Towards Maturity Learning Health Check 2019 opens

Jul 3, 2019 | Featured, General, Press Release

Evidence is vital to backing up a case for change and even more powerful when internal data is being compared against high-performing learning organisations.

Since 2003 Towards Maturity has generated data and insights from more than 7,500 learning professionals and 50,000 learners across 83 countries and counting. The Health Check provides the evidence to show that effective learning innovation will directly improve key business measures: growth, transformation, productivity and profitability.

The Towards Maturity Health Check benchmarks participants’ organisation’s processes, practices and performance metrics with those of other organisations. It is an invaluable reflective process, providing actionable insights to support your learning strategy and deliver impact. Revisiting regularly can also help learning professionals to measure progress year on year.

Learning professionals around the globe are invited to use the Health Check for free during July and August. By completing the review by the 31st of August 2019, participants will receive a notification the same day revealing their results through their personalised dashboard.

In 2019 Towards Maturity will also be launching its new Learning Health Check Plus. Further updates on this opportunity to purchase additional, richer data, will follow.

Jane Daly, Chief Insight Officer of Towards Maturity commented: “We know that everybody is busy, but over 90% people that have completed the Learning Health Check have said that it has allowed them to make better decisions, add more value and see things that they weren’t able to see before.”

The 2019 annual Learning Health Check is available from today for learning professionals to participants in.

Nebel Crowhurst, Head of People Experience for River Island, states: “This gave me the evidence I needed to demonstrate a correlation between management development and bottom line performance.”


Robin Lilly, Capabilities and Leadership Development Director of Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company reveals: “We review our results on an annual basis as part of our business planning. We are results driven as a company so it’s in our DNA to understand how we are doing.”

The Learning Health Check undertakes support of Towards Maturity’s ambassador community

Examples of participants from previous years include: AXA UK, Boots UK, Brambles, BT plc, Coca Cola Amatil, E.ON AG, Lloyds Banking Group, McDonald’s, River Island, RMA Group, 33 councils and over 20 hospitals and NHS trusts.

More information on the Health Check can be found by on Towards Maturity’s Health Check web site.

All responses remain confidential to the participant and Towards Maturity. Further information is in the confidentiality policy.


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We help L&D professionals deliver successful learning strategies. Since 2003 we have generated data and insights from more than 7,500 learning professionals and 50,000 learners across 55 countries. We know what works and we know how learning innovation can directly improve key measures:

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We provide L&D with the support they need to bring together all key stakeholders in the learning journey, ensuring that the learning function works effectively to embed a high-performing learning culture across the business.

By applying the breadth and depth of our industry analytics and our robust, evidence-based approach, we can help connect learning decisions and outcomes to real business impact.


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