Learner Intelligence

Identify and build a learning culture in your organisation

Through a facilitation process led by our experts (previously known as the Learning Landscape), we encourage your employees to reflect on how and where they learn, providing you with evidence to support and enhance continual learning.

How it works


We run a tailored, comprehensive study on learning in your organisation
  • We provide a comprehensive study for you to share with your organisation’s learners
  • This study challenges staff about their own perceptions of what learning is – both within and outside of the work environment – opening their minds to new ways of learning in the modern workplace.
  • We collect and aggregate the data confidentially
  • Our research will provide you with critical insights on your organisation and learners, data that is essential if you are looking to engage and understand your workforce
  • This helps mitigate risk when introducing new programmes or new models of learning and provides qualified information to support new learning technology strategies


Our team present a detailed analysis of the results and bring insight that supports decision-making
  • You will understand how and when staff currently learn what they need to do their job in both formal and informal contexts
  • You will receive insight into what is essential / very useful for staff to learn
  • You will be able to profile familiarity and engagement with digital media (e.g. apps, social sites)
  • You will have independent evidence to underpin your L&D business case and will be able to establish a baseline, prior to introducing change
  • You will understand what new skills are needed to help staff learn how to learn in a complex, agile world
  • You’ll receive insights into the influence of the wider learning ecosystem (the role of managers, L&D, peers)


We help you identify ways for supporting and enhancing continual learning
  • To inform the design of new learning and performance solutions
  • Establish buy-in to new learning initiatives
  • Open a conversation with business leaders, staff and managers about new learning approaches


employees have contributed to Towards Maturity Learner Intelligence

Compare your organisation

Over 50,000 learners have contributed to Towards Maturity Learner Intelligence since it started. This means that we can directly compare your insights with those of other top performing organisations and help you use the data-based evidence to support and enhance continual learning.

“We were delighted with our results - a global Learning Landscape showed us how important learning was to our employees and how to support them better.”

Lynne Rutherford
Group VP L&D, Brambles

"The data gave us valuable insight for our journey towards becoming a learner-centric organisation...the insights will help us craft our learning strategy going forward and prioritise our actions in times of limited resources and budgets."


Teresa Rose & Annett Irmer


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