Demonstrating Value

A key work stream in the Towards Maturity Framework

fw6-valueOrganisations mature in establishing a technology enabled learning strategy consistently report improved productivity, engagement, efficiency, and agility. Since 2003, thousands of benchmark participants have helped us identify the Towards Maturity Model, 6 key work streams of successful practice.

The last of the workstreams is Demonstrating Value, where top performing organisations are more likely to understand and highlight business impact by gathering feedback, measuring effectiveness in terms of business metrics and communicating benefits back to key stakeholders.

Why is it important?

Demonstrating value is a key element of alignment and critical for stakeholder engagement, it is about revisiting the objectives that are important to both leaders and learners and communicating the impact that you have made. Succcess breeds success, engagement breeds engagement.

It is not just about detailed Return on Investment, when budgets are tight, few can afford the luxury of scheduling a detailed study. However capturing annecdotal evidence can be just as powerful. Alternatively the Towards Maturity Benchmark figures can really help you demonstrate value at an early stage of your strategy – giving you reliable average figures to use directly in your business case.

This activity also helps to refine the learning offering. Yet half of all organisations fail to regularly cull outdated resources . Listen to feedback from your learners and look at the impact that L&D is having on the business objectives to help you understand where improvements can be made.

Quick wins:

If you are just getting started, follow these quick wins to help you improve the way that you demonstrate value in your organisation:

  • Many of the important benefits of a tech-enabled learning strategy are hard to quantify, but start bygathering feedback, not just from the learners, but from their line managers as well as to how learning points are being applied on the job – this will help in planning relevant and timely learning interventions
  • Feedback is a two-way process: make sure that your learners benefit from real-time feedback on their progress.

If you want to make further progress:

  • Enter industry awards – the process of articulating your story can really help you to define its success. Achievement will give a great boost to the L&D team and provide good news to share across the wider organisation
  • Top learning companies are using the information from learning analytics to improve the service they provide.


Continue to monitor your progress on alignment by revisiting your Towards Maturity Benchmark responses via the Towards Maturity Benchmark Centre.

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