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by | Feb 1, 2016 | Articles

Pre-order our reports on 70:20:10 and the Mobile Workforce to receive your copy in your inbox as soon as they become available.

Towards Maturity is pleased to announce that we will be releasing two brand-new reports, on 70:20:10 and the Consumer Learner at Work, in time for Learning Technologies.

If you would like to receive either of these reports once they become available, fill out your details below and we will deliver a copy straight to your inbox, as soon as they become available.


This report is supported by Towards Maturity Ambassadors, Corporate eLearning Consortium and Docebo.

This report is a brand-new collaboration between Towards Maturity and Charles Jennings, in order to leverage the shared expertise and insights that both parties bring to the face of learning with new models of learning.

“I have teamed up with Towards Maturity in order to bring independent evidence to help L&D leaders understand the facts versus the fiction behind 70:20:10. The Towards Maturity team has investigated the impact of adopting new models of learning on business and performance, using evidence from over 600 L&D leaders taking part in the 2015 Towards Maturity Benchmark.

Together we aim to de-mystify and de-construct the 70:20:10 model to determine how L&D can encourage and support learning in each of the 3 activity areas – learning in the flow of work, social learning, and structured learning – and dispel some of these myths that have taken centre stage.”
~ Charles Jennings

Supporting the Mobile Workforce

This report is a brand-new In-Focus piece, supported by Towards Maturity Ambassador, Redware.

The workforce has gone mobile. Where we work and when we work is no longer fixed.

Individuals and businesses are turning to mobile technologies for convenience and connectivity. For many, their smart device is the medium of choice to communicate with each other but to what extent are L&D leaders truly supporting their mobile workers?

These insights are drawn from over 2,000 individuals and 600 L&D leaders to help improve the way L&D teams support mobile workers.

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