The New-Year e-results quiz!

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Articles, General

The late, great Dutch footballer, Johan Cruyff once said, Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.  As we slip into 2018 this is an excellent place to turn our thoughts to our own e-learning. However beautiful our company strategy, is it now time to look at the results? To help raise your expectations for this coming year, here is a quiz based on the actual results from some of the e-trail blazing companies that Towards Maturity have studied.


  1. What percentage increase in course completions have they experienced? =  C) 12%
  2. How much has the cost per participant been reduced? = B) 67%
  3. By how much have rates of national doping been reduced? = A) 25%
  4. What percentage increase has there been in knowledge and retention of risks and preventative control measures? = C) 80%
  5. How much reduction in time for training has there been? = B) 700%
  6. What increase has been seen in the number of people trained in the same period? = C) 600%
  7. What percentage of advisers are active on the platform? = A) 95%
  8. How many of the company’s users said the platform has helped them apply learning to their role? = C) 88%
  9. How much has Individual Revenue Generation increased for employees engaged in the new e-learning? = B)  13%
  10. PwC operates in how many countries? = B) 158
  11. What percentage of respondents “felt the training was effective”?  = C) 85%
  12. How many trainees agreed they “will be able to apply the skills and knowledge learnt in this training”. = B) 86%

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