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Securing global e-learning adoption at Aviva

The Business Protection team’ at Aviva were looking to communicate and monitor compliance with policies and standards relating to the way all employees conduct themselves at work. This was no mean feat given that Aviva is the world’s fifth-largest* insurance group and the largest insurance services provider in the UK with 54,000 employees serving over 50 million customers in 28 countries around the world.

National School of Government reaches ¼ million learners

The National School of Government faced the challenge of delivering learning on data security right across Government, all departments and many individuals. The audience were very diverse, the programme had to be suitable for all civil servants, of all grades – most senior to most junior, specialists, military, administrative and support staff.

The five secrets of instructional design

If you’re in the business of creating e-learning materials, then you’ll know how easy it is to get distracted from your primary goal by the contradictory pressures exerted upon you by your various stakeholders: make it as cheap as possible, as short as possible, as quickly as possible, while also as comprehensive as possible, as media-rich and engaging as possible.

E-learning budget on the increase in the voluntary sector

The biggest survey of learning technologies in the voluntary sector ever undertaken has revealed some interesting findings. More than 80 charities – representing more than 50,000 staff and volunteers – took part in the survey, carried out by independent e-learning analysts Towards Maturity in partnership with the Charity Learning Consortium (CLC).  Findings revealed that:

Impact of Leadership at Hammonds Furniture

The leadership and involvement of top management in e-learning matters; in 2007 the Towards Maturity study  (page 37) showed that organisations where Directors were directly involved in e-learning estimated a 43% improvement in business impact over those where Directors were not involved.

Award Winning e-learning at E-FLI

When E-FLI collected the gold for Excellence in Production of Elearning Content – Private Sector at the 2009 E-Learning Awards, most people would have been excused for asking ‘who’? After all, this is a niche product built for a specific industry, and they were up against a host of well known names.

Top Tips from Learning Technologies 2010

If you missed this year’s Learning Technologies event, then you missed a treat! It was the biggest event yet and exceeded all expectations from both the delegates and participants.

Re-engineering L&D for effective performance at Xerox Europe

In many areas, but particularly for professional sales people, Xerox had always had a great reputation for developing the best people and their training programme was envied by many, but there was an increased belief internally that perhaps they were living off that hard-earned reputation and that while the world around them had changed, perhaps the approach to learning and development hadn’t.

Learning Technologies in 2010 – the definitive top 10 list

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to feel compelled to generate their list of ‘Top Ten Predictions’ for 2010 – or perhaps their Top Five or Top Seven! We didn’t want to feel left out so rather than compile another ‘Top Ten’ list we thought it might be fun to develop the ‘Definitive Top Ten’ list based on the thoughts and ramblings of many of those respected in the industry who are members of our ‘Community of Excellence’, sprinkled with some of our own insight.

Self managed learning – Engage or Die?

At Towards Maturity through the research we undertake and the work we do with many employers and training providers, we know that securing adoption and engagement are critical success factors in harnessing learning technologies for business benefit.

Making the most of Learning Technologies 2010 with Towards Maturity

If your new year’s resolution is to make sure your investment in learning technologies works harder and delivers more in 2010 then do make sure you come and see us at next week’s Learning Technology 2010 exhibition in Olympia 2, London.  If time is tight and budget tighter, here are just a few reasons to come along. Free seminars, free resources and free coffee on Toward Maturity’s stand number 125! Register for free here!

Discovering the IKEA Concept

Recently published by Brandon Hall in the US was a case study based on IKEA in partnership with LINE Learning & Communications, a regular contributor to the Towards Maturity website. Examples of previous contributions from LINE include the award winning case study with the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) and meeting the needs of a Pan-European Network via the Ford Foundation. 

The Lifelong Learning UK Third Annual Conference

Lifelong Learning UK is the Sector Skills Council responsible for building the skills of the Learning and Development Sector, both for funded learning providers and commercial learning providers.  The Third Annual Conference on 8th December 2009 was an exciting and challenging day. 

Breaking down walls at Online Educa Berlin!

2078 delegates from 92 countries convened at this year’s ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, the largest global e-learning conference. The event has been running for 15 years now but this year it seemed to have a different buzz about it – perhaps it was the fact that we were all in Berlin 20 years after the wall came down – it certainly felt significant.

Skills of Project Management

Classroom trainers are experienced in responding to the needs of individual learners, in being flexible, in changing content. Their skill includes having a store of responses, different exercises, different topics which enables a flexibility of content. deliver Infection Control Training

An effective multi-channel approach is used to reach doctors with training on two key hospital infections.  Over 1,000 doctors used the training within the first 22 days of the pilot; subsequently over four and a half thousand completed the learning. 

