e-learning a natural for those with Learning Disabilities

Winner of the Silver Award in the ‘Excellence in the Production of Learning Content – Not for Profit Sector’, this case study describes how the FPA (Family Planning Association in Northern Ireland), developed ‘All About Us’ – an interactive educational resource designed to improve access to appropriate structured information on sexual health and wellbeing for people with learning disabilities through the use of a simple, effective interactive learning tool.

Taste of Medicine providing Healthcare career opportunities

Winner of the Gold Award in the ‘Excellence in the Production of Learning Content – Not for Profit Sector’, this case study provides insight into St George’s, University of London ‘Widening Participation’ (WP) strategy, engaging with individuals at all stages of their educational development encouraging those from sectors of society currently under represented in Higher Education.

Dignity: The Heart of the RCN with e-learning

In June 2008, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) launched their ‘Dignity: at the heart of everything we do’ campaign because in the nursing profession, ‘Dignity’ is at the heart of everything they do and is clearly a vital component of nursing care.

Environmentally Friendly e-learning @ AXA PPP Healthcare

AXA PPP healthcare has been helping people to access healthcare services since 1940. Today it forms the UK healthcare arm of AXA and provides healthcare cover for individuals and employers, with around two million customers. It employs around 2,000 staff who work across six sites in Tunbridge Wells and an office in Leicester.

Minimising Fraud Risk @ Legal & General

As a Financial Services provider, Legal & General is an obvious target for financial crime. They must minimise the risk of fraud by ensuring that their employees are aware of fraud trends, are able to recognise criminal behaviours, methods and activities and know how to report fraudulent activity.

Securing global e-learning adoption at Aviva

The Business Protection team’ at Aviva were looking to communicate and monitor compliance with policies and standards relating to the way all employees conduct themselves at work. This was no mean feat given that Aviva is the world’s fifth-largest* insurance group and the largest insurance services provider in the UK with 54,000 employees serving over 50 million customers in 28 countries around the world.

Re-engineering L&D for effective performance at Xerox Europe

In many areas, but particularly for professional sales people, Xerox had always had a great reputation for developing the best people and their training programme was envied by many, but there was an increased belief internally that perhaps they were living off that hard-earned reputation and that while the world around them had changed, perhaps the approach to learning and development hadn’t.

Learning Technologies in 2010 – the definitive top 10 list

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to feel compelled to generate their list of ‘Top Ten Predictions’ for 2010 – or perhaps their Top Five or Top Seven! We didn’t want to feel left out so rather than compile another ‘Top Ten’ list we thought it might be fun to develop the ‘Definitive Top Ten’ list based on the thoughts and ramblings of many of those respected in the industry who are members of our ‘Community of Excellence’, sprinkled with some of our own insight.

Self managed learning – Engage or Die?

At Towards Maturity through the research we undertake and the work we do with many employers and training providers, we know that securing adoption and engagement are critical success factors in harnessing learning technologies for business benefit.

Discovering the IKEA Concept

Recently published by Brandon Hall in the US was a case study based on IKEA in partnership with LINE Learning & Communications, a regular contributor to the Towards Maturity website. Examples of previous contributions from LINE include the award winning case study with the Identity & Passport Service (IPS) and meeting the needs of a Pan-European Network via the Ford Foundation. 

The bottom line impact of success at NCALT

The National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) was established in April 2002 and is a collaboration between the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and the Metropolitan Police (MPS).

English as a Second Language (ESL) from GlobalEnglish adding business benefits to Global Organisations

‘English as a Second Language’ is not new. In fact the business world has debated the topic many times in the past but we’re starting to reach a point where many major multi-national, global organisations recognise the need to provide adequate English language training for their global workforce. In many of these organisations those with English as their natural language often represent less than 10% of the workforce, so the need is significant.

Using Technology to make a difference with 360 Degree Feedback

We’re seeing learning technologies being applied in many different creative ways across businesses, large and small, and in all sectors, public and private. This white paper + case study, from Track Surveys, provides insight into how technology is being used effectively for 360 degree feedback and why this approach is better than the alternatives.

Dealing with fraudulent applications at Identity & Passport Service

Shortlisted for ‘Blended Learning Solution of the Year’ at the WOLCE Awards in November 2008, receiving a ‘Special Mention Commendation’ at the e-learning awards 2008 for “Excellence in the production of learning content” and now the winner of the UK National Training Award, this case study provides a fascinating insight into a complex blended learning programme dealing with sensitive subject matter, large scale implementation with many first time users.

5 Tips for Beating the Credit Crunch with e-learning

Delivering ‘More for Less’ is the key issue right now for Learning & Development and Business professionals. It’s been a core theme for Towards Maturity as evidenced from our own Benchmark Review, the Masie Centre recent ‘Barometer Findings’ and the recent research survey from LMMatters and Training Zone into budget trends.

Performance Zone – the heart of online learning at Bupa

Earning a ‘Special Mention Commendation’ for ‘Most Innovative Application of Learning Technology’ in the 2008 e-learning Awards, this case study explores how an innovative approach has connected ‘learning to performance’ at Bupa delivering benefits to individuals and the business.

