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As a market leader in learning solutions, Redware are revolutionising the way people do business through learning management systems with a difference.  Designed to get the most out of the user experience, their platforms empower organisations to learn in a way that’s flexible and creates engaging learning journeys.

“The Towards Maturity benchmarking study is both invaluable and crucial to our industry.  We are at the forefront of a market which is changing business globally and being a part of this research is fundamental to the success of our solutions. The resulting findings have the potential to shape and influence everything that we set out to achieve as a business. We are extremely pleased and proud to be a part of this revolutionary work which Towards Maturity are championing to gather knowledge surrounding best practice and innovation in learning.”

– Andre Wigley, CEO

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About our Ambassadors

This organisation is one of many who support Towards Maturity's independent research and enable learning professionals to benchmark for free. 

Our Ambassadors support the annual Benchmark Study as well as the identification and dissemination of good practice case studies. They work together as Ambassadors for change, identifying and improving effective practice, raising awareness and driving the L&D profession forward.

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