocking the Potential of Learning at Work

Unlocking the Potential of Learning at Work

The way in which we acquire and assimilate information has changed in recent years, through technology as well as the rapidly changing world of work. The demand for skills, knowledge and capabilities is high, and removing learners from the workplace to attend formal learning courses isn’t always practical or feasible.

Why classroom facilitators play a critical role in digital innovation

Why classroom facilitators play a critical role in digital innovation

The classroom facilitator has a critical role to play in unlocking the potential of digital learning. But are they doing it? In this feature, we look at how L&D is incorporating digital learning and why, along with the role of classroom facilitators in the design, implementation and acceptance of that learning.

How to create effective learning transfer

How to create effective learning transfer

Learning transfer is key to ensure that there is behavioural change in the workplace so that people can do whatever is needed when they get back to the work. There is a need to avoid the training sessions where people may have got the knowledge, but not the change for when they are back at work.

How to start and grow internal networks

How to start and grow internal networks

Networking has always been a source of real value to organisations. Networks are so much more adaptable to change than rigid structures, and technology can amplify and enable existing networks. However, if you don’t give people the reason to connect and collaborate, there can be resistance to ‘yet another’ technology – ‘it’s just one more thing to do’.

Get your L&D strategy fit for 2017

Get your L&D strategy fit for 2017

With 2017 well and truly underway, we’re offering everyone the chance to get the best start to 2017 with a free Personalised Benchmark Report and a chance to win £1,000 worth of Sector Benchmark Group membership at LT17!

Our Ultimate Guide to Learning Technologies 2017

Our Ultimate Guide to Learning Technologies 2017

Towards Maturity will be at stand H24 of the Learning Technologies Exhibition this year. Read on to find out what we’re up to, download our Ultimate Guide and be in for a chance to win £1,000 worth of Sector Benchmark Group membership at the show.

Industry Responses to Unlocking Potential

Industry Responses to Unlocking Potential

On 17 November, we launched our annual Learning Benchmark Report – Unlocking Potential. At the VIP preview, we asked people how the insights shared in this year’s report can help businesses get more out of learning. Hear what they have to say and see who’s blogged about the report so far.

Our Recommended Christmas Reading 2016

Our Recommended Christmas Reading 2016

Here are some last minute stocking fillers penned by our wonderful Towards Maturity Supporters for all L&D professionals looking to push the boundaries in 2017. Feel free to share! Performance-Focused Smile Sheets: A Radical Will Thalheimer  In this book, Will...

From A to B: How to Transform Formal Learning

From A to B: How to Transform Formal Learning

This guide will give you clear guidance about how to do three things: improve the learner journey through formal learning, use technology to improve the effectiveness of face-to-face training and design formal learning to speed up the application of learning.

What Not to Miss at this Year’s World of Learning

Towards Maturity are proud to support the World of Learning Show that takes place on 19-20 October 2016 at the NEC, Birmingham. In this guide, we feature what caught our attention as we took a look through the broad range of sessions on offer.

From A to B: Creating a strategy that supports learning in the workflow

From A to B: Creating a strategy that supports learning in the workflow

Early indicators from this year’s Benchmark show that L&D leaders want to support staff where it matters most – directly in the workplace. The vast majority (91%) of those who benchmarked early this year are looking to integrate learning into the workflow. That is a rise up from 80% last year- so how do we make that work?

The Millennial Challenge: Can We Make Them Stay?

The Millennial Challenge: Can We Make Them Stay?

The average Millennial employee only stays with a single employer for an average of three years. A business that isn’t making the most of the opportunities that this bright new talent provides will ultimately fall behind, so being able to overcome the Millennial challenge is vital. What can L&D do?

Practitioner Tips from the CIPD L&D show

Practitioner Tips from the CIPD L&D show

Preparing for the future of learning – Practitioner tips from the CIPD L&D show
At the CIPD L&D show last month Laura Overton (Towards Maturity) and Derek Bruce (ABN AMRO) discussed how L&D staff can prepare for the future of learning. The L&D profession has come a long way in the past five years. We are better able to create engaging online content, more aware of technology enabled learning, and are working to ensure they are more aligned to the needs of the business. Still, there is more to be done, and we as L&D know it.

9 Top Deck Tips to Prepare You for the Future of Learning

9 Top Deck Tips to Prepare You for the Future of Learning

Modern Business is becoming more global, fast paced, complex and fluid. Modern staff are increasingly connected, curious, tech-savvy and self directed. Are today’s L&D teams prepared for what that means for learning in the future? Here’s 9 tips inspired by Top Deck L&D teams.

What Not to Miss at the CIPD L&D Show 2016

Read on for our recommended stops at the fast approaching CIPD Learning & Development Show at London Olympia. We highlight some of the best bits coming up – here’s what not to miss and where you can find great giveaways. If you’re looking to make the most of your valuable time at the show, we’ve got the schedule for you.

Learning Impact: A Progress Update

Learning Impact: A Progress Update

Making an impact with learning and development has been the bedrock of our research programme since 2003. How can L&D impact both organisational and business performance and what are the tactics of the most successful organisations?

How To Improve our Performance Consultancy Skills: Key Takeaways from the CLC Seminar

Nigel Harrison is a performance consultant with over 30 years’ experience in helping organisations to set up internal consulting groups using workshops, coaching and problem solving. At the CLC Members’ Seminar on 17 March 2016, we were inspired by his thoughts on how to improve performance consulting skills. Aimee Young writes about how learning leaders can challenge the ‘quick fix’ syndrome when being asked to come up with business solutions.

The Four Responsibilities of the Learning Professional

A note from Laura Overton: ” We invited Clive Sheperd, author of More than Blended Learning to share this guest blog as part of our #MakeItHappen campaign. Clive has been a long-standing supporter of Towards Maturity providing independent insights that have ensured our reseach continues to evolve. We wholeheartedly endorse the challenges he is making to the industry and establishing a professional attitude is an essential element of equipping our teams for change’

Towards Maturity Impact Indicators

Towards Maturity Impact Indicators

Everyone is talking about using learning innovation to help deliver more with less but how does your approach compare with others? Does it really deliver? Here is the history behind the Towards Maturity Impact indicators, along with 3 tips for using them to build business buy-in.

Building a Global Learning Culture

Building a learning culture that impacts individual and business performance is the holy grail of most L&D leaders. How do we shift the mindset of business leaders and learners- especially when they are scattered around the globe? How do we transition from delivering online courses to creating an environment that stimulates sharing, communication and learning as a matter of course?

Make an Impact in 2016: Starting with LT16

If you want to know how to make an impact in 2016 - check out what Towards Maturity are up to at Learning Technologies. Despite the fact nine out of ten learning professionals are looking to transform learning culture and improve business agility, productivity and...

Adventitious Learning at Café Africa

As a part of Towards Maturity’s world tour for 2015, we had the pleasure of participating at LRMG’s Café Africa event. Held in Mauritius, it was a great venue for bringing great people together.

Congratulations to the 2015 E-learning Awards Winners!

We booked out a table to celebrate with the L&D industry’s finest in 2015. Over 700 guests gathered last night at the e-learning awards to celebrate the very best of learning for work. After an evening of riské comedy intros and a lot of epic music, we were informed on the winners drawn from the biggest ever shortlist of 145 projects.

7 Mindset Shifts on Learning from the CLC Conference

We joined the Charity Learning Consortium and over 100 charity sector L&D professionals for their annual conference and awards ceremony at the Grange City Hotel in London. Each presenter challenged us to think differently about our role as L&D leaders. Here are 7 key mindset shifts that L&D needs to make based on the things presented throughout the day.

Embracing Change: The L&D Leader’s Perspective

Dave Buglass, Head of Capability and Learning at Tesco Bank ‘The most significant question for an HR professional to ask a business leader is, “How can I help you deliver what’s really important to the business?”’

Most Businesses Not Yet Benefiting From Technology-Enabled Ethics and Compliance Training

London, UK: Today, Towards Maturity announced the findings of a new study sponsored by SAI Global, which found that despite an environment of record regulatory enforcements and personal liability for senior executives, most organisations are still applying a check-box approach to ethics and compliance training and failing to achieve the business goals they set out. This raises serious considerations for companies as they implement their programmes, with ethics and compliance failures continuing to dominate headlines.

The 3 Needs of Corporate Learning, Part 3: L&D Team Needs

In the lead up to the launch of the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report on 5th November, we’ll be exploring three areas of need for corporate learning that have emerged from the data we’ve analysed this year. They are the needs of the business, its learners and its L&D leaders.

9 Takeaways from DevLearn 2015

We hit the ground running in Las Vegas at the end of September as we joined 2,800 L&D professionals at DevLearn for the first time. Marnie Threapleton and I started the Towards Maturity world tour in this crazy town in the middle of the desert.

The 3 Needs of Corporate Learning, Part 2: Learner Needs

In the lead up to the launch of the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report on 5th November, we’ll be exploring three areas of need for corporate learning that have emerged from the data we’ve analysed this year. They are the needs of the business, its learners and its L&D leaders.

