Towards Maturity adheres to specific rules of conduct, which include strict confidentiality rules in survey administration and reporting. 

What happens to your data once you have completed a Towards Maturity Benchmark?

We appreciate that you are sharing confidential data about your organisation in order to benchmark your progress with others. Towards Maturity operates a strict confidentiality policy to protect participants in our benchmark research:

  • We do not share information on your organisation’s benchmark data with any 3rd party (including our trusted partners).
  • Outside of Towards Maturity, the only people who will see your personalised benchmark report will be you and those you chose to share that information with.

We use your information to help build a picture of a wider industry benchmark but our policy is to ensure that your data cannot be traced back to any individual or individual organisation.

  • The only exception to this is where you have explicitly given us permission to use a quote that you have provided within one of our reports.
  • Our research readers like to know about the organisations who have participated in a report but we only list the names of organisations who have explicitly given us permission to name them. The participant list is included in the appendix so that data in the report cannot be traced back to individual participants.

We are regularly asked to analyse our industry benchmark data in fresh ways (for example in a sector report):

To maintain anonymity, we do not publish reports with fewer than 10 participants so that contributions remain and cannot be traced back to individual organisations.

We do not share your email address with any other organisation for marketing purposes unless permission is granted.

For example if you download a report from our site that is specifically sponsored by one of our partners we will share your email address and name with the partner, in that instance we will clearly inform you at the point of download that your email address only will be shared with the sponsor supporting the report. You have the option to request a report without the sharing your email address.

What happens to data gathered through the Learning Landscape Audit?

During the Learning Landscape Audit, Towards Maturity collects data directly from learners working with and for individual organisations via a link distributed directly by their L&D team. In gathering this data:

Respondents cannot be identified by their responses:
  • Data is gathered from employees anonymously via a secure link 
  • No member of participating companies has access to information that can identify employees individually.
Responses are reported only at the workgroup and company overall levels, and are not broken out at the individual level:
  • No reports have information about individual employees or information that enables a manager to determine individual responses.
All reports contain totals for the group only:
  • To protect each individual’s confidentiality, a report will not be generated for groups with fewer than thirty respondents.

Occasionally, if requested by the participating organisation(s), respondents may have the option to provide their email address if they want to be contacted by their internal L&D team. This data is not used by Towards Maturity and is deleted prior to analysis.

The option to participate is completely voluntary. However, participation provides an opportunity for respondents’ voices to be heard in order to create a more useful learning environment.

Towards Maturity also analyses individual data across companies to provide industry benchmarks. In this situation individual respondents and participating companies remain confidential:

  • Data is sampled across participating companies to maintain company anonymity
  • Individual respondent anonymity is maintained as above
  • We do not report on samples less than 30 

If you have any questions about our confidentiality policy, please contact us at [email protected]

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