Filtered is an award-winning company which uses technology to personalize learning for the world’s 230 million knowledge workers. Their market-leading product, magpie, makes intelligent learning recommendations powered by AI and delivered through a chat interface. It makes sense of vast libraries of learning assets in seconds to provide a personalised learning feed.
Since launching in 2017, Filtered have delivered magpie to global brands such as Royal Mail, NHS, Trinity Mirror, Siemens Gamesa and many others to connect learners with high-quality resources: their own in-house creations, off-the-shelf libraries as well as public domain content.
Have a look for yourself:

“We want to make learning relevant again. For us, that means getting the right content to the right learner. AI, machine learning, curation and a consumer-grade interface are all means to that end. We now work with some of the biggest brands in the world to unlock the value of their existing training investments and bring them back to life for their workforce. It’s not just the tech; we work hard with L&D team to nudge, persuade, prompt and inspire their work forces to use it.”

– Marc Zao-Sanders, CEO and co-founder of Filtered
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