Embedding Change at West Midlands Police

Embedding Change at West Midlands Police

West Midlands police force serves a population of almost 2.8 million. With a shrinking force dealing with increasing demand, a real change needed to happen if the officers were to remain effective in their roles.

E-combating disease in sub-Saharan Africa

E-combating disease in sub-Saharan Africa

This article describes how The Medical Research Council developed a bespoke e-learning curriculum for frontline workers at the research unit in The Gambia (MRCG) involved in combating disease in West Africa.

Leadership Excellence in Disaster Response

Leadership Excellence in Disaster Response

Leadership in response to humanitarian disasters is one of the most significant factors in helping rescue and recovery amongst traumatised communities, often in situations of considerable individual danger.

Building on Strong Foundations at the Priory Group

For the past eight years, Foundations for Growth (FfG), a blended corporate learning programme, has empowered specialist care provider Priory to deliver comprehensive and effective staff training, and to achieve outstanding business benefits.

When e-learning becomes a matter of life and death!

Did you know that those not wearing seatbelts contribute to 30% of road deaths and the risk of death in a collision increases 4 fold?  Yet, despite being a legal requirement for 29 years, an estimated 5% of drivers still won’t buckle up, that’s almost 2 million UK drivers.

Barnardos delivers e-learning excellence

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This award winning case study of a top quartile performer demonstrates just how to achieve excellence on a limited budget!

Environmentally Friendly e-learning @ AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA PPP healthcare has been helping people to access healthcare services since 1940. Today it forms the UK healthcare arm of AXA and provides healthcare cover for individuals and employers, with around two million customers. It employs around 2,000 staff who work across six sites in Tunbridge Wells and an office in Leicester.

Legal & General talk about Minimising Fraud Risk via e-learning

As a Financial Services provider, Legal & General is an obvious target for financial crime. They must minimise the risk of fraud by ensuring that their employees are aware of fraud trends, are able to recognise criminal behaviours, methods and activities and know how to report fraudulent activity.

Minimising Fraud Risk @ Legal & General

As a Financial Services provider, Legal & General is an obvious target for financial crime. They must minimise the risk of fraud by ensuring that their employees are aware of fraud trends, are able to recognise criminal behaviours, methods and activities and know how to report fraudulent activity.

Securing global e-learning adoption at Aviva

The Business Protection team’ at Aviva were looking to communicate and monitor compliance with policies and standards relating to the way all employees conduct themselves at work. This was no mean feat given that Aviva is the world’s fifth-largest* insurance group and the largest insurance services provider in the UK with 54,000 employees serving over 50 million customers in 28 countries around the world.

Building 21st century L&D skills at Cheshire ICT Services

In this podcast, Julie Wedgwood, Julie Wedgwood Head of ICT Education Training and Development at Cheshire ICT Service outlines how her learning and development team built their skills and confidence with web 2.0 technologies to deliver improved learning services on a tiny budget.

Award Winning e-learning at E-FLI

When E-FLI collected the gold for Excellence in Production of Elearning Content – Private Sector at the 2009 E-Learning Awards, most people would have been excused for asking ‘who’? After all, this is a niche product built for a specific industry, and they were up against a host of well known names.

Re-engineering L&D for effective performance at Xerox Europe

In many areas, but particularly for professional sales people, Xerox had always had a great reputation for developing the best people and their training programme was envied by many, but there was an increased belief internally that perhaps they were living off that hard-earned reputation and that while the world around them had changed, perhaps the approach to learning and development hadn’t.

Discovering the IKEA Concept

Recently published by Brandon Hall in the US was a case study based on IKEA in partnership with LINE Learning & Communications, a regular contributor to the Towards Maturity website. Examples of previous contributions from LINE include the award winning case study with the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) and meeting the needs of a Pan-European Network via the Ford Foundation. 

Award winning e-learning at Citroen

Autonomy Multimedia won the Gold Award for the Best use of Rapid e-learning at the 2009 e-learning awards for their elegant business solution to a challenge at Citroen.

Congratulations to the e-learning award winners

The wait for many was over last night at the e-learning Awards 2009. At the glittering event in the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel, the who’s who of e-learning gathered at the event hosted once again by TV’s Angela Lamont.

The bottom line impact of success at NCALT

The National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) was established in April 2002 and is a collaboration between the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and the Metropolitan Police (MPS).

Evidence for change – October Update

In September Towards Maturity launched a research programme called ‘Evidence for Change’. This came about as a result of industry feedback to provide hard and fast facts to illustrate how learning technology can help to deliver greater efficiencies within the workplace and add real bottom line benefits to business.

Building Foundations for Growth at the Priory Group

Over the past 4 years, Toward Maturity have been tracking the progress of the Priory Group’s journey with e-learning. Priory Group is one of Europe’s leading providers of independent mental health care for acute, secure, rehabilitation and specialist educational services. It depends on the skills of a huge diversity of staff ranging from clinicians to chefs, which present a daunting learning and development challenge.

Evidence for Change

Over the years, our research has highlighted that effective use of learning technologies can significantly improve business agility.

Dealing with fraudulent applications at Identity & Passport Service

Shortlisted for ‘Blended Learning Solution of the Year’ at the WOLCE Awards in November 2008, receiving a ‘Special Mention Commendation’ at the e-learning awards 2008 for “Excellence in the production of learning content” and now the winner of the UK National Training Award, this case study provides a fascinating insight into a complex blended learning programme dealing with sensitive subject matter, large scale implementation with many first time users.

NCALT – award winning e-learning

In the 2008 e-learning Awards the National Centre of Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) achieved unprecedented success as winner of the ‘e-learning industry award for outstanding achievement – corporate’, Gold Winner for ‘Excellence in the Production of Learning Content’ and earning ‘Special Mention’ in the ‘Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption’.

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