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What does the QIA excellence gateway offer the FE system?

The QIA Excellence Gateway offers the further education system a number of key features to encourage self-improvement for all those involved in further education. The Towards Maturity Project supports the service by sharing good practice to ensure success of e-learning in the work place.(More )

Positive Podcasting

There’s been a surge of interest recently in podcasting among learning and development professionals. Behind the hype, though, hard information seems hard to find. Donald H Taylor,one of the Towards Maturity Virtual Advisorty Members, outlines some ways to get started and make your mark with podcasting on TrainingZone.

What is the QIA Excellence Gateway?

The Towards Maturity e-learning project is interested in improving the effectiveness of e-learning in the workplace. But it is not just about supporting those who are implementing e-learning in their place of work but also those who are providing work based learning programmes to employers from both the commercial and public sector.

Department of Work and Pensions

The Department for Work and Pensions has been undergoing a wide ranging modernisation programme aiming to produce over 100 hours of online content.

Defining e-learning

There are many broad interpretations about what e-learning is and isn’t. In this project we are keen to uncover all of the opportunities that technology provides to assist learning in any form.

UKI Partnerships introduce eNVQs for contact centre staff

UKI Partnerships, part of RBS Insurance is an extraordinary business. From its inception in 2000, it has grown rapidly to become one of the country’s leading general insurance and motoring assistance partnership providers, serving millions of customers in partnership with brand leaders across all the major sectors.

Free guide to podcasting

Kineo and Ufi, have produced a free guide for those new to podcasting that explores the potential of podcasting. It covers:

Finding e-learning suppliers

There are many providers of e-learning products, services and expertise who specialise in delivering learning in the workplace.  But when you are new to e-learning, finding them is another matter.

Crown Prosecution Service

Over the past 2 years, the Crown Prosecution Service has embarked on a rigorous and radical course of modernisation to unlock its employees’ potential and transform both the reality and perception of the CPS by moving away from traditional classroom teaching towards a blended approach to learning and education. In particular, the potential of technology has been harnessed through the development of online learning, and the introduction of the Prosecution College.

BT – mobile learning for field engineers

This case study looks at how BT addressed the challenges of providing and monitoring learning for 30,000 field engineers. It looks at the challenges that were addressed in meeting the needs of a dispersed audience and outlines the practicalities of using the mobile phone to provide and assess learning. BT were shortlisted in the e-learning awards 2006 for this implementation

Towards Maturity: 2007 Annual Benchmark Report

Three out of four employers who use e-learning for staff training plan to significantly increase their use of informal networks over the next three years, according to e-skills UK research into e-based learning published today. The research was undertaken on behalf of the Skills for Business network of 25 Sector Skills Councils.

The Priory Group

The Priory Group and their partner Information Transfer were the winners of the ‘Widening participation in e-learning’ e-learning award (Nov 2006) and the winners of ‘elearning project of the Year’ from the Institute of IT training (Feb 2007).

Successful Learning Strategies

Strategy is a key element in any successful learning and performance improvement programme. The Towards Maturity research highlighted that mature users of e-learning in the workplace are more likely to have a learning strategy aligned to business goals and will have a range of plans in place to encourage adoption and sustainability. 

Whitbread EL-Box Boxing Clever

Following the introduction of the National Certificate for Licences, this innovative programme, using the el-box tablet PC developed by Creative Learning Media for Brewers Fayre pubs in the Whitbread Group, reflects a high level of audience sensitivity with 86% out of 9,600 staff now preferring this method of learning.

Safeway Stores

In 2001, Safeway Stores identified £100m revenue as “lost” or unaccounted. The business set a target to reduce this figure by £40m in the following year, by improving stock management skills in stores.

Polymers Pilot Project

This genuinely pioneering development, developed over a number of years, exploring the use of online learning in a factory-floor environment combined with online assessment leading to recognised qualifications, makes for an insightful case study.


When ntl, the UK’s leading broadband company, wanted to update its online induction programme in line with its professional, progressive, innovative image, it opted for TATA Interactive Systems’ revolutionary, intuitive interface approach which not only caters for individuals’ preferred learning styles but also gives them the responsibility and motivation for succeeding in their learning task. More details….

University on the Shop Floor

In common with many manufacturing sectors, the ceramic industry is undergoing significant restructuring to adapt to the challenges of modern global competition.

e-learning at work – systematic literature review

Learning Light, a member of the work based e-learning project advisory network has completed a systematic literature review of the research that has been conducted in the use of learning technologies in the workplace. Their aim is to identify any gaps for future research.  In particular they are trying to answer the following questions: 

RBS: Impact of new technologies on staff training, learning and development – Interview with Jim McLaughlin

This interview investigates how Jim McLaughlin (Head of Learning for the Royal Bank of Scotland Group) is using technologies and how they are impacting both training and development, staff and learners within the group.  He outlines how they are exploring new technologies such as blogs, virtual classrooms, Ipods etc to address different needs via an approach of trial and experimentation.

Cable & Wireless

Cable & Wireless Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies operating in 33 countries.

Alpha Airports Group

Alpha Airports group is a global provider of in-flight catering and airport retailing and need to ensure that all staff are aware of stringent security requirements and can follow operational procedures effectively.

Hilton International Inc

This study shows how, by utilising the online Corporate Learning Service (GlobalEnglish), the hotel chain significantly improved employees ability to communicate in English (reading, writing, listening and speaking).

Virtual Centre of Learning Excellence ( Manufacturing in NE)

The aim of the Virtual Centre of Learning Excellence (VCLE) is to provide flexible learning opportunities for employees and students in technology related industries and to facilitate the exchange of information, resources and best practice between learning providers and industry employers


BMW have applied learning technologies across to provide personalised learning from NVQ and technical certificates for in house apprenticeship programmes to new product updates for sales and technical staff across their dealership.

Frontline – elearning for customer support

Whilst we completed this study in 2006, I have still not seen very many programmes that compare with the Frontline blended learning approach which includes in the innovative use of mixed media in a learning programme specifically designed to address behavioural change. Many say that online media are just not suitable for encouraging new attitudes and behaviours but this study proves them wrong! 

NHS Information Authority

Detailed case study covering 60,000 staff who accessed the NHS portal for basic IT ECDL skills training with an increase in staff morale, confidence and capability. Saving time, with 66% transfer of benefits to patients and an overall ROI improvement of 251%.


Charles Jennings, Global Head of Learning at Reuters, is transforming the way that Reuters looks at learning. The following items review the move to a process based learning that focuses on performance and capability rather than the delivery of learning events.

literature review e-assessment

Assessment systems drive the education system and whilst technology was touching many aspects of learning, it seems that the assessment system still is fixed by pen and paper.

Linking Learning to Business: Original 2004 Research

This is one of the original reports on successful e-learning implementation that contributed to the development of the Towards Maturity research findings. It explored the common business factors that contribute to e-learning success within european organisations. 15 successful organisations took part from diverse sectors and feedback was gathered from over 2000 learners within those businesses

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