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Modernising Learning: Delivering Results (2014)

Go To the bottom of this page to the ‘Related Download’ section to get your free copy of Modernising Learning: Delivering Results, the 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study. We are proud to announce the 2014-15 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study, Modernising Learning: Delivering Results.

New Learning Agenda – Talent:Technology:Change

Download the new 2013-14 Towards Maturity Benchmark today from related download section at the bottom of this page. Towards Maturity are proud to launch our 2013-14 Towards Maturity Benchmark, which outlines a New Learning Agenda for business and learning leaders to share to deliver 21st century learning that supports the priorities of 21st century learners and organisations.

Bridging the Gap: The 2012-13 Towards Maturity Benchmark

Our thanks go to the 500 plus respondents from 37 different countries who contributed to the 2012 Toward Maturity Benchmark Study – drawn from 466 organisations that represent well over 2 million employees and in charge of a training budget of well over £850m. These figures give the Report a truly substantial set of foundations from which to work!

Towards Maturity: 2007 Annual Benchmark Report

Three out of four employers who use e-learning for staff training plan to significantly increase their use of informal networks over the next three years, according to e-skills UK research into e-based learning published today. The research was undertaken on behalf of the Skills for Business network of 25 Sector Skills Councils.

Linking Learning to Business: Original 2004 Research

This is one of the original reports on successful e-learning implementation that contributed to the development of the Towards Maturity research findings. It explored the common business factors that contribute to e-learning success within european organisations. 15 successful organisations took part from diverse sectors and feedback was gathered from over 2000 learners within those businesses

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