The 3 Needs of Corporate Learning, Part 1: Business Needs

In the lead up to the launch of the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark Report on 5th November, we’ll be exploring three areas of need for corporate learning that have emerged from the data we’ve analysed this year. They are the needs of the business, its learners and its L&D leaders.

10 Hidden Secrets of Top Performing L&D Teams

Accelerated change, moving technologies, globally diverse audiences, increasing demand. We’ve been talking about these and other pressures that senior L&D leaders face for decades. The trouble is that the pressures are not going away. Today’s L&D leaders must align learning to needs, move quickly to improve performance, and add value. They are increasingly looking to technology to help. 

Press: Towards Maturity Announces New 70:20:10 Performance Improvement Benchmarks

Since 2003, the Towards Maturity Benchmark Study™ has provided L&D leaders with confidential, individual feedback to improve the performance of their organisation, staff and L&D team. Now, the Personalised Benchmark Report™ received by all benchmark participants will include brand new indicators to demonstrate the extent to which L&D functions are implementing the 70:20:10 framework in their organisation.

Bringing Learning to the Boardroom

Many L&D leaders today struggle to engage the C-level in their organisations, meaning that it can be difficult to get learning on the boardroom agenda. Here are crowdsourced ideas from L&D leaders on how to use evidence more effectively to bring the subject of learning into the boardroom.

GiveBackUK: An Interview with Martin Baker

How do you help the overwhelming majority of charities that have no budget whatsoever for L&D? You create free resources for them! That’s what Martin Baker is doing – he spoke to us about GivebackUK, the not for profit organisation he’s masterminded to create free, high quality video learning especially for the third sector.

What is Influencing the Future of L&D?

You are wrong if you are expecting me to start crystal-ball gazing to identify the future shape of corporate learning and development. At Towards Maturity, we’re in the privileged position of being able to share some early insights into real evidence of how L&D leaders see the future unfolding.

Why Analytics Trumps Intuition in Today’s L&D

From a business perspective, the focus on data-driven decision making is big news. Research from MIT and IBM[1] showed that analytics trumped intuition every time with top performers five times more likely to be using analytics than low performers.

Fortune Favours the Bold! How L&D Can Open New Conversations with Business

Aligning learning with business is the hot topic in learning and development. L&D leaders have got a vision for modernising learning and achieving great things, but many business leaders still think we are there to take orders for courses. Armed with new models of learning and new tools proven to the do the job, it is time to challenge their assumptions. This article explores how we can summon the courage to do it.

Optimising L&D Performance

Everyone is talking about it – DATA! Big data, little data, HR, talent learning analytics of every kind. You name it, somebody somewhere is counting it. But why the big fuss?

Is Your Compliance Training Holding You Back?

Review your compliance training programmes in just 15 minutes or less. Get Started [This opportunity closes 12 May 2015]. Since 2012, 85% of L&D leaders are proving learning to staff to help their organisations comply with external regulations and legal requirements. 58% of those organisations are using technology to support their compliance-related training, but with variable success.

5 Ways to Improve Your Onboarding Using Blended Learning

It’s as true for learning as anywhere else: first impressions count. If you’re recruiting new team members, you want to ensure that the support you offer them sets the right tone from the very beginning. You want them to feel that they have made a great decision to join you – and their onboarding process plays a huge part in that. Yet all too often, it fails to make the necessary impact.3

Infographic: The DNA of a Top Deck L&D Team

The 2014 Towards Maturity Benchmark takes a fresh look at the learning leaders – the Top Deck (those in the top 10% of the Towards Maturity Index). Across the board, these organisations are more than twice as likely to achieve the benefits they seek from a modernised learning strategy and report 35% fewer barriers than their peers.

More Than Blended Learning

Thursday, January 15th 2015 saw the launch of More Than Blended Learning, a portfolio of resources and services aimed at learning professionals looking to design world-class learning interventions.

Two Great Seminars You Missed at LT15

If you want to work smart and refine your strategy this year, these great seminars will help you find the right ideas, goals and tactics to bring you success in 2015. If you missed them, check out the slides below.

L&D Benchmarks: Discover the Actions that Get Results

At the start of 2015 our thoughts turn to preparing for the year ahead. L&D leaders around the globe are clearly concerned about they add value; how can they support rapid change in business and respond faster to it, ensuring that their teams are equipped for excellence?

Our Definitive Guide to Learning Technologies 2015

Our 2014-15 Benchmark Modernising Learning: Delivering Results shows that learning innovation done well delivers bottom line results. There is no better way to find out how to do this than booking a few days out to visit Learning Technologies show in London on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th January.

Brand New Event for LT15: Generate

Learn about a new event for the Learning Technologies 2015 exhibition in London Olympia, where delegates will gather to generate new ideas & solutions to help modernise learning at work. 

12 Top Deck Tips for Christmas

Find out what our Top Deck – the top 10% of L&D organisations who are delivering the biggest results from this year’s annual benchmark report Modernising Learning:Delivering Results – do better than anyone else to achieve success.

Senior L&D Leaders React to the 2014 Benchmark Findings

On 30th October, LEO and Towards Maturity collaborated in an exclusive pre-launch event to release the report’s results a week early to senior L&D leaders. The responses collected in this event were included in the final report, contributing more valuable insights into the industry and providing practical and actionable tips.

“The Learning Challenge” by Nigel Paine

In his recent book1 Nigel Paine looks at The Learning Challenge. We invited him to comment on the Towards Maturity 2014-15 Benchmark Report. In this guest blog, he explores 5 areas of synergy with the findings of the Towards Maturity 2014 Benchmark Report:

New Study Launch on Leadership Development

Nurturing great leadership skills is critical to the future success of all organisations. In a bid to save both time and money, innovative online leadership development programmes have become increasingly popular – but how effective are they?

Congratulations to the 2014 e-Learning Award Winners

Over 550 guests gathered last night at the glorious e-learning awards to celebrate the industry’s finest. Following fine champagne and excellent company (with a side order of smoking lemons), we at last found out who were the winners from a staggering shortlist of 129 amazing projects.

New City & Guilds Kineo Learning Insights Report

Modernising learning means that we need to focus on learning outcomes, rather than inputs. It involves adapting to new ways of business, incorporating new ideas and methods and building on new opportunities offered by technology.

Towards Maturity’s Guide to World of Learning 2014

Join Laura Overton at World of Learning (Birmingham NEC, 31st September – 1st October) as she shares how to align learning to business. Don’t miss some of the top learning companies in Towards Maturity Benchmark who will be sharing their experiences in the conference. There is a special discount for TM Benchmark Participants.

Benchmark with the Best: Deliver Award-Winning Results

Awards brighten up the year and provide us with plenty of inspiration for the year ahead. The Awards Season kicks off in November with the E-Learning awards, followed swiftly by Training Journal then LPI’s The Learning Awards, timed perfectly to lift the January blues!

How benchmarking boosts results in the charity sector

Members of the Charity Learning Consortium have been using the Towards Maturity Model since 2010, as an independent framework to review their current learning practices and compare their results with their peers, both within the sector and beyond.  This process not only highlighted common challenges faced amongst members, but also areas of effective practices that needed to be addressed. 

Making the most of the Learning Technology Summer Forum

The Learning Technologies 2014 Summer Forum is the unique follow-up event to Learning Technologies 2014 and will take place at Olympia 2 on 17th June 2014. Here is our summary of our thoughts on the best conference sessions, free resources and seminars! OK a bit biased but hopefully useful none the less!

New Learning Agenda Part 3: Customer Activated Learning

In November Towards Maturity Launched ‘The New Learning Agenda’ outlining recommendations for the business and L&D professionals as a result of their 2013-14 Towards Maturity Benchmark. In the 3rd part of the series, published by Inside Learning Technologies in January 2014, we look at why L&D need to shift to customer activated learning before it is too late!

How to future proof your L&D strategy

To celebrate ten years since the launch of the first Benchmark Study, Laura Overton, Managing Director of Towards Maturity spoke at the 2014 Learning Technology Show on How to future proof your L&D strategy.

The 12 days of e-Learning….

At Hanover Housing Association, for example, when faced with a cost prohibitive bill for bespoke e-Learning, the L&D team decided to equip themselves so they could create their own e-Learning instead. They saved themselves a massive £80,000 in the process – an amount which grows with each course they create. That’s an incredible achievement.

Learning Technologies eXchanges 2014

Online booking is now open for the eXchanges, a unique, free opportunity to get up close and personal with the speakers at the Learning Technology 2014 event on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th January 2014.

5 reasons not to miss ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN

If you haven’t attended ONLINE EDUCA in Berlin before you won’t realise what you have missed! It is the largest online learning event in Europe and the only one that brings together the corporate, education and public service sectors.

New Infographic looking at L&D in the Finance Sector

Take a look at this new infographic that highlights how the Finance Sector are embracing learning technologies compared with top Learning companies in the Towards Maturity Benchmark. Data has been taken from the Spotlight on Finance Sector report released in May.

