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Embracing Change: What can Today’s Learning Leaders Teach Us?

by | May 17, 2016 | Articles | 0 comments

What can today’s learning leaders teach us about using evidence to support performance and capability? Marnie Threapleton, Head of Advisory Services at Towards Maturity, informs us during this on-demand webinar.

Learn Appeal Children in SA

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn what the Top Deck L&D Teams can teach us about supporting performance and capability in an ever-changing work environment.

Get your L&D strategy fit for business with the Towards Maturity Benchmark – free until 15 July

If you want to future-proof your L&D strategy and equip your team with the essential skills needed to succeed in the future, the Towards Maturity Benchmark is a great place to start. Confidentially review and compare your strategy, for free. Head to www.towardsmaturity.org/benchmark to get started.

At Towards Maturity, we have identified six workstreams that characterise successful, high performing organisations. From these workstreams, we have developed a common framework of effective practice.

Benchmarking against that framework helps L&D pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their own organisation, work out what needs to change and map out actions. In short, the Towards Maturity Benchmark is a structured framework that helps learning leaders under pressure identify the actions that will bring tangible results in the workplace. It helps you to work out how to get from A to B!

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