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The overall aim of the benchmarking groups is to use informal and formal benchmarking in order to identify and address specific issues that relate to the sector in a focused way.
They focus on Alignment to business needs; Change management; Increasing Agility; Improving Performance and helping drive Transformation.

More information on sector groups:
Overview: Sector Benchmarking Groups
Professional Services Group
Automotive Industry Group
Finance Group
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Why Join a Sector Benchmark Group?
Challenging market and economic conditions demand action that differentiates your performance and results from the norm. Experience proves that insight and learning from others’ success and challenges can deliver that differentiation.
Automotive manufacturers are looking for achievement across a really broad range of business goals. They want to improve programme impact, alignment to business, training efficiency, workforce productivity, customer satisfaction – the list is comprehensive.
Top business goals (cited by over 93% of respondents):
  • Increase learning access and flexibility (98%)
  • Improve customer satisfaction (96%)
  • Increase the on-going sharing of good practice (96%)
  • Improve staff satisfaction to aid retention and motivation (96%)
  • Increase ability to adapt programme to individual need/context (93%)
  • Speed up and improve the application of learning back in workplace (93%)
  • Develop a better-qualified workforce (93%)
  • Help implement new processes or new products (93%)
The least important drivers are:
  • 80% comply with new regulations and legal requirements
  • 78% support organisational change
  • 67% Inform our customers and suppliers of new products and services
  • 67% help implement new IT systems
The reality tells a different story, however, with fewer than half achieving the business goals they seek. Indeed, for some of these goals, the proportion falls to only one-third. Does this suggest a lack of focus or prioritisation? Are expectations unrealistic, or do some of those in L&D fail to keep their end goal in mind when they get into the detail of the day-to-day training activity?
The potential benefit for technology-enabled learning is clear, but the challenge is to consistently achieve these goals and close the gap between expectation and reality. Business goals that are not achieved, or are only achieved in part represent a considerable risk to the organisation.
Only 33% are seeing the benefit of learning technologies to help support organisational change
Only 37% are using IT successfully to push updated information to customer-facing staff – the end learner – at the point of need
Only 28% have increased the ongoing sharing of good practice as a result!
Attendance supports business impact improvement, faster, prioritised decision making on strategic and tactical activities and includes an invaluable opportunity to network and learn from sector specific colleagues who have addressed challenges in a similar environment.
In each of the wider discussions, we will consider practical hints and tips on how to get started and how to overcome common challenges.
Participants will have plenty of opportunity to draw on the collective wisdom of the group and the TM team will also be able to provide practical insights from the top learning companies from beyond the sector who have participated in the Towards Maturity Benchmark Study.
Laura Overton, Managing Director of Towards Maturity, will explore findings from the annual Benchmark Report and Automotive Report. 

A follow up paper will also be available to all Group Benchmark participants from the meetings that capture the practical insights and lessons learned from the event.
Laura Overton, MD at Towards Maturity, said:

This benchmark forum provides an informal environment for participants to share practical hints and tips to help each other get started and overcome common challenges. We are pleased to be able to draw upon these significant insights from the good practices uncovered by the formal benchmark process and the collective wisdom of the benchmarking group without re-inventing the wheel.’
Benefits of Towards Maturity Industry Sector Benchmarking Groups 
Annual membership fee: £500
(Attendees are welcome to participate in the first meeting under no obligation in order to experience the benefits of networking with sector group peers as well as learning about the benefits of Benchmarking. An invoice for the annual membership will be issued prior to the following meeting. The membership is on an organisation basis rather than by person. Therefore a replacement delegate may attend if appropriate.)
Benefits Include: 
  • Membership to the Premium Benchmark Centre to keep track of personal action plans. This on-line benchmark centre gives 24/7 access to your personal benchmarking tool and over 200 resources. Value £600
  • 3x half-day facilitated benchmark review and networking sessions within 12 months for 1 delegate per company to collaborate on action areas, collective issues and concerns arising from the Benchmark. Value £600
  • Access to the Sector Benchmark Report providing sector specific insights into top quartile performance and sector wide opportunities. Value £200 each
  • A 10% discount on additional services from TM: Strategic Benchmark Review; Learning Landscape Audit; Enterprise Benchmarking implementations.
  • “Hot off the Press” results from the 2014/15 Benchmarking Study will be discussed specific to the sector as well as the wider sectors
  • Formal Benchmarking with senior level peers – personalised confidential feedback report as well as comparison of performance against peers and across the wider sector that identifies action areas
  • Access to the Annual Benchmark Report providing insight on L&D wide data and the ability to benchmark against top performers’ year on year
1. We continually bring new organisations into the Benchmarking community for an even more representative and credible sample
2. We understand the current issues and identify trends within that sector to be able to provide market intelligence
3. Participants share what works and what doesn’t for the wider benefit
4. We identify where we can help organisations further – advisory services opportunities/In-focus reports/further sector data analysis and insights/the most unto date information
5. We have an informal networking environment (under Chatham House rules) where connections can be made for future relationships, conversations and opportunities.
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More information on sector groups:

Overview: Sector Benchmarking Groups
Professional Services Group
Automotive Industry Group
Finance Group
Legal Group
Retail Group
IT Telecoms Group

How to joinGo to the shop and purchase your membership on-line or contact [email protected] or call +44 (0) 20 8542 2331.

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