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2018 Health Check Participants

In total, over 700 organisations provided complete data for the 2018 Health Check and did not withhold permission for us to publish their name, here are a selection:

Baillie Gifford & Co
Barrow Training
BMI Healthcare
Brambles Ltd
British Council (East Asia)
British Safety Council
The Clancy Group
CLIC Sargent
Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company
Community Integrated Care
D’Ieteren Auto
Diebold Nixdorf

The Exeter
Fantastic Furniture
Great Places Housing Group
Guild Care
Hitachi Capital
Hood Group
IBM Global Cloud
IQ Student Accommodation
John Lewis
Kibble Education and Care Centre
Link Group Ltd
Metropolitan Police
The Orders of St John Care Trust
RCI Financial Services

Ricoh UK
Royal Mail Group
Sky Ireland
SQT Training
Staffordshire Police
Terrance Higgins Trust
Toyota Ireland
Transport Accident Commission
UK Power Networks
University of Southampton
Students’ Union
ViiV Healthcare
Vivergo Fuels Ltd
World Bank’s Independent
Evaluation Group

L&D needs to create the discipline of thinking ‘evidence’ – it changes the way we manifest ourselves in our organisation and helps us justify what we are doing and why. Always be evidence based and justify what you’re doing based on real data, not phoney data.

Charles Jennings

As a new L&D Manager for the organisation, the benchmark gives me a real focus on priorities to achieve over the coming year.

Senior HR Manager

(2016), Anon

L&D needs to create the discipline of thinking ‘evidence’ – it changes the way we manifest ourselves in our organisation and helps us justify what we are doing and why. Be evidence based and always justify what you’re doing based on real data, not phoney data.

Nigel Paine

A change orientated leader and international speaker with a unique grasp of media, learning and development

For M&S to get the insight from how we benchmark against different organisations and from within our own industry is critical, so we can utilise it and look at the areas where we can move on. We have done a number of different things differently since benchmarking with Towards Maturity. We now increasingly recognise that we’re doing some really good things and it’s good to share these with people. It’s really motivating for the L&D team to realise that they’re getting things right!

Jane Daly

Head of Head Office Learning & Development, Marks & Spencer

The questions would appear to form the best ever best practice guide!

Design Manager, Finance Firm, UK (2015)

Taking time out to reflect, benchmark and talk to like minded L&D experts is a must.

Head of Training and Development (2016)

Sometimes, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’…this has helped with that!

Director L&D, Logistics Firm, USA (2015)

Our organisation has used the Towards Maturity Benchmark to help us independently establish strong foundations for a learning strategy that will underpin future business success. As a member of the Towards Maturity Finance Benchmark Group we are looking forward to working with others in our sector to learn and grow together.

Laura Pettitt

Head of Learning, Bupa International (2013)

I find the Benchmark results thought provoking and a great source of ideas for performance improvement. The learning technologist is often quite a lone specialist role within organisations and the benchmarking allows me to make a comparison with the real world and to just stop for a moment to sanity check that I’m delivering tangible business benefits.

Mike Booth

Learning Technologies Manager, Cable&Wireless (2012)

Towards Maturity’s Benchmarking process provides the most comprehensive assessment of where we are in comparison with other companies who are using or planning to use online learning. The results are not the only useful part of it though. Just completing the benchmark focuses the mind to areas you may need to address, and provides ideas of other possible alternatives you may not have considered.

Matt Brewer

Technology Training Consultant, Chubb Insurance Company and ELN Board Member (2012)

Anyone with a remit for learning and development who is expected to deliver more for less will find the benchmark study one of the most effective uses of their time!

Gwyneth Page

Learning Modernisation Manager, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (2013)

Completing the Benchmark has made me critically analyse the “big picture” of the organisation.

Benchmark Participant, UK Health Sector (2014)

The quality of Bechmark questions gave me reflective moments as to how we can improve what we do here as I realised my answers highlighted gaps I could fill, and this was very much appreciated as a side benefit of taking part.

Linda Al Ansari

Manager Learning Technologies, Emirates Dubai (2012)

We strive to be leading the market in our approach to L&D. There are so many changes happening in the market right now, the benchmark enables us to challenge our thinking and be truly objective in our review of where we are today. We really value the survey and its findings, as we learn what is happening across all industries, not just IT Telecoms.

Paul Morgan

Head of L&D, Telefónica UK (2015)

If learning professionals aspire to be world class they have to be willing to constantly improve. Benchmarking is an essential business tool required to achieve this and one that is not used often enough in learning.The Towards Maturity Benchmark opens an opportunity for us all to get involved

Peter Butler

Learning Director, Lloyds Banking Group (2016)

The Towards Maturity Benchmark shows we need to work SMARTER

HR Director

(2016), Anon

Benchmarking in its broadest sense is learning from experience…you can’t copy what others are doing, but you can be inspired by them. I’m a big fan of Towards Maturity benchmarking. It gives you a taste of reality, sometimes the results are a bit disappointing when we see that we haven’t moved on a year. But this is the sort of information you might just need to hear so you can get the motor going again!

Clive Shepherd

Workplace learning and development specialist, Onlignment

The Towards Maturity Benchmark was a great exercise and has given me some clear thoughts about what I need to do to raise the bar.