Accessible, inclusive mobile learning for all

The mobile opportunity. In the modern workplace, mobile devices provide a tangible option for completing every kind of business task. And we know the power of the mobile for supporting learning and performance.

7 characteristics of highly aligned L&D departments

This workshop, conducted at the L&S Summer Forum June 2013, considered the characteristics of highly aligned L&D departments as defined by the new Towards Maturity In-Focus report Aligning Learning to Business (download at www.towardsmaturity.org/in-focus2013/alignment ).

13 reasons not to miss the L&S Summer Forum

Looking for new ways to engage your business with learning? Check out our recommendations for the L&S group Summer Forum. If you haven’t had a moment to register for the L&S Summer Forum on the 18th of June then do it now!

Are you ready to win an award? Benchmarking can help!

Entering awards provides a great opportunity to reflect on your journey so far and to shout about your successes. The awards process itself provides an opportunity to informally benchmark, which helps us raise our game and the game of those around us. But how do you know you are ready?

The LMS of “Now” and how you can leverage it

Driven by the rapidly changing way the people learn in the workplace today, Learning Management Systems have had to keep pace and change in their design and capability to deliver what today’s learner is asking for.

Catching up with #LT13UK eXchanges

Did you miss the Learning Technologies and Learning & Skills Group eXchanges at Olympia this year? Don’t worry. We’ve been capturing the conference speakers and participants top tips in a series of blogs that will be published in the first few weeks of Feburary.

Bright Ideas from Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors

Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors play an important role in ensuring that our independent research is freely available to all. They are also thought leaders in our industry with years of experience supported by industry awards and accolades behind them.

Perspectives on Learning Technologies

Towards Maturity’s latest – its sixth – annual learning technology Benchmark Study reveals that the top companies, in terms of corporate learning, are achieving substantial additional benefits through deploying technology in learning.

Learning Technologies eXchanges 2013

There are still some places left on eXchanges, a unique, free opportunity to get up close and personal with the speakers at this year’s Learning Technology event. Online booking is now closed but you can visit stand 99 at Learning Technologies or stand 312 at Learnign and Skills to book a place on the 29th or 30th of January 2013.

Business Leader Perspective – Towards Maturity 2012 Benchmark

Take a look at out what two senior business leaders, Richard Beaven, Customer Services Director, General Insurance at Lloyds Banking Group and Dr Chai Patel CBE FRCP, Chairman of HC-One,  are saying about the need to transform learning for business advantage. Share the articles with your business leaders. 

Implementing the 70:20:10 model

Towards Maturity Benchmarks over recent years have clearly shown that top learning departments, who are delivering the most value for money and business improvement, are more likely to be embracing new models of learning delivery.

Improve your learning technology results with free finance sector benchmark briefing

Towards Maturity would like to invite senior Learning & Development professionals, Organisational Development specialists and Talent Leaders in the finance sector to a new exclusive briefing. The event, the first sector specific briefing of its type, will detail the learning technologies benchmark data of 200 finance sector companies from Towards Maturity’s Benchmark Study over the last two years.

Using learning technologies to support the end customer

Earlier this year, Brightwave hosted a debate at Learning Technologies called Heads in the Cloud, which explored how learning content strategies need to evolve in the workplace to meet current performance demands. Here we explore some of the debate findings and what it means for the way organisations support the end customer.

E-learning awards 2012 – the winners

Nearly 500 people gathered to celebrate e-learning excellence at Thursday evening’s glittering E-Learning Awards Gala Evening in London where a record 43 bronze, silver and gold awards handed out.


Laura Overton, MD of Towards Maturity will be one of the speakers at this year’s LEARNING LIVE Event hosted by the Learning and performance Institute in London on the 12th and 13th of September.

UK elearning community benefits from Towards Maturity benchmark

3rd July 2012, London: Members of the UK’s largest elearning community, the eLearning Network, are benefiting from the annual Towards Maturity learning benchmark study. Now it is urging other organisations to participate as part of its ongoing ‘Campaign for Effective Elearning’.

6 tips to ENGAGE Line Managers with learning

At the LSG Online conference this morning, we considered how the top L&D performers ( measured by the Towards Maturity Benchmark) engage with line managers to embed new ways of learning and improve learning transfer.

What are people saying about the 2012 Towards Maturity Benchmark?

 The 2012 Towards Maturity Benchmark is now the largest independent study of its kind, with 1800 organisations participating around the world since 2003.  This year it has been honed and refined with the latest thinking from the industry’s top experts to help you reflect on L&D in your own organisation.

Top tips for encouraging social learning at work

Sitting down with Wallace and Gromit, the kids, and lots of Easter chocolate offers a great opportunity to put pen to paper for the Towards Maturity newsletter. Though nowadays it’s rarely pen to paper – more like fingers to keypad, which is just another example of how technology quickly becomes deeply embedded in everyday activities.

Collaborate to succeed in L&D

According to research, learning technologies are being embraced by organisations like never before. Fantastic! In the bid to do ‘more for less’ this makes perfect economic sense.

Sector benchmarks help you build performance

Spotlight – the new Sector Benchmarks, announced by Towards Maturity in January 2012 – have been launched in response to widespread demand for an analysis that drills deeper into the practical issues within individual business sectors. Industries covered in the initial tranche of ‘Spotlight’ reports include:

Mastering live online learning

Delegates from across the private, public and not for profit sectors, joined us today in a complimentary webinar supported by REDTRAY where we discussed the results of the UK’s first research into virtual classroom training: ‘Harnessing the power of live online learning’, delivered in partnership by REDTRAY and Towards Maturity.

Atos makes compliance pay

1Atos makes workstation compliance simple to implement by seamless integration from learning, tests, workplace assessment, through to monitoring and solving issues raised by individuals.

The eLearning Awards 2011

The e-learning Awards winners were announced on the 10th of November.
Towards Maturity (good practice partner for the e-learning awards) would like to congratulate all the e-learning award winners.

Harnessing live online learning

In our 2011 benchmark we found that three quarters of organisations are now using some form of live online learning environments but how are they being used and what can we learn from each other’s experiences?

Management learning goes according to Plan

Plan, one of the largest international development charities in the World, reports continuing success with its management development programme, with more than 250 staff now having entered the programme. 

Mobile learning for the NHS- lessons for all

In the 2011 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study we are for the first time including an investigation on the challenges and benefits of mobile learning in supporting workplace performance.  We would love to know your views and invite you to participate!

Brightwave Interview with Laura Overton

Towards Maturity’s workplace learning expert Laura Overton has appealed to Learning and Development (L&D) professionals to re-assess current orthodoxies and seize opportunities for learners to connect, share and communicate with each other in the latest instalment of Brightwave’s ‘What a difference’ video series.

HR & L&D challenged to reduce silos and embrace change

Thomas Otter, Research Vice President of Gartner, keynoting at Plateau Insights Europe 2011, the European edition of Plateau’s talent management user conference, provided a number of challenges to leaders who are working in the Talent management and learning fields to take notice of the flood of opportunity that the current technology and economic climate is providing & to turn it to their advantage.

UK Business are missing out say Towards Maturity Ambassadors

UK business missing out on efficiency gains say heads of learning. LONDON, 19 April 2011: As cuts-ridden Britain emerges from recession it is missing out on a potential source of significant cost savings and efficiency gains, say heads of UK learning companies, because of outdated attitudes to training among top management.

Delivering results – practical ideas to increase stakeholder engagement

Delivering results with learning technologies – getting there faster and smarter. The first joint Towards Maturity in association with the British Institute for Learning and Development (the BILD)- Delivering results with learning technologies – getting there faster and smarter was held on the 12th of April and led by Laura Overton. 

3 simple steps to delivering results with Learning Technologies

Here are some of the key points from a seminar that we first delivered  at Learning Technologies 2011 to over 130 people looking at  at 3 simple steps to delivering results with learning technologies.  We hope you will find useful in your journey with learning technologies.  The session draws on the findings of the  2010-11 Towards Maturity Benchmark.

Benchmarking success in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has been hard hit by the recession with production levels down and falling sales. Yet the sector continues to innovate and competitive advantage goes to those who are able to quickly respond to market demand and provide excellent customer service.

Perspectives from Online Educa Berlin

As we say goodbye to the last decade and look forward to the next, are we able to look back at workplace e-learning and say , hand on heart, that we have realised the vision that we had at the start of the new millennium? It was a vision that technology would not only drive new ways of doing business but new ways of learning & improving workplace performance as well.

Three steps to compliance greatness

My recent survey of the e-learning and compliance communities highlighted three characteristics of the compliance e-learning we’d all like to see more of. It needs to be engaging, relevant and effective. In user-focused terms, it needs to make them care, show them it matters and help them live it.

Thank you to Becta

As Becta prepares to close down over the coming weeks, we would like to say thank you to the organisation and those who have worked their for their contribution to driving effective use of technologies in workplace learning.

What are your expectations for the next 10 years?