An Introduction to Personal Learning Environments

At a recent UK conference, an informal poll of learning and development professionals showed that whilst almost 50% of people had heard of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs), only 3% had actually used one.  PLEs are common place in academia, but in the UK workplace the take-up is not great.  According to Brandon Hall , 2009 would see five main trends in learning:

Evidence for change – October Update

In September Towards Maturity launched a research programme called ‘Evidence for Change’. This came about as a result of industry feedback to provide hard and fast facts to illustrate how learning technology can help to deliver greater efficiencies within the workplace and add real bottom line benefits to business.

10 years on…the e-learning debate continues

A bit of history 
10 years ago, almost to the day, every staff member of the company I worked for was called to a special meeting to hear about a significant new event in the world of online learning. 

New Models for Learning Management

I’d never been to an e-learning network event before; my perception was that it was too expensive because of the traveling I’d have to do from Manchester. However I’d been asked to speak at the 25th September 2009 event so it would have been rude not to go! In fact it was a great honour to be asked particularly as the day was all about my favourite subject, Learning Management Systems:

English as a Second Language (ESL) from GlobalEnglish adding business benefits to Global Organisations

‘English as a Second Language’ is not new. In fact the business world has debated the topic many times in the past but we’re starting to reach a point where many major multi-national, global organisations recognise the need to provide adequate English language training for their global workforce. In many of these organisations those with English as their natural language often represent less than 10% of the workforce, so the need is significant.

Trainer skills for virtual classrooms (2)

The third article on our sequence on web conferencing – virtual classrooms takes us into the classroom. Clive Shepherd speaks with the voice of experience with many practical hours of virtual delivery behind him.

Thriving in adversity – doing more with less

The Institute of IT Training’s National Conference and Exhibition attracted nearly 200 learning and development professionals hungry to network and gather ideas to help them thrive in times of adversity and deliver more with less.

L&D 2020: the future of workplace learning

The aim of the L&D 2020 project is to explore how Learning & Development in organisations might change over the next five to ten years, particularly focusing on the implications for L&D professionals.

Towards Maturity Benchmark for Third Sector

The importance of skills in Third Sector organisations, together with their need to improve efficiency in the current economic climate has meant that a significant number of charities, not for profit and voluntary organisations are turning to learning technology to help deliver more skills but with less resources.

Building Foundations for Growth at the Priory Group

Over the past 4 years, Toward Maturity have been tracking the progress of the Priory Group’s journey with e-learning. Priory Group is one of Europe’s leading providers of independent mental health care for acute, secure, rehabilitation and specialist educational services. It depends on the skills of a huge diversity of staff ranging from clinicians to chefs, which present a daunting learning and development challenge.

MODNet Launch – a cutting edge Work Based Learning network

We were very pleased to be amongst representatives of over 200 business, public and voluntary organisations who were present at the employer launch of MODNet, the Middlesex organisational Development Network (Thursday 17 September) hosted by the Institute of Work Based Learning at the Middlesex University.

Using Technology to make a difference with 360 Degree Feedback

We’re seeing learning technologies being applied in many different creative ways across businesses, large and small, and in all sectors, public and private. This white paper + case study, from Track Surveys, provides insight into how technology is being used effectively for 360 degree feedback and why this approach is better than the alternatives.

What every L&D professional needs to know about e-learning

Technology has already transformed our personal and business lives, but its impact on learning and development has been patchy. Yes, e-learning has grown steadily, but only a few of its possibilities have been exploited and far too few trainers feel they have any role to play in its usage. Towards Maturity Enterprises Ltd has launched a new booklet, What every learning and development professional needs to know about e-learning, to help remedy this situation.

More than Instructional Design – course review

I have to admit that I have not been on a face to face workshop now in over 8 years – most of my learning in the field of e-learning has come from research, case studies, conferences and the good fortune to personally know some amazing experts.

Unionlearn-a hidden asset to support workplace e-learning adoption?

In the middle of July this year, I found myself at the TUC’s head office in London amongst 200 union officers and members, MPs and other guests. It was one of those hot summer evenings (remember them?!) and the room was full of people passionate about their cause – none more so than Liz Smith OBE, who’s retirement had brought us together. 

ACS’s use of 3D virtual environments in corporate learning

Much has been written about the potential of virtual worlds in business learning but there are few examples of good practice that highlight how it can make a difference and where it fits in with other learning interventions such as role play, online virtual classroom, online content. It is clearly not just a platform for serious games.

