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Finance Sector Group – Next Meeting: 2:00pm, 6 October 2015, London

The overall aim of the benchmarking groups is to use informal and formal benchmarking in order to identify and address specific issues that relate to the sector in a focused way.

They focus on Alignment to business needs; Change management; Increasing Agility; Improving Performance and helping drive Transformation.

Why Join a Sector Benchmark Group?

Challenging market and economic conditions demand action that differentiates your performance and results from the norm. Experience proves that insight and learning from others’ success and challenges can deliver that differentiation.

95% of the sector are looking to:

  • Increase learning access and flexibility
  • Increase the on-going sharing of good practice
  • Improve induction process
  • Help implement new processes or new products
  • Provide a faster response to changing business conditions
  • Speed up and improve the application of learning back in workplace
  • Improve talent/performance management

Attendance supports business impact improvement, faster, prioritised decision making on strategic and tactical activities and includes an invaluable opportunity to network and learn from sector specific colleagues who have addressed challenges in a similar environment.

In each of the wider discussions, we will consider practical hints and tips on how to get started and how to overcome common challenges. Past agenda items have included:

  • The Aligned L&D Team
  • Shifting to new models of learning
  • Simplifying the learning offering
  • Transforming learning design
  • Communicities of practical & social learning
  • Understanding learner barriers to learning
  • Using mobile games to achieve performance excellence

Participants will have plenty of opportunity to draw on the collective wisdom of the group and the TM team will also be able to provide practical insights from the top learning companies from beyond the sector who have participated in the Towards Maturity Benchmark Study.

Laura Overton, Managing Director of Towards Maturity, will explore findings from the annual Benchmark Report and Finance Spotlight Reports.

A follow up paper will also be available to all Group Benchmark participants from the meetings that capture the practical insights and lessons learned from the event.

One of the original participants of the forum, Laura Pettitt, Head of L&D at Bupa International, comments:
‘Our organisation has used the Towards Maturity Benchmark to help us independently establish strong foundations for a learning strategy that will underpin future business success. As a member of the Towards Maturity Finance Benchmark Group we are looking forward to working with others in our sector to learn and grow together. My intention is that through collaboration of good practice, we become a driving force throughout our industry as well as beyond, in terms of what world class L&D looks like.’

Laura Overton, MD at Towards Maturity, said:
‘Over the last ten years, the finance sector has formed the largest group in the Towards Maturity Benchmark to formally compare their learning practices with their peers. These improved findings are shared in the new “Spotlight on Finance Report” which will be free to all participants at the Benchmark forum. This benchmark forum provides an informal environment for participants to share practical hints and tips to help each other get started and overcome common challenges. We are pleased to be able to draw upon these significant insights from the good practices uncovered by the formal benchmark process and the collective wisdom of the benchmarking group without re-inventing the wheel.’


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