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Building a Unified Global Business Through Learning Innovation at Brambles

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Case Studies | 0 comments

This case study on a Top Deck learning organisation details how the L&D team worked with business leaders to overcome the challenges of a changing business strategy and a diverse structure to implement a more unified strategy, leading to global business gain and influence.

Brambles Holdings is an Australian listed holding company with operations in more than 60 countries.

The organisation has over 14,000 employees and a turnover of US $5.5bn. The group’s global business is in pallets, plastic reusable crates and containers – with only 500 million pieces of equipment around the world!

The challenges:

A change of CEO 6.5 years ago (Tom Gorman) stimulated a culture switch to an operating organisation which had huge implications on previously semi-independent businesses. What happened next was:

  • A new company mantra: “One business – One team”
  • A drive for synergies and for the Group’s companies to speak to customers and suppliers with a common voice
  • Changes included divestment from one business and acquisition of a better fit business in Germany
On taking up her L&D role in 2008, Lynne Rutherford, Group Vice President L&D, found a number of features that required change:
  • L&D was very disparate and devolved
  • Significant waste was occurring through duplication of provision and little local uptake of centrally procured systems and interventions
  • A ‘not invented here’ mentality which had resulted in national companies creating local solutions to common group needs – and rejecting offerings from other group companies
  • Employee engagement survey showed growth and development to be lowest factor consistently over 8 years

Download this case study to find out:

  • How to develop trust with business leaders
  • How to earn and maintain executive support
  • How to transform L&D

Download this case study (PDF)


Download this case study

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