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getAbstract’s Review of Embracing Change Scores 8/10

Feb 10, 2016 | Articles

Short on time? Towards Maturity’s Industry Benchmark Report scored highly in getAbstract’s summary. Download it here.

In November 2015, Towards Maturity launched their Industry Benchmark Report, Embracing Change: Improving Performance of Business, Individuals and the L&D Team. This report has been positively received by organisations across the world and caught the eye of the getAbstract team, leading to the report’s inclusion in their collection of book summaries.

Download the abstract at the bottom of this page.

We are thrilled to now confirm that getAbstract are now one of Towards Maturity’s Ambassadors who support the Benchmark Research.

Why getAbstract?

getAbstract deliver concise summaries of the latest, sharpest and most relevant books for business learning. It is the brainchild of three global business executives who saw a growing need for putting more knowledge in people’s hands, in a format they could quickly absorb to stay current.

Each of their summaries is formatted using their proven template to maximize knowledge retention. Every summary includes 1) a rating, 2) top takeaways, 3) a full summary, 4) significant quotes, 5) an author biography and other key points – all of which can be absorbed in less than ten minutes.

The getAbstract library has over 10,000 titles, from 500 Publishers, an important source of information on new trends, management ideas, innovation and an extensive library of Leadership topics.

The service has been expanded to include abstracts of TED videos, a Compressed Economics library curated in conjunction with the Economist  and an Audio library of over 3,000 audio podcasts.

Used by many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 organizations, it has promoted a strong learning culture, accelerated Leadership development and become their most heavily used learning resource.

Embracing Change Scores 8/10

Towards Maturity were delighted to discover that Embracing Change scored 8/10 overall, with an excellent array of extracts from the report featured throughout. Such is the value of getAbstract’s work that the two organisations have formed a partnership, with getAbstract becoming the latest Towards Maturity Ambassador.

Laura Overton commented on the summary and new partnership stating, “We are excited to partner with an organisation that seeks to bring vital knowledge and expertise to the hands of those who need it. Towards Maturity’s mission aligns perfectly with getAbstract’s and we look forward to new collaborations that bring L&D professionals the resources they need, when they need it. We are thrilled that their summary of Embracing Change is now widely available and encourage L&D leaders to read it for the bite-sized overview of what the report is all about.”

The getAbstract review of Embracing Change gives a high level overview of the characteristics of top performing L&D teams, so if don’t have time to digest the full report, we thoroughly recommend downloading a copy of the getAbstract summary below.

Download the summary below

This report summary is free to download, thanks to the support of Towards Maturity Ambassador, getAbstract.

Please note, you need to be logged in/registered to download your copy – the download link will take you our registration page if you are not logged in. By downloading this report, you agree for your email address to also be shared with getAbstract (Please contact us directly for a copy if you do not wish for your address to be shared).

Log in and click the link under ‘Related Downloads’ below to download this report.

This report is created by getAbstract. By downloading this resource, you confirm that you’re happy for your details to be passed to getAbstract, for the purposes of receiving information on relevant products and services. If you do not wish for your details to be passed on, simply contact us for a copy of the PDF.

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