The last 10 years have seen major changes in e-learning. A shift from the tech-centric to the learner-centric, from learning objectives to business impact, from cost to value, from the individual to the social, and a shift from changing behaviour to change is everything.

HOW TO – Help staff to get online

With over 9m people in the UK not online yet, does a lack of employee IT skills cause barriers for your L&D programmes? This HOW TO Guide will help you get your staff online.

Jane Hart’s top 100 tools for learning

As our colleague Clive Shepherd often says, the methods for learning are timeless but the media for learning are changing rapidly and as L&D professionals, it can be tough going to keep up to date!

e-learning a natural for those with Learning Disabilities

Winner of the Silver Award in the ‘Excellence in the Production of Learning Content – Not for Profit Sector’, this case study describes how the FPA (Family Planning Association in Northern Ireland), developed ‘All About Us’ – an interactive educational resource designed to improve access to appropriate structured information on sexual health and wellbeing for people with learning disabilities through the use of a simple, effective interactive learning tool.

Dignity: The Heart of the RCN with e-learning

In June 2008, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) launched their ‘Dignity: at the heart of everything we do’ campaign because in the nursing profession, ‘Dignity’ is at the heart of everything they do and is clearly a vital component of nursing care.

Taste of Medicine providing Healthcare career opportunities

Winner of the Gold Award in the ‘Excellence in the Production of Learning Content – Not for Profit Sector’, this case study provides insight into St George’s, University of London ‘Widening Participation’ (WP) strategy, engaging with individuals at all stages of their educational development encouraging those from sectors of society currently under represented in Higher Education.

L&D 2020 – a guide for next decade

 We are great supporters of TJ’s research L&D 2020 that explores the ways in which the L&D profession need to operate in the future to support changing business needs more successfully

Back to Basics

1/5th of the UK population has never been online – How does this impact your e-learning strategy and what can you do about it? 

HOW TO Identify & Design Great Digital Content

What does exemplary digital learning content look like for Business? Use this check list to help you purchase or develop great content.When used effectively, digital learning resources have the power to engage and stimulate learners and to contribute greatly to...

Understanding Learners at Work

Do we really understand the learners in our organisation and how to reach them or do we just think we do?  Insights from 3000 learners!Over the years Towards Maturity have conducted research with 1200 companies and have found that organisations mature in...

L&D Benchmarks – is time to raise the bar?!

First published July 2010 - Last updated Dec 2014As a business improvement process, benchmarking has been around since the early 90’s and is now considered vital in the private and public sector as a tool to improve operational performance and enable...

Learning innovation in the public sector

Learning in the public sector- Cuts, Change & CollaborationWell it has been an interesting first few weeks as the new coalition government is bedding in. The message clearly is that things are going to be different moving forward as the government  takes ‘...

Justice Academy at MoJ

Mergers and organisational re-alingnments means people find themselves working in new teams and structures. They need a common sense of purpose and a sense of belonging to something new. Learning and Development is the key enabler of this unification process. With...

Is the CIPD 2010 Learning & Talent survey missing a trick?

The CIPD launched their ‘Learning and Talent Development 2010 survey this week  – It is great to see that this is the 12th survey giving a massive opportunity to track important trends and developments.This  year, there were some new flavours for the report...

National School of Government reaches ¼ million learners

. The National School of Government faced the challenge of delivering learning on data security right across Government, all departments and many individuals. The audience were very diverse, the programme had to be suitable for all civil servants, of all grades – most...

33 Reasons Why e-Learning Projects Fail

Why do so many e-learning projects fail? and what can we learn from failure? Failures in the Public Sector have, in general, been well documented and the Megatrends report documents these very well; together with a list of recommendations to decrease the chance of...

The five secrets of instructional design

Clive Shepherd's 5 Secrets of Great Instructional Design If you’re in the business of creating e-learning materials, then you’ll know how easy it is to get distracted from your primary goal by the contradictory pressures exerted upon you by your various...

E-learning budget on the increase in the voluntary sector

Press Release (16th March 2010)The biggest survey of learning technologies in the voluntary sector ever undertaken has revealed some interesting findings. More than 80 charities – representing more than 50,000 staff and volunteers - took part in the survey, carried...

Conference round up – ELN Event Summary

The e-learning Network held its most recent event on Friday 5th March 2010 in London with the theme – “Proven Recipes for Learning Success”. Chaired by Piers Lea of LINE with support from ELN committee member Rob Hubbard of Learning Age Solutions, the event featured...

Impact of Leadership at Hammonds Furniture

The leadership and involvement of top management in e-learning matters; in 2007 the Towards Maturity study  (page 37) showed that organisations where Directors were directly involved in e-learning estimated a 43% improvement in business impact over those where...

Top Tips from Learning Technologies 2010

If you missed this year's Learning Technologies event, then you missed a treat! It was the biggest event yet and exceeded all expectations from both the delegates and participants.There have been some excellent reviews of the event that we'd recommend you take a look...

E-Learning Awards 2010 Launched

The new 2010 E-Learning awards were launched at the Learning Technologies event in January this year.Towards Maturity  are really proud to support these awards as each category has been design to really promote excellence in the use of learning technologies for...

Learning Technologies in 2010 – the definitive top 10 list

IntroductionIt’s that time of year when everyone seems to feel compelled to generate their list of ‘Top Ten Predictions’ for 2010 – or perhaps their Top Five or Top Seven! We didn’t want to feel left out so rather than compile another ‘Top Ten’ list we thought it...

Laura Overton wins Colin Corder Award at IT Training Awards

Laura Overton wins coveted Colin Corder Award @ IT Training Awards for services to IT TrainingIt's not every day that a member of the Towards Maturity team wins a top award at the IT Training Awards, so we are very proud to announce that Laura Overton won the coveted...

Self managed learning – Engage or Die?

At Towards Maturity through the research we undertake and the work we do with many employers and training providers, we know that securing adoption and engagement are critical success factors in harnessing learning technologies for business benefit. In this paper...

New Towards Maturity Workshops for 2010

Towards Maturity have teamed up with Clive Shepherd to launch new workshops to help organisations realise the true potential of learning technologiesFirst Steps and Next Steps workshops will address e-learning skills gap in the UK Independent research by Towards...

Towards Maturity announces new partnership with Elearnity

Towards Maturity announces new partnership with ElearnityNew partnership to provide L&D departments with resources and toolkits to improve the impact of learning technologies in large organisations was announced at Learning Technologies 2010 today.Towards Maturity...

The Lifelong Learning UK Third Annual Conference

Lifelong Learning UK is the Sector Skills Council responsible for building the skills of the Learning and Development Sector, both for funded learning providers and commercial learning providers.  The Third Annual Conference on 8th December 2009 was an exciting...

Breaking down walls at Online Educa Berlin!

2078 delegates from 92 countries convened at this year’s ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, the largest global e-learning conference. The event has been running for 15 years now but this year it seemed to have a different buzz about it – perhaps it was the fact that we were all in...

Doctors.net.uk deliver Infection Control Training

An effective multi-channel approach is used to reach doctors with training on two key hospital infections.  Over 1,000 doctors used the training within the first 22 days of the pilot; subsequently over four and a half thousand completed the learning. ...

Skills of Project Management

Classroom trainers are experienced in responding to the needs of individual learners, in being flexible, in changing content. Their skill includes having a store of responses, different exercises, different topics which enables a flexibility of content. Creating,...

An Introduction to Personal Learning Environments

Making learning personal – using PLEs to enhance learningAt a recent UK conference, an informal poll of learning and development professionals showed that whilst almost 50% of people had heard of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs), only 3% had actually used...

Congratulations to the e-learning award winners

The wait for many was over last night at the e-learning Awards 2009. At the glittering event in the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, the who’s who of e-learning gathered at the event hosted once again by TV’s Angela Lamont.

Top Learning Technology events this winter

The coming months provide plenty of opportunity for those in the Learning Technology Industry to build their skills and network with peers - both online and face to face!Here is a taster of some of the events coming up:16th November - L&D 2020 - Shaping...

New Models for Learning Management

I’d never been to an e-learning network event before; my perception was that it was too expensive because of the traveling I’d have to do from Manchester. However I’d been asked to speak at the 25th September 2009 event so it would have been rude not to go! In fact it...

10 years on…the e-learning debate continues

A bit of history 10 years ago, almost to the day, every staff member of the company I worked for was called to a special meeting to hear about a significant new event in the world of online learning.  Together with my colleagues around the globe, I was...

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (2)

The third article on our sequence on web conferencing - virtual classrooms takes us into the classroom. Clive Shepherd speaks with the voice of experience with many practical hours of virtual delivery behind him. This article is full of handy snippets of practical...

Thriving in adversity – doing more with less

The Institute of IT Training’s National Conference and Exhibition attracted nearly 200 learning and development professionals hungry to network and gather ideas to help them thrive in times of adversity and deliver more with less.This conference round up provides a...

