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L&D: Where are we now?

Nov 27, 2017 | Annual Benchmark Reports, Featured, Research

As we look towards a new year it is important for us to reflect on the current state of the L&D landscape and understand what success in business looks like in a constant world of change and disruption.

How can L&D leaders deliver impact?

In our latest report we have taken the insights from over 700 L&D leaders from 53 countries to bring you a snapshot of where we are right now:  the starting point for our future contribution to business transformation and individual success. This snapshot of the current learning landscape reveals a well-resourced, technology-enabled profession, lacking in some of the essential capabilities they need.

In January we will be launching our road map for learning transformation however we believe the conversations around this change need to happen today.  This report will prepare L&D professionals for the transformation ahead and help them take the next step on the journey towards becoming the New Learning Organisation.

The top priorities for companies this year are :

  • Improving organisational performance (98%)
  • Increase productivity (97%)
  • Increase learning access and flexibility (97%)
  • Increase self directed learning (96%)

In order to achieve these priority areas L&D professionals need to look at what is stopping them achieve this and work towards creating a learning culture that can be maintained and developed. Once they do these they will be on the road to becoming a high performing organisation.

Top 5  barriers in 2017

  • Cost of set-up, development and maintenance (66%)
  • Lack of skills amongst employees to manage their own learning (65%)
  • Reluctance by line managers to encourage new ways of learning (58%)
  • Lack of skills amongst L&D staff to implement and manage technology enabled learning (53%)
  • Unreliable ICT infrastructure (52%)

When we look at the ‘Top Deck’ – those companies that are achieving the best results from modernisation of their learning strategy, we can begin to see where and how L&D leaders need to drive change to change. What singles these organisations out are the high numbers of business and staff benefits they achieve and the low number of barriers to progress. They invest more in technology and they have a real focus on building the capability of their teams.

What you’ll learn in this report

  • Top L&D skills that organisations have now
  • Top L&D skills that organisations want to develop in 2018.
  • What L&D teams want to achieve in 2018
  • Top barriers to successful modernisation of learning
  • Six Characteristics of the new learning organisation
  • Factors that link to successful achievement of critical business outcomes


Data for this report is drawn from:

  • The Towards Maturity 2017 Benchmark Study research with over 700 L&D leaders between August 2016 and July 2017.  It is free to download thanks to the support of Towards Maturity Ambassadors.


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About the Benchmark

The Towards Maturity Benchmark Study is an internationally recognised longitudinal study on the effective implementation of learning innovation based on the input of 6000+ participants and 40,000+ learners gathered since 2003. Towards Maturity continuously surveys and studies how people learn at work and the impact this has on organisational performance. By turning data into insights and insights into action, this research is used to help L&D leaders assess and improve the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of their learning provision.

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  • In-Focus Reports
  • Sector Reports
  • Case Studies
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