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Learning Health Check 2019

Towards Maturity are delighted to invite you to take part in our new and improved Learning Health Check. It’s faster, smarter and has even more impactful questions.

Our Health Check is considered one of the most comprehensive independent reviews of how organisations are establishing successful learning strategies in the workplace.

Simply set aside just 40 minutes to reflect on your learning accomplishments and aspirations. Whatever your starting point, we analyse where you are now by uniquely benchmarking your strategic and learner intelligence with our insights on top performing organisations, providing you with the insights that deliver real impact to your organisation.

What is the Towards Maturity Learning Health Check?

The Health Check is the process of benchmarking your business processes and comparing performance metrics with those of other organisations. The Towards Maturity Health Check specifically measures the performance of your L&D strategy by guiding you through a series of questions about your learning offering and impact. It is an invaluable reflective process, providing actionable insights to improve the impact of your strategy.

A Health Check provides the evidence you need to influence the business in regards to the learning culture. Evidence is vital to backing up a case for change and even more powerful when internal data is being compared with data from top performing organisations. With the Towards Maturity Health Check, you can see how your strategy compares with organisations in your sector and shape your L&D strategy using tactics that work.

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Let’s talk…

If you would like further information or assistance with the Health Check, please email [email protected]

Previous Towards Maturity Health Check participants include…

“The L&D team at Citi needed to reinvent how learning at Citi happens and modernise the L&D function – Towards Maturity’s Benchmark gave us credible insights in order to deliver a compelling business case to C-suite of the company.

The report was also a valuable asset when it came to awards – revisiting our Benchmark helped us track progress and hone our award submissions.”

Brian Murphy

Head of Learning and Leadership Development, Citi


Say our Health Check process gave them new ideas for improving their learning strategy

What people say about our Health Check

“If learning professionals aspire to be world class, they have to be willing to constantly improve. Benchmarking is an essential business tool required to achieve this and one that is not used often enough in learning.The Towards Maturity Benchmark opens an opportunity for us all.”

Peter Butler, Learning Director, Lloyds Banking Group

“The Towards Maturity Benchmark was a great exercise and has given me some clear thoughts about what I need to do to raise the bar.”

Rob Hughes, 2 Sisters Food Group

“Completing the Benchmark gives me some time to think about where we are at with our use of technology and where we want to go. It really helps to shape our learning strategy, as well as helping us to demonstrate the value and benefit of the investment made.”

Velda Barnes, Addaction UK

Making the Health Check possible

The Towards Maturity Health Check is free each year, thanks to the support of our strategic partner the CIPD, our publishing partner Emerald Global Publishing and our Ambassadors, who share our passion for ensuring that great independent research is freely available to all.

Our Supporters also feed into the benchmark process by providing insights on future trends and practices that should be investigated within the study. By sharing our values for effective learning innovation, we work together to influence industry change.

More information

  • All data gathered as part of the benchmarking process is entirely confidential.
  • Data analysis commences immediately after the close of the 2018-19 Health Check
  • Usage of Towards Maturity Learning Health Check is subject to our terms and conditions.

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