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The number of technologies within the L&D kit-bag has doubled since 2011! With a steady stream of new technologies being introduced across all sectors, for many L&D leaders this is a period of experimentation. An opportunity to dip your toes in and understand how these new technologies can help drive business transformation.

With this in mind, we invited industry thought-leaders speaking at the Learning Technologies Conference, to join us on the Exhibition floor at our round-table discussions called the LT Exchanges, and tackle some of today’s big questions around technology. What, how and where can it be applied?  How can it help with collaborative learning?  What steps can you take to ensure your content design is a winner for your users?

Below we give you a snapshot of four of our LT Exchanges and the key take-aways. Part two – where we delve into the nitty gritty of the culture peice – will follow next month!  Follow the links below to find out more and feel free to share your comments on LinkedIn.

How to make smart decisions about new technology?
With David Kelly, Executive Director of the eLearning Guild

With thousands of solutions available in the market and hundreds of new ones coming out every year, choosing the right technology for your organisation is a daunting task. There is a tendency in L&D to get sucked into the latest trend or gadget but how do we get out of that trap? We share three top tips to help you on your way, find out more here.

How to get started with collaborative technologies?
With Gemma Critchley, Head of Technology & Innovation for Learning at Aviva 

One of the biggest shifts in learning technology is in the development of increasingly collaborative platforms. So how do we best harness these solutions and create a culture of knowledge sharing?  We’re sharing a handful of the great practical steps that came up during the round table – find out more here.

How to improve content design
With Miles Runham, ex BBC, and independent consultant

If you want to improve your learning content design it’s essential you understand your users and design to meet their needs. Myles asked participants to consider the 3P’s – purpose, principles and personas – and here we share his suggestions on the journey. Find out more here.

How to get started with micro learning
With Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Rebel at Learning Rebels

Micro learning is one of the hot new trends this year, but as with any new learning technology, it comes with its challenges for implementation. Shannon Tipton, Chief Learning Rebel at Learning Rebels, tells us how you can get past the hype make the most of out of this new way of learning, find out more here.


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