Award winning strategies begin with a benchmark

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Everyone loves winning awards though entering can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Whether you’ve entered this year or are thinking of doing so in the future, Benchmarking your learning strategy can help!

You don’t have to be an award winner to take advantage of benchmarking. The Benchmarking process gives L&D professionals the opportunity to reflect on their learning strategy, revisit past successes/failures and focus on the activities that really make a difference.  And by formally benchmarking with others, you can accelerate your progress  – using your personalised benchmark report to understand how you’re performing and how you compare to others across 19 different performance indicators.

Earn your place at the table with an award winning strategy

How benchmarking can help

We are not promising that benchmarking will definitely lead to trophies in the cabinet, but it does increase your chances! Providing an opportunity for L&D professionals to reflect, revisit past successes/failures and think about the current picture we’ve given you our top three reasons to benchmark and become an award winner:

1.  By reflecting on and analysing activities, practices and performance, L&D teams can identify strengths and opportunities to improve

What is working well? What is driving business success and what L&D initiatives are really yielding results? Just as importantly, benchmarking identifies weaknesses and those areas of low performance. Where are the blockages? What are the barriers to success and what is causing them? Where could performance be improved and how?

The Towards Maturity Benchmark answers all of these questions and more by taking you through a comprehensive review of your learning strategy. You’ll be forced to stop and reflect on what is working and where improvements can be made, setting you up for a chance to hone awards submissions to focus on your best, whilst giving you a higher bar to aim for.

2.  Benchmarking does what it says: it gives organisations a baseline to measure themselves against others and past performance

You can use it to see how you are performing compared to others across 19 different performance indicators, including strategic and business alignment, individual choices and motivation, talent management, workplace culture, design and transfer of learning, implementing change, involving leaders, measuring effectiveness and much more.

3.  You’ll receive detailed comparisons and personalised feedback

This report gives clear, insightful indicators about your strategy’s current strengths and how that compares to your peers. You’ll be able to identify where you are succeeding and which award categories you are most suitable, for as well as the areas that need immediate attention.

Not ready to enter?

Benchmarking is a performance improvement tool – a great way of acknowledging and improving performance. For organisations that think they are on the right track towards winning an award but aren’t quite there yet, benchmarking can accelerate progress.

Even high performing organisations need to keep improving; benchmarking is not just about winning awards, it is also about redefining what great looks like for the industry as a whole. Brian Murphy, Head of Learning and Leadership Development, Citi, shares below:

“The L&D team at Citi needed to reinvent how learning at Citi happens and modernise the L&D function. Towards Maturity’s Benchmark gave us credible insights in order to deliver a compelling business case to the C-suite of the company. The report was also a valuable asset when it came to awards – revisiting our Benchmark helped us track progress and hone our award submissions.”

Take 30-60 minutes to confidentially review your strategy and join organisations like Abbvie ABN Amro, Akzonobel, ASOS, AXA, Bard Pharmaceuticals, Citi, Credit Suisse, Bidvest Foodservice, Boots, BT plc, Brambles, Coca Cola Amatil, Dixons Carphone Warehouse, Eurocell, Fidessa, E.ON, Lewisham Council, Ricoh UK and RNLI who are using the Towards Maturity Benchmark to improve their learning strategy.

Compare your L&D strategy with the Towards Maturity Learning Health Check

Compare your L&D strategy

Review your L&D strategy to discover your strengths and opportunities for improvement with the Towards Maturity Learning Health Check.

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Challenging Perceptions

Challenging Perceptions

The corporate learning market is rapidly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of work and worker. The C-suite and L&D leaders can no longer ignore that over 90 percent of organizations do not realize the full value of their investments.

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All you need is Evidence

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Challenging Perceptions

Challenging Perceptions

The corporate learning market is rapidly evolving to meet the ever-changing demands of work and worker. The C-suite and L&D leaders can no longer ignore that over 90 percent of organizations do not realize the full value of their investments.

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