Rob Hughes

2 Sisters Food Group, UK (2015)

I am kicking myself hard for not using this when I first stepped into my role. I had contributed to the Towards Maturity Benchmark before but with my head down, focused on transforming the learning organisation, I missed a great opportunity to make my life easier and the team even more effective. I won’t make that mistake again!

Simon Gosney

National Head of Learning & Development, NHS Direct (2013)

We have worked with Towards Maturity for many years. Its benchmark research contributes significantly to the understanding of learning technologies in the workplace. As e.learning age celebrates its 10th birthday we’re pleased we are set to continue and develop our relationship for the benefit of the e-learning profession.

Clive Snell

Managing Director, Bizmedia

“The more you benchmark the more data you have to share and so keep doing it. The more data that I have, if I use it as feedback, then if I surround myself with feedback both me and my organisation can only get better. Thank you.”

Head of Training and Development (2016)

I am kicking myself hard for not using this when I first stepped into my role. I had contributed to the Towards Maturity Benchmark before but with my head down, focused on transforming the learning organisation, I missed a great opportunity to make my life easier and the team even more effective. I won’t make that mistake again!

Kelly Thomas

Global Head of Sales & Service Learning, Thompson Reuters (2012)

Towards Maturity’s benchmark makes you think about what we are really doing.  Be brave and be honest. It will help you focus on areas where you can see quick wins, longer term development opportunities and it might even reassure you that you’re doing things really well!

Niall Gavin

Group Head of Technology Assisted Learning, First Group plc

I enjoyed the Benchmark process as it creates pause to reflect and consider what is working, what isn’t and what are we going to do differently, or focus on in the coming months.

Sue Davis

Head of Learning & Development, Travelex Limited Australia (2014)

For some years we have been working on ambitious projects to roll out learning across all of our ever changing markets. It is important to review good practices both internally and outside of our own organisation – The Towards Maturity Automotive Benchmark helps us to do just that.

Sann René Glaza

Senior Manager, Customer Service Training, Toyota Motor Europe (2013)

Nothing beats the Towards Maturity Benchmark for useful data on the use of learning technologies at work. If you want to find out how to build innovative learning that delivers results, make sure you contribute, too.

Donald H Taylor

Chairman, Learning & Skills Group

Definitely do it, because at the very least, it will get you thinking differently – and at the very best, it will get you thinking about, ‘How can I actually move forward and embed this knowledge in the wider learning and development strategy moving forwards?’

Hesketh Emden

Head of Training, Development & Leadership (Talent), NHS Property Services

I found the benchmarking process really useful. It will be very helpful to know how our activities compare with others so that we can build on our strengths and improve our weaknesses

Alison Potter

E-Learning Programme Manager, NHS Education South Central

Thank you very much for the comprehensive and thought provoking questions that will greatly assist in the discussions with the L&D depts

Competency Specialist (2016)

Completing the Benchmark gives me some time to think about where we are at with our use of technology and where we want to go. It really helps to shape our learning strategy, as well as helping us to demonstrate the value and benefit of the investment made.

Velda Barnes

Head of L&D, Addaction, UK (2015)

I feel I am at the start of a changing the learning culture within my organisation – this is exciting but anxiety ridden too. This type of initiative will be very helpful for me.

Charity sector (2016)

Questions asked in this survey should form part of the questions we ask ourselves.

L&D Commissioner (2016)

Just like others who work in a fast paced organisation, I never feel like I have the time to complete surveys like this.  After 20 minutes, I found myself taking a screen shot of a particular list of questions to prompt discussion with peers in the T&D Leadership team.  The Towards Maturity questions in this study and my response highlights that we have some areas that need addressing to leadership and our T&D strategy!

Lee Jones

Head of Training & Development Design, Virgin Media (2013)

Although it is challenging to complete the Benchmark I find the review gives me an objective insight I wouldn’t otherwise have had and it helps me identify areas requiring focus.

Claire Line

Learning Technologies Manager, Hogan Lovells International LLP (2013)

First Group has participated in the TM Benchmark over the last 5 years and the continual review process helps us to challenge our thinking and track our progress both internally and against our peers. The Towards Maturity Model has helped us to focus on supporting the strategic priorities of our business.

Niall Gavin

Group Head of L&D, First Group (2013)

I have found this whole experience vastly beneficial, and the report highly useful. It allows time to reflect on where we are versus where we need to go. In many ways the points brought out by the report are already under discussion, however, it does put the spotlight on what we can do to improve our strategy.

Karen Webb

L&D Manager, Birketts LLP (2014)

We’ve been using the benchmark for a number of years to help us reflect on our strategy and implementation plans and time spent benchmarking is time well spent. The personalised report has helped us refine our approach to modernising learning in the council and provided practical actions that really increased engagement and saved us time.

Wendy Henry

OD Team Leader, Lincolnshire CC (2013)

We have used the Towards Maturity Benchmark to help us set our ongoing learning strategy for a number of years now. It helps us track progress and it always provokes discussion and ideas, helping you open up new conversations within the business.

Karen Smout

Learning Solutions Lead, Surrey County Council (2013)

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