Dealing with fraudulent applications at Identity & Passport Service

Shortlisted for ‘Blended Learning Solution of the Year’ at the WOLCE Awards in November 2008, receiving a ‘Special Mention Commendation’ at the e-learning awards 2008 for “Excellence in the production of learning content” and now the winner of the UK National Training Award, this case study provides a fascinating insight into a complex blended learning programme dealing with sensitive subject matter, large scale implementation with many first time users.

Centre for iso9000 Global Delivery of Quality Management

Achieving quality with proven quality management is always essential but never more so than when times are tough. This has led to a surge in business for a global provider of ISO 9000 consultancy and training. Increased volume of business meant more staff were needed world-wide, quickly. The only way to deliver a consistent quality is to use internal experts to deliver on-line lessons.

Implementing Social Learning

If you are wondering how to implement social learning in your organisation – how to get staff to share their experiences with their peers online – then it is well worth listening to the Learning Curve (BBC Radio 4 with Peter Day), which was broadcast on 30th July 09 as part of the In Business Series.

5 Tips for Beating the Credit Crunch with e-learning

Delivering ‘More for Less’ is the key issue right now for Learning & Development and Business professionals. It’s been a core theme for Towards Maturity as evidenced from our own Benchmark Review, the Masie Centre recent ‘Barometer Findings’ and the recent research survey from LMMatters and Training Zone into budget trends.

John Hayes MP interview with the BILD

Early in July Karen Velasco of the British Institute for Learning and Development interviewed John Hayes Shadow Minister for Lifelong Learning, Further and Higher Education. The aim was to discover how the Conservative view of skills development differed from that of Labour, particularly within times of recession.

Institute of IT Training – new award announced

The Institute of IT Training are inviting organisations to enter their prestigious awards and  have included 2 new awards that will be of interest to organisations and individuals who would like recognition for their innovation in learning and development

Performance Zone – the heart of online learning at Bupa

Earning a ‘Special Mention Commendation’ for ‘Most Innovative Application of Learning Technology’ in the 2008 e-learning Awards, this case study explores how an innovative approach has connected ‘learning to performance’ at Bupa delivering benefits to individuals and the business.

Liverpool’s taxi drivers learn on the move

This great little video , posted by Tribal on YouTube recently is a wonderful example of how creative use of technology, together with the personal touch ( in this case, encouragement and support by one of the 22,000 Union learn reps) can deliver learning right at the point of need.

How would you rate your web conferencing skills?

Towards Maturity research over the past 4 years has highlighted that tools such as virtual classrooms and web conferencing are being used by over 45% of organisations who are investing in learning technologies.

Introducing e-learning to SABMiller

Over the past 20 years SABMiller has grown rapidly from its original South African base into a truly global player. Today the organisation is the world’s 2nd largest brewer, with brewing interests or major distribution agreements in over 60 countries spread across six continents.

Introducing web conferencing

Towards Maturity research shows that web conferencing tools are growing rapidly in popularity with employers and learning providers. The Driving Business Benefits report highlighted that web conferencing has increased and is in use by 62% of businesses that we surveyed.

Harnessing Team Strengths and L&D Evolving at AXA

Winner of the ‘e-learning internal project team of the year’ award at the e-learning Awards 2008, and also winning the silver award at the Institute of IT Training Awards for Internal Training Project of the Year, this case story clearly demonstrates the impact that a newly formed team had on delivering e-learning throughout the AXA Group by demonstrating a clear understanding of users, how to secure their engagement and retain their attention.

Special Offer for Informatology event

This year’s Informatology Forum Learning and Development Conference from the 23rd – 25th of June provides an opportunity meet with experts and discuss learning and development challenges with your counterparts.

Conference round up BILD Event – Virtual Environments

It seems that wherever you turn right now the ‘hot topic’ in the field of Learning Technologies is the use of Virtual Worlds (or Environments) and Serious Games and the latest BILD (The British Institute for Learning & Development) Connect Event held on Wednesday 13th Mat 2009 at the Museum of Army Flying, was no exception!

A judge’s perspective on how to win awards

I have been judging awards now for nearly 10 years and it is an incredible privilege as it provides a fantastic insight into the diversity of learning innovation and activity taking place n the workplace today.

Award season comes around again

The main HR and Training award season is upon us again and once again Towards Maturity is proud to be one of the headline sponsors for the e-learning awards run by Bizmedia – it is great to be part of an industry opportunity to share success and inspire others.

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