Pulse Reports

Our Pulse reports provide insights into the biggest challenges facing learning and development professionals using data from the brand new Pulse reviews. These reports provide snapshots into subject areas important to the L&D community today.


How to use this research

These reports help learning professionals sense-check the latest learning trends. They help establish how well new approaches to learning have been adopted, shine a light on how top performing companies are approaching them and identify what actions learning professionals should take to put new thinking and ideas into action.  

Recent Pulse Reports

L&D’s Relationship with Data

L&D’s Relationship with Data

What does L&D’s relationship with data look like today? With over 150 L&D leaders from a variety of sectors and organisations of all sizes taking part in the Towards Maturity L&D Data Pulse, this report analyses why it is important to use data effectively and outlines pathways to success and real impact.

Top Tips for Building Habits

Top Tips for Building Habits

As learning professionals, we want to design interventions that lead to lasting change. Shifting behaviour involves a process that continues long after the programme finishes. Our research has shown that mature learning organisations are more successful at integrating learning and work, but they don’t abandon formal learning. One of their strategies is to design learning campaigns and programmes that build and encourage new habits.

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Our Supporters also influence Towards Maturity's Benchmark and research, providing insights on future trends and practices that should be investigated.

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