Join us for the launch of The Transformation Curve at Learning Technologies

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Towards Maturity is working with the Learning Technologies show in London to launch a new study that will transform the way that L&D adds value to business and the way that the business values L&D.

On 31 January at 5pm, join senior L&D leaders, Donald Taylor (Chair of the Learning Technologies Conference) and Laura Overton (CEO and Founder of Towards Maturity) to be the first to find out how the new evidence can help you breakthrough traditional thinking in your organisation to deliver lasting business change.

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Why is the Transformation Curve so different?

L&D innovation delivers growth, profitability, productivity and business change. But many L&D leaders struggle to modernise their  approach and achieve their potential. 2018 could be the year for transformation but only if there is a clear pathway ahead…

This year Towards Maturity have applied new data analytics to reveal the most effective combinations of actions, tools and strategies to make the next step-change on their learning transformation journey. The new study lays out the L&D journey needed to deliver lasting business impact.

What are people saying about the Transformation Curve?

The Transformation Curve will be essential reading not just for L&D leaders but for everyone in the business who wants to become a competitive agile 21st century organisation.
Donald H Taylor, Chair of Learning technologies

It allows you to have business conversations with business people about business goals…
Adam Harwood, Digital Learning Development Partner – ASOS

People need to realise that the data shows that you need to do things that don’t necessarily seem logical and that’s how you move an organisation forward…
Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D content, CIPD 

Towards Maturity will be at stand H15 of the Learning Technologies Exhibition this year. Read on to find out what we’re up to and download our Ultimate Guide to plan ahead!

As well as hosting the LT Exchange Programme, our team will be on hand to advise people on how to benchmark, their strategy for the coming year and how to ensure you can make a lasting impact.

Join our free seminars

Join Mark Arneill and Gent Ahmetaj as they explore the secrets of lasting learner engagement.  With the voice of 40,000 workers you will go undercover to meet managers, sales professionals and new starters and discover how they learn what they need to do their job, what they learn and what they really think about their managers and L&D teams!
31 January: 16:15, Theatre 2  

Join Laura Overton and Jane Daly, Head of Strategic Insights,  as they share all you need to know about the Transformation Curve during their seminar session in the exhibition hall.
1 February: 16:15, Theatre 2

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Find out more about benchmarking 

Each morning from 09:30am, we will be hosting an hour-long workshop on stand H15, about how benchmarking can help you fine-tune your learning strategy and prioritise actions in 2018.

Stop by for a free crosissant and coffee to solve problems in the company of like-minded peers. Share what is and isn’t working and be guided by our experts on hand.

Meet the industry experts and discuss hot topics at the LT Exchange

The LT Exchange is a free opportunity to have roundtable discussions with conference speakers. This year, we’re bringing international book authors and thought-leaders to the exhibition floor at stand H24, so don’t miss your chance to join these 60-minute sessions and take on some of the industry’s biggest issues and follow the conversation on Twitter with #LT18ex.

Find out more and sign up here.

Join the research launch

Be the first to find out how the new evidence can help you breakthrough traditional thinking in your organisation to deliver lasting business change.

Download our Ultimate Guide to Learning Technologies

We’ve put together an overview of the best resources, seminars and workshops, as well as where to get connected and what’s happening that you might not have known about.

What’s included in the guide:

  • Our pick of the conference
  • Meet and discuss with conference speakers at the Exchanges
  • Free seminars you won’t want to miss
  • Free fringe events nearby
  • About benchmarking with the Towards Maturity Team





The Great Training Robbery

The Great Training Robbery

According to research published by Harvard Business School (HBS), organisations across the globe are experiencing ‘The Great Training Robbery’ because the correct conditions and culture for learning are not in place. People are not ready and willing to change, and ultimately learn.

La Vie en Rose, does seeing ‘life in pink’ matter?

La Vie en Rose, does seeing ‘life in pink’ matter?

Learning can be defined in many ways, but most psychologists would agree that it is a relatively permanent change in behaviour that results from experience. The three major types of learning described by behavioural psychology are; classical conditioning, operant conditioning and observational learning. In order for learning to stick and becomes the new normal, all three types require self-driven will. Therefore, how people view the world through their lens matters.

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