Introducing e-learning to SABMiller

Over the past 20 years SABMiller has grown rapidly from its original South African base into a truly global player. Today the organisation is the world’s 2nd largest brewer, with brewing interests or major distribution agreements in over 60 countries spread across six continents.

Harnessing Team Strengths and L&D Evolving at AXA

Winner of the ‘e-learning internal project team of the year’ award at the e-learning Awards 2008, and also winning the silver award at the Institute of IT Training Awards for Internal Training Project of the Year, this case story clearly demonstrates the impact that a newly formed team had on delivering e-learning throughout the AXA Group by demonstrating a clear understanding of users, how to secure their engagement and retain their attention.

e-learning Survey Results from LMMatters & Training Zone

The most recent Towards Maturity benchmark review highlighted how organisations are looking more and more to e-learning in these recessionary times. Delivering ‘more for less’ has been the message from the Masie Centre ‘barometer findings’ and recent research...

Conference round up BILD Event – Virtual Environments

It seems that wherever you turn right now the ‘hot topic’ in the field of Learning Technologies is the use of Virtual Worlds (or Environments) and Serious Games and the latest BILD (The British Institute for Learning & Development) Connect Event held on Wednesday 13th Mat 2009 at the Museum of Army Flying, was no exception!

Making e-learning Work

High dropout rates can directly impact the effectiveness of elearning. This whitepaper, from e2Train addresses why learners fail to finish elearning courses and backs up our research findings over the years.

Serious virtual worlds and immersive learning

In Driving Business Benefits (the Towards Maturity research published earlier this year) we saw that just under 20% of the research participants were using some form of games or complex simulations in their e-learning offering and just under 10% used virtual worlds.

Learning engagement at Diageo

Over the years Diageo had deployed a number of e-learning courses to individual markets and in 2007 decided to invest in a centralised training portal named the Diageo Academy to allow all employees globally to access e-Learning, classroom training, virtual classroom, and self development learning materials in a central location.

NCALT – award winning e-learning

In the 2008 e-learning Awards the National Centre of Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) achieved unprecedented success as winner of the ‘e-learning industry award for outstanding achievement – corporate’, Gold Winner for ‘Excellence in the Production of Learning Content’ and earning ‘Special Mention’ in the ‘Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption’.

Improving the Take up of e-Learning in Local Authorities

This practical guide was created with the input of 25 Local Authorities at a series of Learning Pool Showcase Events in autumn 08. All local authorities face the same challenges of needing to meet the training and development needs of all their staff in a timely, cost effective way.

Fully accessible e-learning at BT

After assessing line-of-business requirements and capabilities, L&D at BT decided to implement a collaborative system for authoring, managing and deploying learning content.

Transforming Customer Service at Johnson Controls

This fascinating case study provides insight on a shared transformation plan between Johnson Controls (JCI) and Barclays Bank using QuickWins from Relay Consultants that has transformed Customer Service and driven innovation through a unique Change Management process.

To Buy or Build Survey

The Towards Maturity research http://www.towardsmaturity.org/article/2007/02/06/towards-maturity-technology-boosts-workplace-skill/ published in February 2007 included interviews with more than 200 organisations across all sectors as well as 1,000 individuals

Meeting the needs of 21st Century Employers

‘How has the world of a child changed in the last 150 years?” And the answer is, “It’s hard to imagine any way in which it hasn’t changed. But if you look at school today versus 100 years ago, it is more similar than dissimilar.”

e-induction @ Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

There are numerous examples of how e-learning is being applied to learning & development across all private & public sectors, often from those who’ve learnt over time how to apply technology to deliver real business benefits, but what of those who have no track record of e-learning and are looking to start?

Ikea – using learning technologies to find missing stock

“The Missing Stock Mysteries” With over 84,000 co-workers in 44 countries and more than 200 stores worldwide, being able to meet their customers expectation that the product they want ‘is always available’ is a major challenge for IKEA, the world’s leading home furnishings retailer.

Scottish Prison Service

The Scottish Prison Service needed human rights issues to be dealt with more effectively within prisons in general and by front line prison staff in particular, and for staff to deal with human rights with more confidence. They also wanted to improve prisoner’s knowledge and understanding about the relationship between human rights and Prison Rules.

BT – mobile learning for field engineers

This case study looks at how BT addressed the challenges of providing and monitoring learning for 30,000 field engineers. It looks at the challenges that were addressed in meeting the needs of a dispersed audience and outlines the practicalities of using the mobile phone to provide and assess learning. BT were shortlisted in the e-learning awards 2006 for this implementation

University on the Shop Floor

In common with many manufacturing sectors, the ceramic industry is undergoing significant restructuring to adapt to the challenges of modern global competition.

Cable & Wireless

Cable & Wireless Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies operating in 33 countries.


BMW have applied learning technologies across to provide personalised learning from NVQ and technical certificates for in house apprenticeship programmes to new product updates for sales and technical staff across their dealership.

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