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Premium members have unlimited access to our benchmarking features, premium research papers and extra resources in our Benchmark Centre.

With a free basic account, you receive a standard report, outlining:

  • Your performance indicators and where you compare with the top quartile performers and the average of the group
  • Your own Towards Maturity Index* (TMI) – a snapshot assessment of your current level of implementation maturity to compare against top quartile organisations and the average
  • Feedback on where you stand on each of the six Towards Maturity work streams compared with others

Basic users also have access to a wide range of free resources to help you get inspired and plan your next steps.

Upgrade to a premium account to also receive:

  • A detailed implementation report providing you with feedback against 19 specific activity areas within the model to help you fine tune your action plan
  • Tailored recommendations on actions to take for each activity area to help accelerate performance together with targeted resources to help you get there
  • An action planner to help you outline objectives and gather resources together to improve in each activity area
  • Detailed templates, hints and tips and how to guides to support action
  • The opportunity to download your action planner to help support your internal planning
  • The opportunity to retake the benchmark and compare results up to 6 times in a year to help monitor progress

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How does the Benchmark Centre work?

Benchmarking is a three-step process:

  • Step 1: Go to My Review to use our proven framework to reflect on your current L&D strategy
  • Step 2: On completion of your review, head to My Personalised Report to generate your report and compare results with top performing organisations
  • Step 3: Take action – My Action Plan in the Benchmark Centre helps you prioritise your next steps using feedback and resources

My Review

You are taken through a structured questionnaire that enables you to review your current results and implementation practices and compare your current levels of performance against others.

My Personalised Report

This area is step 2 of the benchmark process. Here, you can generate a Personalised Benchmark Report from your responses to the questions in My Review. Your Personalised Benchmark Report will help you compare your current performance and implementation activities with your peers.

My Action Plan

For premium users, you can dig deeper into this report and understand where you stand on 19 individual activity areas within the Towards Maturity Model. You will be provided with recommendations and resources to help you take action which you can then turn into your own personalised action plan.

Our Ambassadors

Our Supporters also influence Towards Maturity's Benchmark and research, providing insights on future trends and practices that should be investigated.

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