Who We Are

We are a research company. We are a community. We are independent.

We are a research company

Towards Maturity is an independent research company, founded in 2003. We provide independent, expert advice and support to help people professionals drive learning innovation that delivers business impact.

We are a community

Since its inception, we have relied on a broad group of organisations and individuals who are keen to share their experience with learning technologies at work for the wider good.  With more than 55 countries represented within our 2016 annual benchmark report our global community represents all workplace backgrounds:

  • Corporate organisations, public, private and not-for-profit organisations
  • Independent consultants
  • Learning providers

This proactive community contributes success stories (case studies), research, white papers, tools and techniques, which are shared on our website.

We are trusted advisors

Towards Maturity’s Advisory Services bring our expertise and knowledge to those wanting to deliver results, faster. 

Whether you are a single L&D department providing a central service, or a global multi-business unit looking to create an internal benchmark as well as comparing externally, we have the resources to investigate, communicate and facilitate change.

Our journey

Towards Maturity started life as an e-skills UK project supported by the Learning and Skills Council to understand how employers could make the best use of learning technologies and extend that understanding to influence policy changes.

Towards Maturity was supported by Becta until 2008 and became a founding ambassador and strategic partner for their Next Generation Learning in the Workplace initiative.

In 2008, after government funding was fully withdrawn, Towards Maturity was established independently as a CIC with the support of our Founding Ambassadors. We also started an advisory services wing to pursue our vision to directly help L&D teams have a greater impact in their organisation.

In 2014, we entered into a strategic partnership with the CIPD. This was built around a commitment from both organisations to jointly contribute to each other’s research on current practice and new innovation in learning and development.

In 2016, we entered into a research and publication alliance with Emerald Global Publishing Group Ltd. This built upon the common goals shared by both organisations to provide credible, evidence-based research that impacts business performance.

Our business

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), we exist to benefit our community without gaining private advantage. This is measured by a ‘community interest test’ and an ‘asset lock’ which ensures that we work for the community and that our assets and profits are dedicated to these purposes.

Towards Maturity CIC has been approved by the regulator, who also has a continuing monitoring and enforcement role. More information can be found at www.cicregulator.gov.uk.

Towards Maturity’s Advisory Services functions as a separate profitable company that does not influence our Community Interest Company’s (CIC) agenda.

Let's talk

If you’d like to find out how we can help you improve the performance of your business, individuals and L&D team, get in touch:

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors support the annual Benchmark Study as well as the identification and dissemination of good practice case studies. They work together as Ambassadors for change, identifying and improving effective practice, raising awareness and driving the L&D profession forward.
Our Supporters also influence Towards Maturity's Benchmark and research, providing insights on future trends and practices that should be investigated.

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