Analyst Angle: Fifteen years of isolating the facts from the hype

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This year marks Towards Maturity’s 15th anniversary, over which time our research programme has gathered longitudinal evidence from all stakeholders in the learning process; allowing participants to understand how decisions in the past have affected the present, to make informed recommendations for the future.

This video gives a quick overview at the number of research reports released over the past 15 years, and the variety of areas covered.

From these focuses, we have covered:

Working with leaders together to deliver business impact

2004: Linking Learning to Business
Success comes from working with business leaders on business problems

2017: Driving the New Learning Organisation
Shared ownership, the characteristics of high performing learning culture

2016: Risk in the C Suite
Evidence for business leaders – learning innovation can help you manage risks at board level

2015: Embracing Change
A direct challenge to business leaders: Expect more! Impact not just courses!

Creating holistic experiences & Designing for retention 

2004: Linking Learning to Business
Holistic learning experience, performance support not an optional extra, embracing culture and technology

2007: Leading at the Impasse of Learning in the Workplace
Managers and learners significantly influence success, essential to communicate and manage change

2009: Bridging the Gap – Integrating Learning and Work
L&D lack confidence in design, successful are involving managers and supporting career progression

2015: 70+20+10=100 The Evidence Behind the Numbers
Evidence behind 702010

2018: How to Build and Change Habits in the Workplace
Building habits, reflection, spaced learning

Redefining digital and mobile, Reducing friction, Meaningful personalisation

2007: Leading at the Impasse of Learning in the Workplace
It is not the technology you use that correlates with results, but the way that it is used

2010: Accelerating Performance
Successful organisations use technology to allow information to be shared indicatively, encourage collaboration, allow co-creation by staff

2013: New Learning Agenda
Simplify the experience!

2013: Mobile Learning at Work
Performance support, not just courses

2012: Bridging the Gap – Integrating Learning and Work
Encouraging staff to organise their own personal learning strategies

2013: Reinvigorating Compliance Training
Power of stories, personalise the role

2016: Transforming Formal Learning
Effective learning transfer

Learner Centric

2004: Linking Learning to Business
2000 workers highlight importance of relevance, recognition and line manager influence

2013: New Learning Agenda
The business benefits of a customer activated learning strategy

2014: The Learner Voice Part 1
How modern workers learn, on the go, prioritising relevance and digital confidence

Learning as a tool for talent

2004: Linking Learning to Business
Staff in high performing organisations see a clear link between learning and career progression

2013: New Learning Agenda
Time to remove silos, integrating learning and talent

2014: Talent Optimisation
Nine tips for optimising talent through learning

Prioritsing Humanity

2015: Embracing Change
Critical to help staff learn how to learn

2016: Unlocking Potential
Classroom trainers play an essential role in harnessing digital technology

2016: The Consumer Learner at Work
Workers are investing in their own soft skills online

2011: Reinventing Leadership Development
Leaders are turning to digital to build their own skills

2018: L&D’s Relationship with Data
L&D’s success lies in the questions we ask of the data we have, not in the way we collect it

How to become a modern agile L&D function

2013: The Learning Agenda
L&D as Agents of Change

2014: The Learner Voice Part 1
Workers are ahead of L&D in their use of technology

2018: Bridging the Divide
Workers are still ahead!

2015: Embracing Change
The L&D skills gap, high performing learning leaders are leaders who learn

2016: Preparing for the Future of Learning
Evidence for successfully closing the gap

2018: The Transformation Curve
A road map for success and the importance of letting go

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