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Consideration for all users has been shown in the development of this website. We aim to make this website accessible to everyone. If you experience any problems or have any feedback about it please e-mail the website editor.

Design considerations


Screen readers


For users of screen readers, at the start of each page you have the option to skip the navigation to main content.

Text size
All text is assigned a relative font size allowing you to control the text size, to increase the text size:

Internet Explorer: View > Text size

Netscape: Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts

Opera: File > Preferences > Fonts > Minimum font size (pixels)

You can also scroll with the wheel of your mouse whilst holding down the control key.

All informational images contain an ALT tag and decorative images have a null ALT attribute.

All links to pages within the website and links to external websites will open in the same window, unless specifically indicated by the link. For files, such as Word documents, the website will open these in new windows.



The use of a light background throughout the site, with plain black text, makes reading easier on the eyes, and allows the reader to take in more information.

This site has been designed and tested to be compatible with the following browsers:


  • Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, and 6.0
  • Netscape 7.0, 7.2
  • Mozilla 1.7
  • Firefox 1.0


Our Ambassadors

Our Supporters also influence Towards Maturity's Benchmark and research, providing insights on future trends and practices that should be investigated.

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