How a 16th century Japanese samurai revolutionised compliance at AXA Insurance

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This case study details how the learning team at AXA demonstrated that big budgets or expensive hardware are not needed to get tangible business impact. This project was later shortlisted for “Best use of learning technologies to ensure compliance” at the Learning Technologies Awards in 2016.

In late 2015, as part of its strategy leading to 2020, AXA Insurance recognised that a significant shift was needed in all things training. One of the first projects to benefit from new thinking was a mandatory learning piece, brought about by a change in regulations by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In July 2015, the FCA announced a change to the way financial institutions handle customer complaints. The process required AXA Insurance (AXA-I) to retrain all its employees who deal with customers directly, 2,400 employees in total. These employees needed to learn the new process and prove it by completing a test.

The solution from the L&D team at AXA Insurance involved some AI, a likeable character and a simple platform.

What you’ll learn in this case study

  • Why and how two separate approaches were used succesfully to engage different types of customer facing employees who needed training on a new mandatory process
  • How a cartoon character brought compliance training to life and caused employees to share and talk about it
  • How focus groups were used to identify the right methodology, marketing and technology approach
  • How analytics enabled the learning team to engage line managers
  • How real-time reporting and measurement helped identify where learners needed further support or practice
  • How AXA Insurance achieved a 50% drop in escalations and £40,000 annual savings

About AXA

With a history stretching back to the 19th Century, AXA has been helping people to protect their possessions, themselves and their families, and look after their money, for nearly 300 years. Today, AXA Group operates in 64 Countries with over 166,000 employees and 103 million customers.

Case study written by Asi DeGani, Digital Learning Manager at AXA Insurance, in conjunction with Towards Maturity.

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