Towards Maturity  Benchmark for Third Sector

Towards Maturity Benchmark for Third Sector

The importance of skills in Third Sector organisations, together with their need to improve efficiency in the current economic climate has meant that a significant number of charities, not for profit and voluntary organisations are turning to learning technology to...

L&D 2020: the future of workplace learning

The aim of the L&D 2020 project is to explore how Learning & Development in organisations might change over the next five to ten years, particularly focusing on the implications for L&D professionals. It was clear that the role of the traditional trainer...

Evidence for Change

Over the years, our research has highlighted that effective use of learning technologies can significantly improve business agility.

What every L&D professional needs to know about e-learning

Technology has already transformed our personal and business lives, but its impact on learning and development has been patchy. Yes, e-learning has grown steadily, but only a few of its possibilities have been exploited and far too few trainers feel they have any role...

More than Instructional Design – course review

 I have to admit that I have not been on a face to face workshop now in over 8 years – most of my learning in the field of e-learning has come from research, case studies, conferences and the good fortune to personally know some amazing experts. So when I had the...

ACS’s use of 3D virtual environments in corporate learning

Much has been written about the potential of virtual worlds in business learning but there are few examples of good practice that highlight how it can make a difference and where it fits in with other learning interventions such as role play, online virtual classroom,...

Centre for iso9000 Global Delivery of Quality Management

The Centre for ISO 9000 achieving world-wide delivery of quality managementAchieving quality with proven quality management is always essential but never more so than when times are tough. This has led to a surge in business for a global provider of ISO 9000...

Virtual Worlds – a serious learning contender?

Virtual Worlds – A Serious Contender for LearningAre Virtual Worlds a serious contender as a corporate learning tool?The evidence shows that they are already a useful tool for Higher Education; over 80% of Higher Education institutes in the UK are users of Virtual...

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (1)

The secrets of quality virtual classroom delivery The third article in our series in online facilitated learning stresses the importance of thorough training analysis and design. No trainer should lose sight of the fact that irrespective of media, whether you can view...

EU Skills reports ROI from soft skills development

Research by EU skills in their sector demonstrates that soft skills training improves productivity and performance and provides an investment return within 12 months. BackgroundIn 2006, Energy and Utility skills (EU Skills) completed research into the skills need in...

Implementing Social Learning

If you are wondering how to implement social learning in your organisation - how to get staff to share their experiences with their peers online - then it is well worth listening to the Learning Curve (BBC Radio 4 with Peter Day), which was broadcast on 30th July 09...

5 Tips for Beating the Credit Crunch with e-learning

Delivering ‘More for Less’ is the key issue right now for Learning & Development and Business professionals. It’s been a core theme for Towards Maturity as evidenced from our own Benchmark Review, the Masie Centre recent ‘Barometer Findings’ and the recent...

John Hayes MP interview with the BILD

Early in July Karen Velasco of the British Institute for Learning and Development interviewed John Hayes Shadow Minister for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education. The aim was to discover how the Conservative view of skills development differed from that of...

Conference round up – ELN Members Showcase Summary

Unique in the annual events programme from the e-Learning Network is the Members Showcase recently held on Friday 10th July 2009 in London. It’s the only event in the ELN calendar that allows those training providers who are members and sponsors of the ELN to promote...

Performance Zone – the heart of online learning at Bupa

Earning a ‘Special Mention Commendation’ for ‘Most Innovative Application of Learning Technology’ in the 2008 e-learning Awards, this case study explores how an innovative approach has connected ‘learning to performance’ at Bupa delivering benefits to individuals and...

Institute of IT Training – new award announced

The Institute of IT Training are inviting organisations to enter their prestigious awards and  have included 2 new awards that will be of interest to organisations and individuals who would like recognition for their innovation in learning and...

Conference Round Up – Informatology Annual event

During my tortuous journey on public transport from Manchester to Middlesex University to Informatology's annual conference at the end of June, I was beginning to wonder if it would be worth it. Stephen Citron had never thus far let me down with his Informatology...

Liverpool’s taxi drivers learn on the move

This great little video , posted by Tribal on YouTube recently is a wonderful example of how creative use of technology, together with the personal touch ( in this case, encouragement and support by one of the 22,000 Union learn reps) can deliver learning right at the...

New Department for Business Innovation and Skills

The new  Department  for Business, Innovation and Skills was created on the 5th of June with the key role to build Britain’s capabilities to compete in the global economy. The Department has been created by merging BERR  ( with it’s focus on...

How would you rate your web conferencing skills?

Towards Maturity research over the past 4 years has highlighted that tools such as virtual classrooms and web conferencing are being used by over 45% of organisations who are investing in learning technologies. However, lack of skill of learning and development...

Making Web Conferences Exciting

Web conferencing is the growth area of learning technologies. Why? One reason is that it is one of the fastest routes for classroom trainers and experts to start to use technologies in a way that helps them reach more people with less...

Introducing e-learning to SABMiller

Over the past 20 years SABMiller has grown rapidly from its original South African base into a truly global player. Today the organisation is the world’s 2nd largest brewer, with brewing interests or major distribution agreements in over 60 countries spread across six...

Introducing web conferencing

Towards Maturity research shows that web conferencing tools are growing rapidly in popularity with employers and learning providers. The Driving Business Benefits report highlighted that web conferencing has increased and is in use by 62% of businesses that we...

Harnessing Team Strengths and L&D Evolving at AXA

Winner of the ‘e-learning internal project team of the year’ award at the e-learning Awards 2008, and also winning the silver award at the Institute of IT Training Awards for Internal Training Project of the Year, this case story clearly demonstrates the impact that a...

Special Offer for Informatology event

This year's Informatology Forum Learning and Development Conference from the 23rd - 25th of June   provides an opportunity meet with experts and discuss learning and development challenges with your counterparts. You can attend for a single day or...

Conference round up BILD Event – Virtual Environments

It seems that wherever you turn right now the ‘hot topic’ in the field of Learning Technologies is the use of Virtual Worlds (or Environments) and Serious Games and the latest BILD (The British Institute for Learning & Development) Connect Event held on Wednesday...

A judge’s perspective on how to win awards

I have been judging awards now for nearly 10 years and it is an incredible privilege as it provides a fantastic insight into the diversity of learning innovation and activity taking place n the workplace today. Winning organisations and those that have been...

Conference round up – Apply Serious Games

Apply Serious Games ConferenceConference ThemeThis conference was organised on 7th May 2009 to support the Apply Serious Games 2009 Awards.  The winner was VStep with Ship Simulator Professional.  The awards were presented by Lord Puttnam of...

Award season comes around again

The main HR and Training award season is upon us again and once again Towards Maturity is proud to be one of the headline sponsors for the e-learning awards run by Bizmedia - it is great to be part of an industry opportunity to share success and...

Making e-learning Work

High dropout rates can directly impact the effectiveness of elearning. This whitepaper, from e2Train addresses why learners fail to finish elearning courses and backs up our research findings over the years.The Towards Maturity model for e-learning effectiveness looks...

Training Quality Standard

The Training Quality Standard: what is it? TQS  helps training providers deliver learning solutions that make an impact on an employer's business. It is an accredited Quality Mark but the real benefit is that it drives a dialogue between a provider and an...

A Vision for FE in 2020 – can we afford to wait?

We announced that Siôn Simon MP, Minister for Further Education,at the Department for Innovation, University and Skills (DIUS) wants to hear directly from you about what FE & Skills delivery needs to look like moving forward on a new social networking site-...

Comparing attitudes of staff and training professionals

This great research from Cegos highlights the gap between what employees across Europe want from learning and what HR are delivering. In March 09, Cegos commissioned an independent study among 2355 employees and 485 HR and training directors from companies employing...

Unmissable e-learning events this summer

Two of the key areas holding many organisations back from realising the full potential from their e-learning investment is are lack of awareness amongst learning and development professionals and poor skills to manage and implementThis summer there are some great...

Towards Maturity – 1 year old

Towards Maturity was launched on the 29th of April 2008 – an independent, not for profit organisation with a passion for helping others to improve the impact of learning technologies at work. This week we are a year old and what a year it has been!The recession...

The Dental Channel webinar, better and cheaper delivery

 Dental professionals must remain up to date with the latest developments in dentistry; in this as in many other professions the pace and change of innovation is high. How do busy professionals find the time to invest in learning and save an estimated 1/4 million...

Exploring e-learning in the travel industry

Harnessing technology to build trust and improve customer care remains a priority for the travel sector.There is no doubt that the travel industry is in a state a flux. As the recession gets worse, redundancies continue to plague the sector, with 5,000 reported since...

The Learning value of questions

The third most popular technology for implementing e-learning is Surveys and Questionnaires; perhaps more true to say third equal!  82% of respondent to the 2008 Towards Maturity selected this as a tool they used, exceeded only by the 86% of respondents who...

Introducing Virtual Worlds

Have you experienced a second life? Increasingly people have, and for learning purposes. Mystified by what it means. Thanks to Saffron Interactive you can read a short paper by Clive Shepherd which demystifies virtual worlds and their role in learning. This is an...

