Towards Maturity Framework

Based on six characteristics, the TM Framework is proven to underpin the business impact of learning

Over the years, we have identified six characteristics of effective practices which collectively entwine to help improve learning technology innovation and impact in the workplace. These six characteristics, known as the Towards Maturity Framework, form the basis of our Health Check process and are constantly reviewed with each study.

Each of these characteristics are essential in delivering impact and involve different activities and areas of focus:

How well do you understand business needs and prioritise business strategy?
How do you establish governance for learning in your organisation?

Do your learners have a proactive voice in your learning strategy?
Does your learning strategy offer them choice and motivation?

Are you aware of the external factors affecting success?
Are you taking active steps to influence them?

Have you got the skills and capability to enable learning?

Who do you work with to deliver your strategy?  How do you connect with them?

Do you develop a culture of continuous improvement?

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