Towards Maturity partner with Skillsoft to Launch Research into Leadership Development

Aug 28, 2018 | Featured, General, Press Release

L&D is in the midst of a rapid transformation driven by fundamental changes in work, the workforce and the workplace. In this fastchanging environment, how can we embed successful leadership development to future-proof our organisations and gain a competitive advantage?

By establishing where L&D are with leadership development, particularly how it is delivered, received, the technology used, and the application of it, we understand what the current situation on the ground is.  

The Leadership Pulse, supported by Skillsoft, aims to profile leadership building capability within the context of creating learning experiences in the flow of work. 

Based on preliminary data analysis, there is a clear difference between organisations providing leadership and management development via a blend of online, on-the-job and face-to-face methods of delivery and organisation’s that primarily utilise face-to-face methods. This difference extends to the range of technologies used, technological penetration within the organisation, L&D comfortability with technology, L&D skills and expertise, behavioural tactics, and impact achieved.  

Towards Maturity and Skillsoft have launched the latest Pulse review exploring: 

  • With the world of work changing, what does this mean for leadership development? 
  • What do HR and L&OD want leaders and managers to do differently? 
  • What is holding back transformation and how can we overcome the challenges to leadership development? 
  • How are organisations measuring the impact of leadership and development? 

This Leadership Pulse takes just 10 – 15 minutes to complete, allowing participants to stop and reflect on these questions and be the first to discover the insights from the report of the findings, to be released in October 2018. 

Take part in the latest Leadership Pulse, now!

Read our previous Pulse report, L&D’s Relationship with Data, here!


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