Driving Business Benefits – Sector Benchmark launched

Individuals with responsibility for implementing learning technologies in their own workplace were invited to participate in the Towards Maturity Benchmark between October and November 2008. Over 300 organisations took part and 7 sectors had 25 or more organisations...

Brush up your Blended learning skills

Our Driving Business Benefits research has highlighted that we are expecting so much more from our investment in learning technologies during difficult times but the biggest barriers to success are our lack of skills in developing appropriate solutions - knowing how...

Serious virtual worlds and immersive learning

In  Driving Business Benefits (the Towards Maturity research published earlier this year) we saw that just under 20% of the research participants were using some form of games or complex simulations in their e-learning offering and just under 10% used virtual...

Building skills in e-learning

 What are the skills required to modernise learning effectively in the workplace? We are currently reviewing courses, networks and resources available to bring you an up to date list of programmes will be useful for 21st century L&D...

Excellence in Compliance

Excellence in ComplianceDoes e-learning deliver improved compliance standards?75% of organisations who had a need for compliance training (from the last Towards Maturity survey) believe it does. Maturity in e-learning brings greater success in the...

Learning engagement at Diageo

Over the years Diageo had deployed a number of e-learning courses to individual markets and in 2007 decided to invest in a centralised training portal named the Diageo Academy to allow all employees globally to access e-Learning, classroom training, virtual classroom,...

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks save on compliance

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks invested in a strong brand of e-learning focusing a suite of compliance training courses, all tailor made. The story includes an excellent way of proving and demonstrating the value of e-learning. the importance and how to go about...

Generator – for FE & Skills providers

Generator, the technology improvement leadership tool for FE and Skills was launched on the 5 March 2009. This new online tool is available free of charge to all colleges and learning providers in the FE and Skills sector. The launch took place at  Becta's Next...

Improving the Take up of e-Learning in Local Authorities

This practical guide was created with the input of 25 Local Authorities at a series of Learning Pool Showcase Events in autumn 08. All local authorities face the same challenges of needing to meet the training and development needs of all their staff in a timely, cost...

A Truly Global Innovative Blend by PLAN

This is the story of how a blended management development programme successfully improved the behaviours of managers, based around the globe, in developing countries. Anyone planning a management development programme can learn from this ingenious blend of pre/post...

Royal Shakespeare Company Enter E-learning with compliance

An example of starting in e-learning with generic content and compliance. An excellent way on to the stage of e-learning. RSC worked with a supplier to introduce a customised learning product that achieved their business goals, ensured the right attitude to Health and...

Games in the Military

Military gamingMost young men get a huge dose of military expertise through computer games. A typical male teenager will have played up to several hundred hours of military games, flown aircraft, often using the real instrumentation, become familiar with real weapons,...

Essential Learning – the employee perspective

In October this year, SkillSoft published their  first global benchmark study– in which they compared and contrasted employee attitudes towards learning and development across the US, the UK and Europe. The survey gathered views from employees from the private sector...

Serious Virtual Worlds Conference Review & additional insight

SVW'08 addressed the live issue of how virtual worlds cross boundaries both between the real world and virtual worlds and between virtual worlds. As people spend increasing time in virtual worlds how will they interoperate between these virtual and real spaces? SVW'08...

GAME stores Xcite retail staff to boost sales

This case study  (provided by Grass Roots) hightlights how the Games Stores Group Ltd ( specialist retailers in PC and Video games) used a blended learning approach in store to help boost sales. Key features of the Xcite ProgrammeTrained and engaged store...

Next Generation Learning @ Work at Learning Technologies 09

The Learning Technologies conference, now in its tenth year, attracts many of the world's leading learning speakers, thinkers, visionaries and practitioners and over 350 conference delegates.The theme for the 2009 conference is Next Generation Learning @ Work and the...

Just one more week to benchmark your e-learning

Over 150 personalised benchmark reports have now been sent out to organisations who have taken part in the Towards Maturity Benchmark survey and the process of taking part is really paying off.Organisations across a range of sectors have been taking part during the...

Fully accessible e-learning at BT

After assessing line-of-business requirements and capabilities, L&D at BT decided to implement a collaborative system for authoring, managing and deploying learning content. Now, nearly a year after its initial implementation, BT’s collaborative authoring system...

Royal Navy revolutionises Engineering Training

The Royal Naval School of Marine Engineering introduced Buzzing Hub; e-learning for Modern Apprentices in Engineering.The RN train Marine Engineers as Modern Apprentices on entry leading through to Foundation Degrees as their skills and experience develop. The Buzzing...

Announcing the e-learning award winners 08

We congratulate all those who won prestigious awards at the ceremony for the e-learning awards 2008. The quality of the entries this year were exceptional and we look forward to sharing their stories on Towards Maturity for others to be inspired over the next 12...

Recession beating tips

With job cuts perhaps on the way and a drive to cut costs here are eight ways trainers can preserve the one and deliver the other. 1. Introduce e-coaching supported by a shared working tool. Getting virtual teams to work better together speeds up...

Environment Agency – a story about water law

This project uses a story to enliven a legal subject. A classroom course is replaced saving time, money and travel; and customers get better quality advice from inspectors. Also those in the job already have an opportunity to update their knowledge when they want...

Effective Blends for Busy Managers

Last year, the Chartered Management Institute published their first research looking at how blended learning approaches can support managment development.One year on, the research was repeated with an online survey of over 1000 members of the CMI together with a...

Hints and tips for demonstrating value

What gets your work noticed by stakeholders and peers back at work? What helps you increase engagement? What helps secure your budget in times of turmoil? The ability to demonstrate value!Demonstrating value is also one of the 6 strands from the Towards Maturity Model...

Environment Agency – Pollution control

This case study explores how an innovative package simultates a farm visit to help inspectors gain confience and expertise more rapidly than before.in a deeply complex and technical environmnent. Traditionally inspector's learned by accompanying experts...

Modern Councillor from Learningpool

Modern Councillor from Learning Pool - an innovative service for local authorities.Shortlisted for the ‘most innovative application of technology to learning’ in the 2007 e-learning Age awards, Modern Councillor is an innovative new service which provides high...

Events in September and October

If you are looking to get under the skin of how learning technologies can really make a difference in the workplace then we would highly recommend that you try to get along to 2 events taking place in September and October:Elearning Network - Thinking Sync-Live...

7 Lessons on FE leadership

The Centre for Excellence in LeadershipThe Centre for Excellence in Leadership has a task to transform the provision of learning through the Further Education and Skills sector.  One of their strategic projects is to help leaders in FE manage and lead the new...

Learning technologies in the IT sector

At the end of January , e-skills UK released their latest research reports looking at the key trends, opportunities and challenges facing IT & Telecoms in the UK. It highlights that fully exploiting technology is the single most important step the UK can take to...

Transforming Customer Service at Johnson Controls

This fascinating case study provides insight on a shared transformation plan between Johnson Controls (JCI) and Barclays Bank using QuickWins from Relay Consultants that has transformed Customer Service and driven innovation through a unique Change Management...

e-learning benefits lessons from Higher education

Last year 16 higher education institutions worked  together on the challenge of providing evidence of e-learning success that will help influence academic sceptics and reflect the considerable changes that have taken place in the first few years of the 21st...

BILD Conference – Engagement in Learning

 “Engagement in Learning”  Insights & Lessons from the BILD Annual Conference With the theme of ‘Engagement in Learning’, which strikes a particular chord with Towards Maturity, BILD (The British Institute for Learning & Development) held their...

Good Practice from Red Tray – Evaluating e-learning

Introduction  Over the last few years, Mike Ditchburn @ Bourne Training (now part of Red Tray) has written a number of articles and papers on Good (Best) Practice which dovetails with the ongoing findings of the Towards Maturity team. As an active member of...

e-learning awards entry deadline extended to 31st July

Towards Maturity is proud to sponsor the e-learning awards for 2008 and we are pleased to see that that due to phenomenal demand the organisers of the e-learning awards has been extended.The new deadline for entries and submissions for the E-Learning Awards is...

Meeting the needs of 21st Century Employers

'How has the world of a child changed in the last 150 years?" And the answer is, "It's hard to imagine any way in which it hasn't changed. But if you look at school today versus 100 years ago, it is more similar than dissimilar." And so the scene is set by this Peter...

Distance learning for Strategic HR

Distance learning has consistently increased in importance for corporations over the last few years. After “the fad effect”, the time has come for more mature and better thought-out applications, based on the first successful experiments. Today, very few people...

Part 1 – Setting a Strategy for Learning and Development

Towards MaturityDo we want to achieve measurable business results from our learning interventions? As we move “towards maturity” those tanglible results are more likely to be acheived if your organisation has a proper Learning and Development Strategy...

More practical tips for engaging learners and managers

Our research has shown that learners and managers are the most critical stakeholders for success but are the toughest to engage. I recently took part in a workshop for the Learning and Skills group to see how we can improve engagement with these audiences and this...

