Learning Transformation in the Health sector

Nov 7, 2018 | Featured, General, Press Release

Join us for this special half-day learning event on Wednesday 21 November 2018 in Central London. A platform in which key learning leaders from across the health sector will come to share and learn how learning transformation can help galvanise and transform the health sector so that it is fit for purpose and future proofed to deliver the unprecedented change already underway.

Towards Maturity’s expert analysts will share global research in the health sector, and in addition an agenda that will provide thought-provoking insights and thought leadership with participation from Health Education England and an international case study with the Norwegian Health Service.

See our event programme below and if you are a learning leader practitioner, in a Health Sector organisation, who is responsible for learning transformation and you want to participate in an interactive, action orientated forum; sign-up now to save your place and receive more information!


About Towards Maturity

We help L&D professionals deliver successful learning strategies. Since 2003 we have generated data and insights from more than 7,500 learning professionals and 50,000 learners across 55 countries. We know what works and we know how learning innovation can directly improve key measures:

Growth > Transformation > Productivity > Profitability

We provide L&D with the support they need to bring together all key stakeholders in the learning journey, ensuring that the learning function works effectively to embed a high-performing learning culture across the business.

By applying the breadth and depth of our industry analytics and our robust, evidence-based approach, we can help connect learning decisions and outcomes to real business impact.


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