What have Qantas learnt from the TM Benchmark?

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Qantas Airways is the flag carrier airline of Australia and the region’s largest airline by fleet size, international flights and international destinations. Having benchmarked their learning strategy with Towards Maturity since 2010, this year Qantas has been working together with our associate in Australia.

Michelle Ockers, an L&D Transformation Subject Matter Expert, has been helping them to see if they could use their benchmark to better leverage learning, improve business performance, and create a modern and engaging learning experience.  Michelle shares their journey and current trajectory…

Why we Benchmarked

At Qantas, our priority is to train and develop our people so they are job ready, compliant and safe in their roles.  We wanted to explore if we could better leverage learning to improve business performance, and create a modern and engaging learning experience.  We decided to look at what top performing L&D organisations were doing to inform our strategy.

How we Benchmarked

We used a range of approaches to benchmark our L&D practices.  Firstly, we looked at global trends by tapping into published research, professional associations and industry networks.  We also spoke directly with L&D professionals in other large, complex organisations to learn about their challenges and how they’re addressing them.

Our search for external evidence to inform our decisions also led us to use the Towards Maturity benchmarking process. This provided a data-driven approach to gain insight into how our learning strategies compare with top performing L&D organisations and identify improvement opportunities.

Our de-centralised L&D operating model allows us to stay close to our internal customers.  However, while the network amongst our L&D leaders is strong, there is variation in L&D practices across the organisation.  Eight of our L&D teams completed the benchmark, allowing us to compare maturity across these teams.  Towards Maturity also compared our practices to relevant industry sectors in their global database.  Together these two comparisons highlighted strengths that we can leverage across our entire organisation, and actions we could take to further improve our impact.

What we Learned

Technology-Enabled Learning

We use more classroom and on-the-job delivery methods than comparison sectors; however, we also use eLearning extensively for mandatory compliance training.  In the past two years we have expanded the use of blended learning programs, and experimented with delivery technologies including virtual reality.   Benchmarking showed us that where we are using technology-enabled learning, it has contributed to benefits including improved productivity and organisational revenue to a greater degree than comparison sectors.  We shall continue expanding the use of technology-enabled learning.

L&D Capability
The Towards Maturity benchmark highlighted the wide range of skills that are required in a modern L&D team, and allowed us to compare our capability to that of other organisations. We learned that top-performing L&D organisations have higher levels of L&D capability than others, but are still falling short of what is required in areas such as facilitating social/collaborative learning, and marketing and communications.  We are using the benchmark to inform our L&D capability development plan, with a priority on digital design and delivery.

Learner Context
Our vision of a strong learning culture requires that we understand what motivates our people to learn and the barriers to learning that need to be addressed.  The benchmark highlighted that we could do more to develop this understanding, and to provide our people with greater choice regarding where, when and how they learn.  This prompted us to undertake a learning landscape survey using Towards Maturity’s Learning Landscape Audit (LLA).  Our LLA data, combined with improved L&D capability, will allow us to approach continued development of our technology-enabled learning strategy in an informed and effective way.

Next Steps

We’ll continue to apply insights from the Towards Maturity benchmark alongside a range of other internal analysis to inform our updated L&D strategy, and help us to continue improving the impact and engagement of learning at Qantas.




About Qantas:
Founded in the Queensland outback in 1920, Qantas has grown to be Australia’s largest domestic and international airline. Registered originally as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS), Qantas is widely regarded as the world’s leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia. www.qantas.com


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