Towards Maturity sponsors 2008 e-Learning Awards

We are pleased to confirm that Towards Maturity has become  a sponsor of  the e-learning awards 2008. A  key part of Towards Maturity’s sponsorship will be to  share the good practice highlighted by the award winners and nominees more...

e-learning standards – let us know what you think

The e-learning standards for interoperability have been around for over 10 years now. They have grown and developed as the e-learning industry has grown however to many they are still a mystery. These standards are an important consideration for anyone building a...

Making your e-learning garden grow

One of the most significant challenges to implementing learning technologies in the workplace engaging busy learners and managers. Recently,  PersonnelToday.com, reported on the positive response from staff when Superquinn, the Irish...

Building effective learning communities

The e-learning network event on ‘Building learning Communities’ on the 18th of April provided a fascinating insight into the practicalities of using technology to bring communities of adults together to learn.  The day provided useful advice for all types ...

Beginners Guide to e-Learning Standards

e-learning standards -  why are they important?There are two main components to e-learning: the content and the tracking/reporting tool. The latter is often known as the Learning Management System (MLE) or a Managed Learning Environment (MLE). Information...

Mobile Video nuggets support learning at Vodafone Ireland

How do you extend lessons learned in a workshop so that they are put into practice in the real world?This case study takes a closer look at a programme that was commended for their entry to the  'Most Innovative Application of technology to Learning' at the...

e-skills UK invites input to new strategic plan

e-skills UK today released a consultation for its five year strategic plan for England and is now seeking input from employers, educationalists and other stakeholders with an interest in the UK’s IT & Telecoms skills base. The consultation is focused on five...

Becta’s new strategy for further education and skills

This month, Bill Rammell, MP, Minister for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education, announced Becta's Technology Strategy for further education, skills and regeneration.  The strategy will ensure that the whole further education system has the guidance...

Share your story

We love to hear a good story.Particularly from organisations and businesses (large and small)Who have used learning technologies effectively to really make a difference to their staff and productivityWho have overcome the odds Who have really engaged their staff and...

Towards Maturity Comes of Age

We announced the new Towards Maturity community interest company today. Here is the full press release:Towards Maturity Comes of Age  Towards Maturity, the e-skills UK project aimed at helping organisations improve the impact of learning technologies at work...

CIPD annual research

Results of the 10th Annual CIPD survey were released in April and their findings on the use of e-learning at work provide some useful insights on perceptions of e-learning.

Social Bookmarking – organising your web resources

With a myriad of resources out there on the web, how do we make sense of them all? Ploughing though an ever increasing list in 'favourites' can be time consuming. Increasingly individuals are turning to Social bookmarking to help them make sense of the...

Superquinn – new skills for Irish supermarket staff

In 2007 Irish supermarket chain Superquinn took on the challenge of implementing training via e-learning throughout its stores. As winners of best e-learning project securing widespread adoption, we look at how e-learning became such a success for the...

e-induction @ Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

There are numerous examples of how e-learning is being applied to learning & development across all private & public sectors, often from those who’ve learnt over time how to apply technology to deliver real business benefits, but what of those who have no...

Collaborative learning at work

The collaborative properties of that web 2.0 offers to learning have great potential for learning and many learning practitioners are talking about it but how many are doing it and what do learners think?In the Towards Maturity research earlier last year we asked...

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line – Cruising for Success

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line saw the need to rule the seas in e-learning by implementing an award winning solution for their travel partners that included both product and automation training.This article by Jenny Carruth (e-learning age) explains how the silver...

Quick Introduction to Towards Maturity

The January edition of Training Journal  includes a short article revealing the main findings of the ongoing e-skillsUK study on Maturity in e-learning.  The article gives a short summary of the method and approach to the original study as well as supporting...

Simulation and classroom teaching

Business Simulation and classroom teaching.Through Tyro training, its commercial division, Craven College has been testing the use of business simulation software alongside classroom teaching. They are using SimVenture (winner of the BETT 2008 award for post-16...

NHS – Expanding training for Radiologists

This is an award winning e-learning solution delivering significant benefit to learners and employers alike. The Royal College of Radiologists and E-learning for Health used a team of 350 Subject experts from around the UK teamed with 15 Designers to create ~600 hours...

Virgin Atlantic Airways – Excellence in Induction

Virgin Atlantic Airways chose a low risk entry point for e-learning but aimed for the highest quality. All recruits worldwide attend an orientation course at the airline's Headquarters at Crawley. This is the same for all recruits whatever their job role. Virgin...

Ikea – using learning technologies to find missing stock

“The Missing Stock Mysteries”With over 84,000 co-workers in 44 countries and more than 200 stores worldwide, being able to meet their customers expectation that the product they want ‘is always available’ is a major challenge for IKEA, the world’s leading home...

Simply the best – tips from e-Learning award winners

Simply the best - practical tips from this year's award winners On the 30th of January, the Towards Maturity Project together with the E-Learning awards brought together industry leaders and award winners to provide practical insights on how to: How to make an impact...

10 tips for communicating with learners

Towards Maturity is all about helping each other improve the impact of technology assisted learning in the workplace. The toughest challenge is engaging staff with learning in this way, particularly with all the pressures they have on their...

Megatrends in e-learning provision

How can large scale e-learning initiatives become sustainable and cost effective? This is the question that has been considered by the  Megatrends in e-learning project  for the past 2 years as they have considered what has worked and what hasn't in the...

IITT award winners

The Institute of IT Training Awards 13th award ceremony took place at the Dorchester Hotel on the 7th of February and it was great to see the level to which learning technologies had been embedded within many of the award winners and had contributed to their success....

Blended CHEERS Programme brings Good Health

BUPA needed to train users in 300 locations across the UK to use an employee and resident information system; traditionally done in a central training location. Employees wanted to spend less time away from their families, had differing PC skills; and new hires did...

Uniaid engages 2.3 million learners

Uniaid together with Epic were given a special mention for achieving widespread adoption of learning in this year's e-learning awards.This case study shows how Uniaid worked with stakeholders to address  financial issues that deterred students from entering into...

Kirklees Metropolitan Council

In the 2007 e-learning Awards, Kirklees Metropolitan Council walked away with the award for the best example of supporting learners online.The council had to roll out a new system to over 8000 users who all needed to get to grips with the system from day 1. The team...

LB Brent – e-learning on a budget

The London Borough of Brent received a special mention in the e-learning award 2006 for the way that they delivered business impact from their e-learning, despite limited budgets. This case study, shows that you don't need a big budget to achieve great...

Informal Learning Consultation announced

John Denham, the Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills, announced a new consultation on the 15th of January to help shape the vision  and identify the most appropriate support that the government can give to informal adult learning.Whilst...

Launch of Next Generation Learning Campaign

Becta is leading the drive to improve the use of technology in education via the Next Generation Learning campaign, which is supported by Johnny Ball.FE Minister Bill Rammell MP outlined the evidence of benefits of learning technologies at the launch of...

Meet us at Learning Technologies

The Towards Maturity Project team and teh QIA excellence gateway team will be at this year's Learning Technologies event at Olympia on 30th and 31st of Jan and we would love to meet you there!  With more than 120 exhibitors, 42 free seminars, 4 co-operative...

e-learning – a note from Skills for Health

Following our series of health care case studies at the end of 2007, Jonathan Evans from Skills for Health,  has provided Towards Maturity readers more information the collaborative work that they are involved in to develop a joined up approach to e-learning in...

What to look out for in 2008

This year's edition of Online educa Berlin , the 13th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning & Training, once more broke records in all areas: 2126 experts from 95 countries gathered at the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin from November...

Cadburys Schweppes – reskilling dispersed audiences fast!

Cadbury's Schweppes had to roll out a new performance managment system to over 60 countries on a limited budget and even tighter time frames.This case study contains useful lessons for any organsiation looking to build new technical and proceedural skills within a...

Coca-Cola- virtual Leadership programme

This case study looks at how Coca-Cola in Latin America developed a virtual programme to develop leadership capability that would help them to implement and manage virtual teams across latin America.Core competencies for working in this strategic environment were...

The Dental Chanel increases e-learning Takeup

Award winning example of how clever marketing techniques helped to engage dentists with e-learning across the UK.This article was originally created by the Work based e-learning project at e-skills UK and is reproduced with kind permission. Related downloads Dental...

CareUK: Winning a return in the care industry

CareUK deliver care to people who need it in their own homes. They deliver home-based e-learning to their employees who need it. This is an outstanding example of Return on Investment. The E-learning underpinned a company expansion in a changing regulatory environment...

NHS Wales pilots light touch NVQ

The NHS in Wales have recently pioneered a rollout of a light touch qualification that not only equips staff with a relavent qualification for their day to day job, but also uses technolgy to help demonstrate to their managers that they are able to use NHS online...

