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by | May 3, 2017

Workstar joins the Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme to support the changing landscape in Australia.

L&D professionals from a diverse range of businesses across the Asia pacific region are approaching learning with renewed curiosity and creativity. The latest Towards Maturity report highlights that 9 out of 10 L&D leaders in APAC are hungry to deliver a culture of learning that supports faster business change, engages staff and improves performance. However, fewer than 2 out of 10 are yet to achieve the results that they seek.

Towards Maturity has been active in the region, working with local partners to understand the challenges that L&D leaders in Australia have. They will be teaming up with their latest Ambassador, Workstar, to conduct a breakfast briefing in Sydney on 21 June to consider how practical lessons from top performing L&D leaders around the globe can help Australian leaders deliver against their vision for change.

Jason Cameron, COO of Workstar says:

“We are passionate about the new learning culture that organisations are adopting globally and our team are excited by possibilities that emerging technologies are providing to clients to enhance this new learning landscape.

One of the key reasons for partnering with Towards Maturity is that they are an independent body gathering market intelligence that is key to the success of our industry. We have seen how the information created by the Towards Maturity team has helped numerous organisations and we are proud to have joined the Ambassador Program.”

The breakfast briefing will provide local L&D leaders with evidence that provides a global perspective on how to deliver local change. The discussion will explore insights from 35,000 learners and 5,500 L&D leaders to help understand how staff learn what they need to do their job and how L&D leaders can leverage changing expectations to influence culture.

Laura Overton CEO and Founder of Towards Maturity comments:

“Towards Maturity Ambassadors share our value to support the global L&D community with great evidence to help them make smart decisions. We are thrilled to welcome Workstar to our Ambassador programme and to have the opportunity to help Australian L&D leaders connect locally and learn globally”

For more details on how to join the breakfast briefing, visit:



About Workstar

Workstar was founded in 2001 and is one of Australia’s most awarded digital learning consultancies. Having a team of 35+ staff we work with global organisations including McDonalds, Paypal and Johnson & Johnson.

We ensure that our content is built on a strong instructional design foundation while being visually beautiful. Our expertise is building experiential scenario based learning that uses the power of storytelling and social interaction to create memorable moments for the learner.

Our platform places the learner at the centre of the experience and simplifies the complexity of the traditional and outdated LMS.

Learn more about Workstar.


About Towards Maturity

Towards Maturity’s insights help organisations accelerate effective learning and performance. Their team of analysts have been collecting data on workplace learning for 15 years, which allows the provision of expert advice and data driven decisions which lead to real impact.

Towards Maturity’s evidence shows that over 90% of organisations are not realising sustained impact from their learning and performance strategies.  By analysing why, they can share stories from top performers who are breaking through the barriers, helping everyone to transform better and faster.

Learn more about the Towards Maturity Health Check and model at:

Thanks to the support of Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors, annual benchmarking findings, case studies and resources are available to download for free at

Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme is made up of strategic partner the CIPD, publishing partner Emerald Group Publishing, the founding Ambassadors: Learning Technologies, LEO, Charity Learning Consortium, Acteon, Kallidus and Speexx, plus a growing network of leading learning organisations. They work together as Ambassadors for change, identifying and improving good practice, raising awareness and driving the whole learning industry forward.

Learn more about Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors at:


Towards Maturity is a part of the Emerald Group.


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Our Ambassadors

Our Supporters also influence Towards Maturity's Health Check and research, providing insights on future trends and practices that should be investigated.

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