Global learning benchmark extended by 14 days

Jul 18, 2017 | Press Release

The Towards Maturity Benchmark™ gives L&D leaders a free opportunity to confidentially review their strategy, compare with top performers and identify the tactics they need to unlock potential in their organisation. Due to popular demand, the closing date has been extended by two weeks.

Over 80% of L&D professionals who have participated in the Towards Maturity Benchmark this year have said the process alone provided new ideas for improving their learning strategy. With an extension of 14 days, more L&D leaders globally can now access the Towards Maturity Benchmark for free.

Taking around 45-60 minutes to complete, the Towards Maturity Benchmark allows learning professionals to confidentially review their strategy, compare their approach with top performing organisations and establish priorities. Consolidating the experiences of more than 5,800 people, each participant receives a unique, Personalised Benchmark Report to target improved performance that signposts where and how they can improve on all the outcomes of an effective L&D strategy such as agility, efficiency and performance.

An early analysis of the data so far has revealed changing priorities. Laura Overton, CEO and founder of Towards Maturity said:

“For the first time this year, we’re seeing an increasing use of technology in supporting skills development for team working, communication, problem solving, innovation and creative thinking.


Emerging technology is on the rise and with 70% expecting learning budget allocated to technology to increase, now is the time for L&D professionals to step back and reflect. With the benchmark period extended by 2 weeks, organisations can review their learning strategy and see how they are performing against their peers with the Personalised Benchmark Report to focus on their priority areas.”

Examples of participants from previous years include: AXA UK, Boots UK, Brambles, BT plc, Coca Cola Amatil, E.ON AG, Lloyds Banking Group, McDonald’s, River Island RMA Group, 33 local councils and over 20 hospitals and NHS trusts.

Top performing organisations are over 5x more likely to benchmark and report a significant impact on business with up to:

  • 10% increase in revenue
  • 14% improvement in productivity
  • 15% reduction in time to competency
  • 18% increase in customer and employee satisfaction
  • 18% reduction in overall costs

Brian Murphy, Head of Learning and Leadership Development at Citi, said:

“Towards Maturity’s Benchmark gave us credible insights in order to deliver a compelling business case to C-suite of the company. The report was also a valuable asset when it came to awards – revisiting our Benchmark helped us track progress and hone our award submissions.”

The Towards Maturity Benchmark is completely confidential and free to use until 31 July. All participants will receive a free Personalised Benchmark Report in September (valued at £300), thanks to the support of Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors.

Individuals can take part at

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