Supporting small business skills needs

An  argument that I hear very often is that we cannot transfer lessons from implementing e-learning in large businesses ato small businesses. At one level, I absolutely agree with this. Techniques and language that large businesses use to engage their learners...

making e-learning work

This article appeared in Learning Technologies Magasine in October and is very useful for any organisation looking to improve adoption of their technology assisted learning. He looks at some of the advantages of e-learning but also why e-learning can...

e-learning at Sadeh Lok

This video clip, posted on You Tube shows how Sadeh Lok , a housing association in Huddersfield has started to embrace e-learning to address business skills issues.The video provides useful food for thought  for any learning provider looking to engage...

e-learning excellence celebrated

 A journey towards e-learning maturity within any organisation is not always easy and all successes deserve celebration. On the 8th of November it was great to honour those whose journeys were shortlisted n the 2007 e-learning awards, those who received...

Do we need competency standards for Web 2.0?

With the opening up of the wealth of new ideas and possibilities offered by social software, are there particular skills that users need to develop to make the most of Web 2.0? Companies want to know that IT training and development will provide their employees...

Hints and tips on Rapid e-learning

The Towards Maturity research highlighted the growth in rapid e-learning development as learning professionals are looking to become more responsive to employer needs.Organisations mature in their use of e-learning are more likely to use these tools and also report...

Open Source Learning Management systems

In this month's edition of Epic's newsletter, Mark Aberdour discusses open source learning managment systems. If Web 2.0 is about community and collaboration, the Open Source model has played a crucial role in driving it forward. Recent years have seen Open...

Scottish Prison Service

The Scottish Prison Service needed human rights issues to be dealt with more effectively within prisons in general and by front line prison staff in particular, and for staff to deal with human rights with more confidence. They also wanted to improve prisoner’s...

BAE systems’ learning journey

Social networking, organisational capability, performance, competency are all in vogue at the moment but what practical steps must be taken to ensure that these promises deliver in the real world?Richard West, Head of Organisational and e-learning at BAE Systems has...

Understanding learners at work

Original article published in Learning Technologies magasine ( Oct 07), has now been updatedClick here for LT magasine This article was originally created by the Work based e-learning project at e-skills UK and is reproduced with kind...

Lessons from Education

Organisations in the education sector appear to be less successful at a number of measures associated with e-learning than those in other sectors.  The Towards Maturity study reports a 10% less positive measure for business impact availability and uptake for the...

Free Guide – Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is gaining momentum as devices become more ubiquitous. This free guide is the latest in a series published by Kineo and UfI and explores the opportunities available for learning on the move. It explore potential audiences, learning devices and...

Introduction to Web 2.0 and Social Networking

 There seems to be a little confusion out there as to what exactly is meant by Web 2.0, and it’s a phrase increasing in use. It also seems unclear as to who can lay claim to being the ‘originator’ of the phrase. Most informed sources will refer to Tim O’Reilly,...

What does the QIA excellence gateway offer the FE system?

The QIA Excellence Gateway offers the further education system anumber of key features to encourage self-improvement for all those involved in further education. The Towards Maturity Project supports the service by sharing good practice to ensure success of...

10 top e-learning Tips for Educators

This article appeared in today's newsletter from Epic and offers some practical tips for those in the education sector to make effective use of technology in their learning offerings.It covers ideas on:Working with learners, deliverers and stakeholdersIncreasing...

Positive Podcasting

There’s been a surge of interest recently in podcasting among learning and development professionals. Behind the hype, though, hard information seems hard to find. Donald H Taylor,one of the Towards Maturity Virtual Advisorty Members, outlines some ways to get started...

What is the QIA Excellence Gateway?

The Towards Maturity e-learning project is interested in improving the effectiveness of e-learning in the workplace. But it is not just about supporting those who are implementing e-learning in their place of work but also those who are providing work based learning...

Department of Work and Pensions

The Department for Work and Pensions has been undergoing a wide ranging modernisation programme aiming to produce over 100 hours of online content. This case study outlines how they introduced a new simulation process that allowed subject matter experts to create...

Informal learning at Student Loans Company

Download this case study to see how the Student Loans company have supported learners and managers with new ways of learning. See how this innovative use of e-learning has delivered the following benefits:Reduced help desk enquiriesMotivated staffengaged line...

Meeting needs of small businesses

e-learn2work is a research project funded by the European Union. Focusing on small and micro businesses, the project aims to: understand how employees currently acquire new skills find out what kind of e-learning material might interest businesses use this information...

Learners of the Future

How do young people respond to e-learning? The Association of Learning Providers conducted a national survey into access, use and the impact of technology and elearning within government funded Work Based Learning programmes.  Some interesting...

Welcome to Towards Maturity

Welcome to the new site for the work of the e-skills uk e-learning project.For the past 2 years we have been working with employers and those supporting employers to understand how we can improve the impact of e-learning at work by identifying and sharing...

Defining e-learning

There are many broad interpretations about what e-learning is and isn't. In this project we are keen to uncover all of the opportunities that technology provides to assist learning in any form.We define e-learning as ‘The use of any technology across the learning...

Free guide to learner support

This good practice guide on learner support is  produced by Kineo in collaboration with Ufi.It’s for: People in the learning and training community who are interested in learner support models for blended and e-learning programmes. It’s by: Ufi/learndirect...

Free guide to podcasting

Kineo and Ufi, have produced a free guide for those new to podcasting that explores the potential of podcasting. It covers:-When to use it-What it's good for-Steps to effective podcasting-Case studies of podcasting in action-Where it's headedThey have also...

Choosing the right learning tools for you

Getting started with e-learning can be daunting - there are many tools and services available with costs ranging from through the roof to free! The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies (developed by Jane Hart) has some excellent resources to help...

Additional evidence for learner preferences in the workplace

A new benchmark study into current and future trends in organisational learning has revealed that self-directed learning is the route preferred by the majority of employees and that the role of managers in facilitating this is critical to success. The study, by online...

Finding e-learning suppliers

There are many providers of e-learning products, services and expertise who specialise in delivering learning in the workplace.  But when you are new to e-learning, finding them is another matter. e-Learning age magasine is potentially a good source and...

Informal learning Guru, Jay Cross, on You Tube

Find out about Informal learning on You TubeTry out this You Tube video posted by Jay Cross, probably the most influential voice in informal learning in the world.  Jay estimates that 80% of what we need for work we pick up informally. In Towards Maturity we...

Controlled vocabularies – getting discovered on the web

Controlled vocabularies - the secret of getting your content found on the webWith so much content now available on the web, it’s becoming harder to find the right content when you need it, and providers of content run the risk of their content being buried under and...

University on the Shop Floor

In common with many manufacturing sectors, the ceramic industry is undergoing significant restructuring to adapt to the challenges of modern global competition. This case study shows how a group of companies in the West Midlands have responded by focussing on the...

e-learning at work – systematic literature review

Learning Light, a member of the work based e-learning project advisory network has completed a systematic literature review of the research that has been conducted in the use of learning technologies in the workplace. Their aim is to identify any gaps for future...

ICCA online – getting started with e-learning

The ICCA (Increasing Citizens Choice & Access) project  is about helping organisations harness the potential of technology in the learning process and overcome barriers to change.The participating organisations (led by City and Guilds) created a...

50 ideas for free e-learning

Kineo – 50 ideas for free e-learning New Kineo insight paper that gives a quick overview of new technologies and DIY content development tools and takes a look at their potential role in new learning, how do do it, the  limitations  of the technology...

rapid e-learning

Rapid e-learning - what is it all about?This briefing paper by Kineo gives an excellent overview of rapid e-learning which is are taking the work based e-learning scene by storm. On the surface they offer speedy solutions to business skills needs but this article...

change management

Change Management and e-learningFrom Epic, this report provides an insight into some of the change management issues assocaited with successful e-learning implementation.Click here to see the reportThis article was originally created by the Work based e-learning...

Successful Learning Strategies

Strategy is a key element in any successful learning and performance improvement programme. The Towards Maturity research highlighted that mature users of e-learning in the workplace are more likely to have a learning strategy aligned to business goals and will...

Measuring Business Impact

Measuring the Business Impact of Learning Measuring business impact of learning is high on an organisation’ s list of desires, but often low on their implementation plan.  Linking learning to business gain is a powerful weapon in the hands of training...

Beyond e-learning Practical Insights from the USA

Beyond e-learning - Practical Insights from the USAThis report was published to present the findings of the first DTI Global Watch Mission to the USA on eLearning. The initial specific objectives for the mission were to gain an understanding of:• The latest research...

Moodle overview

Open source for e-learning: Moodle LMS overviewThis article provides an overview of Moodle, described as becoming the world's favourite learning management system or virtual learning environment. Used by over 100,000 organisations, this article describes the...

Cable & Wireless

Cable & Wireless Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies operating in 33 countries. They were one of the first companies in 2001 to introduce a  Learning Management System to address skills needs across the...

e-learning and SME challenges

e-learning in SMEs: Challenges and OpportunitiesThis blog by Graham Atwell provides interesting insights from his studies and looks at the attitude of small and medium businesses to using technology for learning. It also takes a look at informal learning and...

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