Discover your keys to success at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum

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Join Towards Maturity to discover your keys to success at this year’s Learning Technologies. We’re drawing on 14 years of research with over 5,500 L&D leaders who are just like you so drop in and pick up the keys you need to unlock your potential.

Finding your personal keys to success

with Laura Overton and Jane Daly (Towards Maturity)
12:20 – 13:10, Conference Room 3 

Join the LT show’s effective practice partner, Towards Maturity, to explore how to unlock the potential of your organisation, your staff and your L&D team. This lunch and learn session will combine new research insights from Laura Overton and her team with great conversation with your peers.

The session will be divided into three parts, allowing you to grab your lunch and explore tailored keys that help you nail the tactics to:

  • Transform traditional  learning in your organisation
  • Succesfully integrate learning and work
  • Impact engagement, and ultimately learning culture

How to kickstart your learner-centric strategy

with Laura Overton, Jane Daly (Towards Maturity) and Teresa Rose (E.ON)
11:00 – 12:00, Conference Room 3

Experience the latest learning technologies research from E.On and Towards Maturity as they come together at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum, to show how giving an active voice to employees can create a customer-focused strategy that delivers growth, profit and business transformation.

How do you help people learn best? By putting them in charge. That’s the thesis of Laura Overton and Jane Daly of Towards Maturity and Teresa Rose of E.On Group, who bring together research and experience to demonstrate that a learner-centric approach is not only desirable, it’s a necessity for successful learning at work.

96% of L&D leaders want to increase self-directed learning but we continue to struggle to connect and engage. It’s time that L&D listened to their learners and worked smarter.

“This practical session will consider how true learning organisations put staff capability at the forefront of their thinking by placing staff at the heart of their strategy. When L&D provide staff with an active voice productivity and engagement flow.

Join this interactive panel with Towards Maturity and E.On to find out how to kick start a customer-centric strategy that delivers growth, profit and business transformation.”

Learning Technologies Summer Forum conference chair, Donald Taylor

In How to kick start your learner-centric strategy, Laura Overton, Jane Daly and Teresa Rose will cover:

  • Challenge your assumptions about how staff really learn
  • Banish your organisation’s preconceptions about learning
  • Find out how listening more helps you achieve more
  • Inject vital evidence to win hearts and minds of managers
  • Crucial research on the learning voice

About the speakers

Laura Overton is the Founder and CEO of Towards Maturity – an independent, not for profit organisation that helps people professionals deliver improved performance through learning innovation and establish an effective technology-enabled learning culture.

Jane Daly has been working in partnership with Towards Maturity for a number of years and led M&S to become a Top-deck learning organisation through the Benchmark study. She is currently working with Towards Maturity as Head of Strategic Insights.

Teresa Rose is Product Manager for Digital Learning at E.On in Essen, Germany and has previously worked on E.On’s UK leadership and management learning. Teresa’s expertise also includes business development for elearning and games-based education companies.

Register for the show

Learning Technologies 2017 Summer Forum is at London Olympia on 13 June 2017. The full conference and free exhibiton programmes are available from the Learning Technologies Summer Forum website, along with how to attend, conference booking information and details about the Learning Technologies Summer Forum exhibition.

Prepare for the show by benchmarking

By drawing on research from over 600 learning leaders and over 5,500 learners, we are identifying the steps organisations are taking to deliver on key outcomes. We also uncover the tactics being used by top performing organisations – those in the top 10% of the Towards Maturity Benchmark (we call these organisations the Top Deck). Wherever you are on your learning journey, we can help you take the next steps.

If you want to see how your strategy compares and find out what actions you should be prioritising at the moment, benchmarking is a great place to start – it can help L&D teams see where efficiency decisions can be made and create a sense of prioritisation, based on what top performing L&D teams are doing.

The Towards Maturity Benchmark reveals where you can make quick wins and gives you the data you need to make a solid business case for the future, with personalised feedback and scores on 19 areas of effective practice. If you would like to identify the tactics that will deliver greater impact for your organisation, get started here.

Follow the latest news on Twitter at #TMBenchmark and join in on the show’s Twitter backchannel at #LSTF17.

Compare your L&D strategy with the Towards Maturity Health Check

Compare your L&D strategy

Review your L&D strategy to discover your strengths and opportunities for improvement with the Towards Maturity Health Check.

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Top Tips for Building Habits

Top Tips for Building Habits

As learning professionals, we want to design interventions that lead to lasting change. Shifting behaviour involves a process that continues long after the programme finishes. Our research has shown that mature learning organisations are more successful at integrating learning and work, but they don’t abandon formal learning. One of their strategies is to design learning campaigns and programmes that build and encourage new habits.


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