Towards Maturity’s latest Ambassador Cognician harnesses technology to change habits

by | May 3, 2017

When 96% of L&D leaders are looking to technology to help them boost performance, yet only 25% are achieving their goals, it’s time for a rethink.

London UK, 3 May: Improved performance, according to Towards Maturity’s 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report, Unlocking Potential, is a critical outcome for today’s L&D leaders. However, as the report highlights, the tactics of top performing learning teams are not common place. On average, 43% of the 600 L&D leaders participating in last year’s research provide opportunities to practice as part of the learning experience. Only 13% embraced spaced learning and only 11% agreed that their organisation encourages and provides time for reflection.

What’s more, despite the fact that coaching and mentoring is considered a priority skill for 97% of participants, only 43% of organisations agree that coaching and mentoring is a part of work culture. Traditional learning technologies (such as e-learning, live online learning and the standard LMS systems) are rarely used to support these outcomes.

Towards Maturity’s latest Ambassador Cognician is looking to redress the balance, harnessing technology to support reflection and engage individuals at a deeper level.

Technology provides an excellent opportunity to guide and capture the reflections of an individual and to use that information to adapt programmes and track success, however few are doing this. This is why we welcome Cognician to the Ambassador programme, their love of research has informed the development of their digital coaching platform and we are thrilled to have them on board” says Laura Overton, Founder of Towards Maturity.

The Towards Maturity Benchmark is designed to help L&D professionals reflect and make smart, data-driven decisions that result in lasting change. The free research is available thanks to the Towards Maturity Ambassadors who share the goals of ensuring independent research is freely available to all.

Cognician provides world-class digital coaching solutions to multinational companies. Towards Maturity’s insights into Top Deck companies tallied with our hard-won lessons from the coalface of learning in large organisations. Ultimately, their research was instrumental in our decision to expand globally, so we welcome the opportunity to join the Ambassador Programme.”
– Patrick Kayton, CEO

All Towards Maturity Ambassadors sign up to and share Towards Maturity’s vision and values:

  • Encouraging learning innovation that directly impacts results in the workplace
  • Building on, acknowledging and contributing to collective good practice
  • Supporting the learning and education of others
  • Building transparent, trusted and open relationships with those whom we work
  • Encouraging excellence from within
  • Celebrating success

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About Cognician

Cognician provides a highly personalised approach to corporate learning. Its core capability is enabling partners and clients to deliver meaningful conversations at scale through digital coaching, driving learners to connect with powerful ideas to enhance performance.

Cognician supports the development of new habits by encouraging reflection and self-expression, and helping learners to follow through over time on the commitment to change. The result is life-changing conversations and life-changing learning.

Cognician’s digital coaching solutions are used by Fortune 1000 clients across the globe to deliver learning and change improvements at lower cost than instructor led training and in half the time.

For more information, visit


About Towards Maturity

We help L&D professionals deliver successful learning strategies. Since 2003 we have generated data and insights from more than 7,500 learning professionals and 50,000 learners across 55 countries. We know what works and we know how learning innovation can directly improve key measures:

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We provide L&D with the support they need to bring together all key stakeholders in the learning journey, ensuring that the learning function works effectively to embed a high-performing learning culture across the business.

By applying the breadth and depth of our industry analytics and our robust, evidence-based approach, we can help connect learning decisions and outcomes to real business impact.


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