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The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. It has over 145,000 members internationally working in HR, learning and development, people management and consulting across private businesses and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors.

“There is plenty of great practice in learning and development. But there are still too many occasions where we proceed on the basis of what we think works, rather than what we know works. This is why CIPD have linked up in a strategic partnership designed to deploy robust research to help drive better practice in the design, delivery and application of learning and development in the workplace.”

– Peter Cheese, CEO
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Turning insight into action

 As Towards Maturity’s Strategic Partner, the CIPD is in a unique position to deliver on the latest L&D research.

Together, we’re charting the new learning landscape in more detail than perhaps anyone else. But we’re also finding vital new ways to help you improve as L&D practitioners, in precisely the ways you want to be better.

Unlocking Potential: Latest research findings

Our research reveals more about how learning works in the modern workplace. It’s social, digital, deeply engaging and continually assessed for the strategic value it delivers.

As our understanding evolves, so must the L&D practices that deliver great learning. Indeed, L&D functions are under enormous pressure to keep pace with change. Yet very few organisations, even L&D innovators, are meeting their self-declared learning priorities.

L&D Awards are here to help. Developed by CIPD Enterprises and AVADO in response to the very challenges you face, these short, sharp six-week digital programmes are perfect for bridging critical L&D skills gaps. Here’s how…

About our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors support the annual Benchmark Study as well as the identification and dissemination of good practice case studies. They work together as Ambassadors for change, identifying and improving effective practice, raising awareness and driving the L&D profession forward.

Meeting your priorities with CIPD L&D Awards

Facilitating collective and social learning

The insight: Modern workplace learning is about sharing skills as much as teaching them. To unlock valuable potential, businesses must know how to foster expert communities and provide spaces for social learning to take place.

The Award: Facilitating Collective and Social Learning

  • Explore different models of collective and social learning
  • Evaluate the benefits, challenges and workplace implications
  • Create ‘scaffolding’ for social spaces to build expertise across your organisation

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Using information and metrics

Insight: Yesterday’s L&D data told us about training effectiveness after the event. In our era of predictive analytics, new skills are needed to make the most of rich seams of learning data held in your organisation.

Award: Using Information and Metrics in L&D

  • Find and use data to inform decisions about learning needs and design
  • Construct persuasive business cases built on solid metrics and evidence
  • Use research as a strategic tool for organisational change

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Evaluating the value of L&D

Insight: A critical paradigm shift is taking place in how L&D is measured, with the focus moving from volume to value. The challenge now is to understand the best methods to determine value for your organisation.

Award:  Evaluating L&D in a Knowledge Economy

  • Understand the need to evaluate L&D activities in the modern business context
  • Explore a range of measurement tools and techniques
  • Learn how to reveal the value of L&D for your organisation

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Designing digital and blended learning

Insight: Our workplaces have outgrown straight classroom learning. Organisations are too dispersed and learning tech too sophisticated. L&D practitioners must harness the reach and interactivity of digital learning to create truly blended solutions.

Award: Designing Digital & Blended Solutions

  • Discover how new digital tech is shaping the world of L&D
  • Get to grips with the latest digital learning content
  • Create the right blend to support learners in your organisation

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Enhancing learner engagement

Insight: Advances in neuroscience are transforming learning design to incorporate everything from emotional engagement to cognitive overload prevention. Ignoring these developments diminishes your organisation’s learning capabilities.

Award: Enhancing Participant Engagement in the Learning Process

  • Use breakthrough neuroscience and psychology to inform L&D practice
  • Adopt classical and contemporary models to engage learners
  • Plan, manage and deliver learning underpinned by the most relevant research

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Managing the L&D function

Insight: The modern learning manager has ever more moving parts to control. Success is a matter of working smarter not harder, using tools like performance consulting to make training more efficient, valuable and fit for purpose.

Award: Managing the L&D Business Function

  • Understand the evolving nature and purpose of today’s L&D function
  • Discover different models for delivering learning solutions
  • Develop skills and knowledge required for managerial and leadership L&D roles

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The complete authority on learning and development

CIPD Training offers a huge choice of qualifications, short courses and CPD to learning professionals at all levels. Learn online, in class or in-house and gain the skills to meet today’s most urgent L&D challenges.

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