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What not to miss at the 2017 CIPD L&D Show

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Articles

Is learning at the core of your organisation? We give our recommended picks of the show to help you create a schedule that will make the most of this two-day event.

The Learning and Development Show is a great place to get informed on the latest developments and thinking in L&D. You’ll discover inspiring thought-leaders, innovative practitioners and expert suppliers and learn the knowledge and skills you need to put learning at the heart of your organisation. Below, we’ve picked out the sessions that caught our eye in order to help you create a schedule that will give something valuable back on your investment.

Laura Overton will be presenting together with Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D Content at the CIPD, on Wednesday from 15:30 – 16:45 on how you can unlock potential to drive a learning organisation.


Day 1: Weds, 10 May

Free exhibition sessions


Mind the Gap: a new blended approach to front-line manager development with Kineo and The Oxford Group

10:55-11:25 | Learning Arena

Front-line managers are crucial to your business success. How can you make sure their training and development has maximum impact, minimum down-time from work and arms them with the skills they need?


Shaping the future of the people profession
with the CIPD

12:35-13:05 | Topic Taster

We’re creating a new definition of what it means to be a people professional, to ensure HR and L&D continue to meet their full potential as the world of work evolves. As part of this, a new Professional Standards Framework will set clear standards for Chartered membership; helping our members on their journey to Chartership and setting requirements for continuing professional development.


Why innovation is your ultimate competitive advantage
with CrossKnowledge

13:25-13:55 | Learning Arena

Today, innovation is the one common ingredient for achieving sustained customer loyalty, employee engagement, and growth. Discover why a state-of-the-art innovation strategy is so critical for today’s businesses and concrete ways to develop ongoing management innovation across your company.


Google it: The Secret Online Lives of UK Managers
with GoodPractice

14:15-14:45 | Digital Learning

What role does the internet and social networks play in the learning lives of today’s managers? We reveal and comment on the results of our fascinating survey and give 4 key takeaways.



Conference sessions

Join our conference session:

Unlocking Your Potential to Drive a Learning Organisation

15:30-16:45 | D4

Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D Content, CIPD
Laura Overton, CEO and Founder, Towards Maturity

Driven by the needs of the business and in support of the bottom line, L&D is becoming more and more strategic. The new L&D professionals need to develop the right skills, and take action when skills gaps exist.  Starting from the latest findings from Towards Maturity, in this session you will be able to explore collaboratively:

  • the key skills and capabilities that L&D needs to support business success
  • why these skills are a priority and how they are important to businesses
  • how top performers are cultivating these skills in their L&D teams

Innovating and Upskilling the Learning Organisation

09:30-10:45 | A1

David Willett, Director of Propositions, The Open University
Peter Cheese, Chief Executive Officer, CIPD

The nature of work and the shape of the workforce is changing, driven in particular by technology and digitalisation. We need to evolve the way we reskill and upskill our people to be able to respond, and to put learning at the hearth of strategic capability. This masterclass will focus on how to innovate work-based learning, and give you insights into:

  • the learners’ perspective of digital and face-to-face learning
  • defining and measuring the quality of your learning at work
  • adapting learning to the needs of a changing workforce



How to Run Successful Webinars to Add Value to Your Organisation

09:30-10:45 | A3

Michelle Parry-Slater, Learning & Development Director, Kairos Modern Learning
Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D Content, CIPD

Conferences, case studies, industry magazines are all telling us to go digital and use webinars instead of face-to-face training. But how do we do that? This highly-interactive discussion session will walk you through key skills to run effective online sessions, including:

  • The pros and cons of using webinars in your learning programmes
  • A step-by-step guide to webinar mastery for L&D professionals
  • Increasing engagement and interaction in web sessions



Day 2: Thurs, 11 May

Free exhibition sessions


Achieving behaviour change – a nudge in the right direction
with Acteon

10:05-10:35 | Digital Learning

Does learning necessarily result in behaviour change? Most people will need some nudges in the right direction. This presentation explores how to achieve real behaviour change with digital learning interventions.


Join Laura Overton as she presents on the exhibition floor:

Learners love video and it helps learning stick!
with Clear Lessons

10:55-11:25 | Digital Learning

What do learners really, really want from L&D? Find out what multidisciplinary research reveals, and why video in particular can help meet your learners’ needs.


UNMISSABLE: The New Learning Organisation
with CIPD

11:45-12:15 | Topic Taster

CIPD and Towards Maturity present the key findings from their joint research report “The New Learning Organisation” with practical ideas to embed learning at the heart of your organisation.

Speed Networking!

15:55-16:55 | Learning Arena

A fast and fun way to meet new contacts and share ideas. We thoroughly recommend staying for this one as networking leads to valueable connections that will help you improve, faster – if you use them.



Conference sessions


Aligning Learning to the Needs of Your Organisation

09:30-10:45 | E2

Alan Duffell, Director of Workforce , Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust
Joanne Mackie, Customer and People Director, AS Watson Health and Beauty UK

Your L&D strategy will only be successful if it addresses specific business needs and solves pressing organisational issues. But how do we find out what our people and organisations really need? And how do we design a programme that delivers real and quantifiable value? Two different case studies in this session will give you insights into:

  • defining the strategic objectives of your learning strategy and evaluating risk
  • finding your business drive, and focusing on good product and great delivery
  • practical experiences on increasing customer service and ensuring talent retention


Transitioning from Face to Face to Digital Learning

11:15-12:30 | F2

Andy Hurren, Head of Learning, RWE npower
Brian Murphy, Head of Learning EMEA, Citi Group

To be fit for the new world of work, organisations need to develop their learning capability and ensure learning is able to meet business challenges. To do so, L&D teams are increasingly using social and collaborative tools, and using digital to connect people and support business success. In this session, you will hear from organisations that have:

  • moved to everyday workplace learning and a digital L&D strategy
  • adopted a strategic-partner approach for learning and are aligned to the business
  • developed and embedded successful social and self-directed learning initiatives


Designing a Future-Fit L&D Strategy to Support Long-Term Growth

13:45-15:00 | G2

Sarah Lindsell, Director of Global & UK Learning Technology & Transformation, PwC
Amanda Price, Associate Director – Education, Training and Development, Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

A truly future-fit learning strategy needs to create the skills and capabilities that will support the long-term ambitions of your organisation. However, identifying the skills that your people need to develop to succeed in a fast-changing world of work is not easy. The case studies in this session will show you practical examples of:

  • creating an L&D strategy that is able to respond to future business needs
  • understanding the direction of your business and identifying long-term skills needs
  • defining an effective value proposition and communicating it clearly to stakeholders


Successfully Introducing Microlearning within your Organisation

13:45-15:00 | G4

Clive Shepherd, Founding Director, The More than Blended Learning Company

Traditional ‘single-hit’ methods of learning are increasingly being replaced with more manageable, bite-sized learning. By organising self-directed learning into small chunks you can maximise transfer and ensure learning is available at the point of need. Join this session to find out how to:

  • integrate microlearning into your own learning strategy
  • implement microlearning with a limited budget
  • use a variety of formats and platforms to deliver microlearning

See the full programme and book

Is learning at the core of your organisation?

The Learning and Development Show is a fantastic place to learn about the latest developments and thinking in L&D. To find out more about the L&D Show or book, visit the CIPD’s website below.

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