Delivering Bottom-Line Results at the Speed of Business at TalkTalk

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Winner of ‘Excellence in the Production of Learning Content – Private Sector’ at the 2015 eLearning Awards, this case study focuses on how TalkTalk designed a programme to meet rapidly changing business needs in just 8-weeks.

TalkTalk Telcom Group PLC offers fixed line and mobile voice, Internet and pay TV to some 4 million customers under the TalkTalk and TalkTalk Business brands.

As part of a project to grow the groups mobile offering, they launched an important unlimited SIM only plan in April 2015. The challenge? They would have to deliver training to over 4,000 agents in just over 3 weeks, across four different countries.

The result? They reported a 467% increase in SIM sales volume which they credit to their people and the way in which the group delivered training throughout the business operation.

This case study explores how the TalkTalk training team worked to understand the business need and went on to demonstrate business value by improving organisational revenue and reducing time to competency.

What you’ll learn in this case study

  • How TalkTalk successfully designed and implemented a campaign approach
  • How they made time for busy sales agents to learn at work
  • How they ensured learning was relevant and delivered in a timely fashion
  • How they overcame technological barriers

Get the full story for 8 tips on delivering bottom-line impact with learning and more on successful design and implementation of a campaign approach.

Case study written by Aimee Young, Towards Maturity.

Follow Aimee on Twitter: @AimeeJayneYoung

This case study was independently investigated and produced by Towards Maturity as part of our Good Practice Partnership with e.learning age and the Learning Technologies Awards. It was first published in e.learning age magazine.

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