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Reimagine learning and deliver real impact

Creating the right learning vision is complex and challenging.  Our unique and interactive programme is designed to connect and align learning leaders, teams and key senior stakeholders around a vision that delivers real impact.

How it works


Our analysts will guide you through diagnostics and scope your requirements:
  • You will complete a Learning Health Check, comparing your context with industry top performers
  • We will explore specific challenges and opportunities that need to be addressed, identifying areas of greatest importance and urgency, for example:
    • How can you re-imagine learning and future-proof your learning strategy?
    • How can you ignite new ways of thinking in your learning team and get everyone on the same page?
    • How can you catch up and lead your learners in digital transformation?
  • Based on our findings, we will design an interactive programme that brings the right people together to explore critical areas.


Our team will deliver a tailored masterclass to challenge and inspire:
  • Bringing the outside in, participants will prepare for the session using evidence and case studies from world-class learning organisations
  • Reviewing critical insights from the Health Check results, we will stress-test how ready you are to deliver learning transformation
  • We will draw on our data and evidence from more than 50,000 learners and 7,500 learning professionals, to understand and share what will work in your context
  • Building ownership in your people, we will explore what your vision of success looks like and align key stakeholders to deliver.


Session outputs will help you deliver real impact at your organisation:
  • Sharing understanding of where you are now and vision of where you want to be
  • Agreed measures of success and stakeholder engagement map
  • Prioritised actions for your year ahead, identified and allocated at an individual and team level.

Let’s talk…

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